Mandated Reporter Dealing with Disclosure

By | October 9, 2019

(Music begins) (Don’t forget the reason mandated reporter training is important…) (How should YOU react during a disclosure [of child abuse and neglect]?) Talk to me so I can understand you. Remember I am a kid and I don’t always understand grownup words. Never promise me you will keep what I tell you a secret. Don’t tell people who don’t need to know. I need to trust you. You need to understand that it might be hard for me to talk about the abuse. Someone might have told me not to tell or threatened to hurt me or my family if I do tell. I might feel embarrassed or think what happened was my fault. Make sure to tell me that you still care about me. Reassure me that what I tell you doesn’t change how you feel about me. I might be testing you to see if I can trust you. I may have tried to tell others, but changed my mind. Don’t act shocked about what I say. It could make me feel bad. Tell me that it took a lot of courage to tell what happened and it was the right thing to do. If you are sad, tell me that it is because you care about me and don’t want to see me hurt. Tell me you will be okay. I worry about you too. Tell me what is going to happen next. Don’t ignore me just because I’m a kid. If I have questions, don’t make up answers. Tell me that you don’t know but you will try to find out. It’s okay not to always know the answer. I chose to tell you my biggest secret. I am trusting you to help me. (Created By CAIT Center for the Application of Information Technologies Western Illinois University | © 2012)

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