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hi this is the weekly horoscope for
Aries for the week of July 2nd 2018 hello my Aries and hello everybody in
the United States that celebrating the fourth of July happy 4th of July
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URANUS here in the second house is opposing Miranda in the 8th house so for
some of you there can be some unexpected lessons with money or there could be
some restrictions that you may have to do either with your behavior you may
have to change behaviors or you may have to risk restrict with the spending
during this time period this also brings about sudden opportunities being
presented to you that can change your financial situation those of you in your
late 20s and early 30s this can be a time where you need to become a bit more
responsible responsible okay and you may even feel this need to start kind of
growing up and being a bit more responsible about your things or the
people that you take care of for others of you
this is an energy where you start where you stop being reactive towards certain
situations because Uranus is interest and the second house tends to
kind of slow down our reactive self so we are kind of looking at big picture
now and we’re not allowing certain things to affect us anymore or we’re
becoming less reactive towards certain situations during this time period then
Miranda here with the part of fortune is also Quintiling your six house here so
truth is being revealed or people getting in trouble finally four things
that they are doing and getting caught so this is validation for you
this can be payback for some of you you have a unique way of expressing yourself
and uplifting others or inspiring others you can be going out of your way for
others or impressing those in authority or just impressing important people at
this time on the third there is a cart not a cardinal a fixed square going on
between the second the fifth the eighth and eleventh house so for some of you
this is change happening this is whoever has to leave your life let them leave
your life you can be a bit possessive or even a bit jealous of certain
relationships so try to focus more on what you’re doing with this energy try
to give other people at this time their space and try to be about facts whatever
you know whatever that may be just try to be about more grounded during this
time period and what you’re actually seeing okay for some of you you may not
be getting along with your parents or you might not be getting along with your
children so this is parent versus freedom kind of situation with this
energy as well not the best time to make important decisions or negotiations on
that date either first trining Titan in the eleven third has the focus is more
towards your goals this is a great time for communications with this energy for
some of you try to use this time for to create more well-being by spending time
with certain people or you may actually have noticed that you may have to touch
space with others during this time you know this can be a day on the third
where you have to kind of slow the train down and let go of whatever it is that
you’re focusing on and focus on the people around you or the people that you
haven’t talked to for a minute okay because now they’re trying to get your
attention for others of you you have the focus now to get things done the first
try to come up with is the night of coins for some of you this can be
thoughts of moving during this time period this could be working on your
home business with this energy as well the two a coins
I feel like during this time period because you’re honest thank goodness
it’s in the second house and this I’m Taurus you’re feeling a bit more
emotionally balanced or a bit more emotionally stable with this energy even
to the point of calm the temperance card definitely more about your sanity in
your well-being at this time the page cups some of you you need to watch your
emotional self for some of you for others of you can be dealing with I
don’t want to get off again relationship the ten of swords I feel with this
energy here that this is going to be a time that you are going to get back on
your feet or turn a corner in your life this can be certain situations working
out in your favor for others of you this is being too focused on one particular
area of your life and other area areas of your life are starting to seem a bit
challenging and it’s because you’re not paying attention to the people in your
life or to certain areas of your life so you kind of have to create balance for
yourself this week and you kind of have to be honest with what you’ve been doing
and what you haven’t been doing because whatever it is that you haven’t been
doing because you’ve been trying to avoid it for peace of mind it’s kind of
creating a little bit of imbalance at this time so you may have to confront
certain issues with other people or you may have to have a conversation with
certain uh with certain people about what you like and don’t like the two O
swords you’re definitely more about your peace for others of you this is
reconnecting with someone from your past with this energy so the ex is coming
back in the picture because guess what you’re rawness is getting ready to go
and retrograde okay and it’s gonna go back in your sign for a little bit and
then it’s gonna go back into the sign of Taurus so that’s probably why they’re
coming back up the ADA coins I feel at this energy here that you can be very
focused right now on your career the six of law
I feel like this is a great time for career for you and that things can be
going your way the strength card you tend to be a bit more of a perfectionist
with this energy I feel whatever losses that you may be
going through this week you will get up and do battle again so it’s not
necessarily over with the six of swords talks of traveling coming up for you
with this energy the devil card you need to watch the decisions that you make
especially on the third not the best day for decisions because you may just do
something impulsive like quit or break up a relationship and then regret it not
somebody else’s relationship but your relationship and regret it okay so be
careful with the with the decisions the eight of Wands definitely trust your
intuition this week with this energy here I feel like at this time that
you’re creating your own reality so you can be getting rid of certain people in
your life or you can be moving on from certain situations that no longer apply
to the direction that you’re going in okay and the page of coins definitely
trust your intuition this week with this energy I feel like this is money worries
coming in but at the same time even though you do have those money worries
you’re not too worried about it because you’re more focused on your sanity at
this time and you’re more focus on trucking through with this energy I love
you my rams please make sure to LIKE subscribe and share kisses mwah


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