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Waddup, humans? Kurumi here! And welcome to Mobile Legends: What’s new? In this video, we are going to show you our
draw for Lunox’s new Zodiac skin, Libra. To explain ideally, you can get this skin
spending between 400 and 2000 diamonds. The chances of getting it really depends on
your luck. And again, IT DEPENDS ON YOUR LUCK! But so far on our Zodiac draws, we only get
Zodiac skins on an average of 680 to 1700 diamonds, depending on the Zodiac Power you
already have. Some are lucky to get it in 1200 diamonds
or below. We really hope to show you how much we have
spent for this event, but unfortunately, this event gives bonus
10 Star Power for every Zodiac skin we own. So far, we own more than 6 Zodiac skins, that’s
why we have 60 bonus Star Power as a headstart. So, let’s just assume that the diamonds needed
to get this skin, is two and a half times of what we will be
spending now. Getting that would tell us the average of
the total cost to get this skin. On our previous draws, we were able to spend
680 diamonds to get Zhask’s, Selena’s, and Badang’s skin. But we got Odette’s skin for 720 diamonds
instead of the usual 680, which is kinda unlucky. Let’s hope we get it lower than 680 diamonds
this time. Okay, so let’s begin. Every draw, I really don’t expect much prizes. The only useful prize in my opinion are the
Rare Skin Fragments, the Magic Wheel Spin, and the Tickets. This actually explains why I have an amazing
amount of Rare Skin Fragments and Tickets. Well anyway, it says on the details of this
event that there is a chance to get the skin, even without completing the 100 Star Power. But so far, in all our Zodiac draws, we haven’t
got a Zodiac skin without completing the Star Power yet. So, here we are, completing the Star Power to get this precious Lunox skin. Here, we already spent 600 diamonds so far. Since we only need a few Star Power, I just
rolled 1 time rolls instead of 5 times. We will be using our in-stock Fortune Meteorite
to draw for us, to avoid spending diamonds. And here we are, finally, we got the skin! We spent 660 diamonds in total, but it’s because
we have a headstart of 60 Star Power. So, assuming that we need to fill in the 40
remaining Star Power, let’s just multiply the diamonds we spent
by two and a half. So, doing the math, we will be spending an
average of 1650 diamonds in total. This is actually SUPER EXPENSIVE. But don’t worry, some actually gets a Zodiac
skin within 1000 up to 1600 diamonds. It really depends on your luck. All in all, it’s still up to you if you are
going to spend money on this or not. Never do anything bad for the sake of having
money to buy diamonds. Let’s all find a job, and work to earn some
money. Also, don’t sell your internal organs, okay? Your family and friends still love you, so
don’t do anything unhealthy. If you guys also tried the the Zodiac draw,
let us know in the comments section! For our skin giveaway events, check out the
mechanics in our Community Tab on YouTube. We have our ko-fi account just in case you
want to donate us some coffee funds. Check our ko-fi link on the description of
this video. See you on the next Mobile Legends What’s
New?! Cheers! For our Super Human Inspirational Talk of
the day, or simply S.H.I.T. of the day, we have our fellow human who works to earn money so he can buy some skin. Well done not selling yourself, or your organs,


  1. Ysniel _ Post author

    She's my main but i cant afford??? that damned ash blossom… taking a part of my savings (aka me starving myself at school)

  2. Ysniel _ Post author

    Also havent been able to watch ur vids, was busy grinding rank and school. Now im waiting for all the good players tk go away so i can rank in peace?

  3. Ms.AnimeLover Post author

    She's my main I already have her 3 skins and I want that zodiac skin so badly?????

  4. Muhamad VishCroft Post author

    I really love this skin, lunox is my fav hero afterall.
    I wanna get it, but I never do a diamond draw on zodiac skin before.
    How many diamonds will be spent for the first time to get the skin?
    Please, reply.

  5. hernz tabujara Post author

    It because I'm lunox user for the all time my only diamonds I have it now is 500 pls help me

  6. hernz tabujara Post author

    Please can you help me its been a loong I been waiting that skin??

  7. Marky Rizon Post author

    Skin pls ,zodiac Lonux Lodi. 327057795(3804)or any epic skin pls thanks idol

  8. Valestin Y. Post author

    Hiiiiiiiiii iiiiii wwwaaaannntttt llluuuuunnnooxxx zooooddiiiaacc skkkkin

  9. Sensei Gaming Post author

    In my last experience in Odette Virgo I spent almost 1500 dias

  10. YT starboy Post author

    I wish all can get it at 660 dias but sadly most of us are not so lucky enough and has head start?

  11. Manish Arts Post author

    My zodiac power is 45. And i have 400 diamonds only how much dias lunox zodiac will cost for me?

  12. michelle Post author

    Darn that's too bad. I'm a Libra and my favorite hero is Lunox. But the amount of dias I have to spend is just too much. Maybe next time T_T

  13. Silver Squad Post author

    Hays I really want that but I guess I can't get it too expensive huhuhu I will just get some skins at lucky spin

  14. ArmyEthanPJAAJA25 ML Post author

    I only use the meteorites and I don't know if it would be gone.

  15. Arthaeus KKS Post author

    I think I was the very first person to get the skin cause I did a countdown and I already have 99 star power when I draw from odette.

  16. Jeffrey John Naling Post author

    I already had 27pts headstart.. how many dias would i use to get that?

  17. Diorkira GAMING Post author

    I have 16points hmm… I wonder how many dias i would spend

  18. The Unknown Violinist Post author

    I actually got odette's zodiac skin and lunox's zodiac skin for 1200+ ;^;

  19. Podmáslový Chléb Post author

    I've got the skin only for 40 diamonds cuz i had 98 on virgo but i forgot to spin 2 Times so i have libra but i think libra is such better than virgo

  20. Ruina the Techno Kitty Post author

    No, I hate math that means I hate that skin, thus I'm lunox main I saw things wasn't really pleasant to eyes ( effects and her purple bar )

  21. Christian Saavedra Post author

    Yep really depends on luck. I got it for 1100 with 20 headstart 🙂

  22. ANTHONY DELOSTRICO Post author

    One thing is important, Don't sell your internal organs because of this.

  23. ham cloud Post author

    Can I ask I have 11 power? So how many diamonds do I have to buy?

  24. Johny Yes Papa Post author

    Kurumi I get libra skin only 1200?pesos? It is my lucky day tnx your tips help me to be brave ?and spend my dias only cheaper? than i think More support from your loyal supporter ❤❤❤❤❤
    If you want to give me some skin just heart my comment
    .Bye bye?
    ID:205832671 (3192)
    Skin:kagura cherry witch

  25. Rich Yusi Post author

    I don't own zodiac skin. I have 63 points now. According to the rule, if I wait for next zodiac skin my points won't reset to 0 right?

  26. NAMI HAYNES Post author

    Pls help I need 100 dias so I can buy the libraa skiin ???

  27. Otori Kishimazen Post author

    Your family and your friends still love you, so don't do unhealthy?

    Dang, this dialogue kept running into my head xd ? thanks though

  28. Danny Vicencio Post author

    I've noticed something about this skin. It appears that her light ult has a smaller radius than when using her other skins. Anyone else notice this?

  29. Ꮋᴇʏᴅɴ Post author

    My points are at 49. Can anyone help me get an idea of ​​how much I will spend on diamonds?

  30. David Lapena Post author

    I only have 7 power in my acc. How much am I going to spent? Please respect.

  31. Edvon Mayuri Post author

    I only have 5 points on my acct. How much do I meed to spend to get that Lunox skin, I really love it she's my main. Huhu

  32. Jk sonyeondan Post author

    I was about to draw that earlier today but when i look at the draw in the shop… IT'S NOT THERE ANYMORE???? I THOUGHT IT'S UP UNTIL OCT 23???? I WANNA CRY

  33. Nerf Bot Post author

    I was about to sell my kidney???? because i cant buy it because were poor

  34. Rgrande15_xoxo Post author

    I tried to get this skin because its gonna be gone on wed… turns out i dont have enough dias ? i just wasted 900 and im not even getting it…. i made it to 77/100

  35. EriZue Gaming Post author

    Im jealous im poor and i really want the skin soo badly ? i never have luck to win any skin form ml youtubers though ?


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