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hi this is the monthly horoscope for
Aries for the month of August twenty eighteenth hello my Rams I’m still
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let me see so this month on the six you have Venus in the sign of Libra not the
best time for negotiations still Mercury retrograde a lot of planets and
retrograde at this time so you tend and also here you tend to dominate people in
your life so you need to kind of like in this because the sun’s also in the sign
of Leo at this time so it’s all about kind of me attitude with this energy so
you tend to dominate friends or relationships or even not getting along
with the men in your life at this time we’re not getting along with those in
authority or those who are older than you so we can always have a different
conversation we can always acknowledge our self will repeat and acknowledge
the the talking you know sometimes we don’t need to be right in situations and
it could be just one of those things where you just want to be right because
Saturn is in Capricorn in your 10th house and Pluto’sso you know it’s
just like I need to be in the control see I need to be the leader but you know
it doesn’t always have to be like that so just be aware of this energy be aware
of what you are saying to others you may have to slow your way of thinking down a
little bit more with this energy as well you may feel like you carry the weight
of certain relationships so there’s a lot of resentment at this time towards
certain relationships love relationships can be fragile or you may
not be getting along with the women in your life
I would watch your thoughts because you tend to see what you want to see at this
time and for others of you can be going through a bit of a depression or you can
be testing certain relationships with this energy or you can find certain
relationships to be challenging at this time because it’s you know because you
need to be more adaptable to the other person on the seventh you rawness goes
retrograde here in your second house so this is not the best placement for your
rawness in the second house and I do talk a lot about that in my you’re
honest retrograde glossary okay this is the start of the seven year period of
ups and downs with money so those of you even with like regular like I said in my
glossary page regular nine-to-five jobs you may find this energy a very
difficult time so unless you’re like your own person and you can do your own
thing like a contractor would do well with this energy
anybody that’s like a self contractor home businesses at this time may be a
bit difficult because of the retrograde periods
it can cause money to slow down during this time period as long as there
there’s a trying so that’s why it’s good to get your yearly or six-month report
because then every time we’re trying hits you know that’s when you’re gonna
get money and I write down the dates for that too so it helps it helps you to
maneuver through these retrograde periods because it’s not always the
easiest energy when it comes to income okay for others of you this could be
coming up with money-making ideas or you could be very resourceful at this time
and coming up with ways to make more money with this energy for others of you
this can be a difficult time for media or social media with this energy so be
careful how you speak to others you may have to be more adaptable or you may
have to listen more or not listen to the comment bar okay you may not be getting
along with certain people in your life because you can feel stuck or it feels
like they are a bit more on top of you or micromanaging you with every move you
benefit through traveling despite the energies that be
you know I checked I checked for the month of August and it looked like all
through the month of August there’s this beautiful earth trine happening and fire
trine mixture going on in the planet so that’s going to help you out a lot
when it comes to business okay for others of you this could be updating
yourself with your career then on the 11th we have the lunar eclipse and Leo
this is not really the best energy because Mars is still playing on
opposing the moon and the South node opposing the moon so it’s not the best
energy but it is a lucky time for you guys because this is in your fifth house
this can be a good time to delve into faith consciousness you can attract
favorable circumstances into your life this is a great energy for my actors my
entertainers those of you on media or social media this is a good time for you
for others of you this can be new love coming in despite the energies that be
or you can feel an intense connection with certain people at this time and be
making some nice friends with this energy for others of you you have the
ability to read the hell out of people so it’s gonna be like yes okay for
others of you you can be more about your relationships and or you could be more
about your family then on the 13th mars goes back into the sign account
Capricorn in your 10th house so at this time you’re more to yourself you’re a
bit more quiet and reserved you’re not so quick to move when it comes to
opportunities this can be a slow time for home business because Mars is it in
retrograde in your tenth house and then your rawness is in retrograde in
Torrance in your second house so again we have this earth trine that is helping
us on certain days with these energies okay so this can be hard work and
perseverance at this time you can be getting along with the men in your life
for others of you despite the energies you can feel emotionally balanced with
this energy because you’re not so quick to jump you’re not so quick to react to
things or you can feel or see things clearly at this time and your hard work
towards your goals you may not be getting along with the men in your
life or you can be very straightforward or honest for others of you this can be
going through a midlife crisis then on the 19th you can feel a certain kind of
way about others or expect a certain amount of loyalty from others with this
energy you may this can be whoever has to leave your life at this time whatever
came in during the Mercury retrograde is now going to leave during this time
period you may have to be careful how about you speak to others after the 19th
you need to watch your emotional self you need to pick and choose your battles
okay with others for others of you may not be getting along with certain people
and they can be baiting you into a fight during this time period then the Sun in
Virgo on the 23rd this is in your six house so you can feel a little bit more
like a perfectionist when it comes to career for others of you you had a great
time for problems or dealing with other people’s problems and helping them on
their feet so be careful with that because last year around this time a lot
of you between August and September you had a lot of problems with bread of
shame and helping others and you felt that others were taking you for granted
so help as if you’re you don’t expect anything in return
even if they’re resentful about the help because that’s their soul out loud
reacting to what you’re doing okay so that means that next time don’t do that
for them okay for others of you tend to handle responsibility pretty easily if
not you really like it because it makes me feel busy for others of you you can
be setting the bar at work and what they expect of others during this time period
as well for some of you you can be trendy at work or you can be trendy on
the social media or media at this time then on the 26th the full moon in Pisces
this is a great time missing your 12th house so this would be a great time to
get your juju your voodoo you sent that idea
your paganism your isms on okay and light those candles and let me see the
full moon yes the full moon is great for charging crystals okay but it depends on
what kind of crystals so don’t go charging every single crystal that some
crystals you can’t charge under the moon this is a beautiful time for the law of
attraction trust your intuition with this energy keep it
positive because Neptune is also training Jupiter at this time in the
sign of Scorpio so this is definitely a great time to delve into faith
consciousness okay you tend to be about bigger picture you can be receiving good
news during this time period you can feel the need to take action when it
comes to certain causes or this is certain injustice is going on at this
time for others of you you can be putting your foot down when it comes to
certain situations and kind of creating boundaries with certain relationships
I’m the 27th Mars goes direct in your 10th house in the sign of Capricorn so
this is gonna help a little bit because you also have Pluto and Saturn and
retrograde in your 10th house it’s gonna help just a little bit not too much it’s
just gonna help just enough it’s not gonna bring about growth but it can
bring about you know at least you got some money coming in somewhere okay
during this time period for others of you you know be careful
about like be careful with your job at this time you know because you don’t
want to ruin the opportunity because it might be until October till you get a
job or you might have to wait till you’re honest moves into the sign of
Aries before you get a job too which is I think is also in September – on the
27th Mars direct you can change this is gonna bring about changes but not like
big changes this is gonna be about changes that you’ve been wanting to make
or thinking about doing you can be more nurturing at this time you can be taking
care of others this could be starting new projects or you can be working on
some causes or helping others for others of you this can be making career changes
at this time or thinking about it for others of you this can be dealing for
others of you I have a lot of people in the entertainment industry but this to
be a type of reevaluating like your management and like publishing and like
reevaluating those people that you allow to come in to help you grow you can be
re-evaluating them because you’re not getting the things that you want or
you’re not seeing certain things happening
the first kind of come up with is the five of lawns for some of you this can
be arguments happening at this time for others of you this could be on-the-job
training with this energy the devil card for some of you you can
be more about your indulgence okay you can be more about your play or your bad
habits for others of you this energy does bring about endings and that could
be happening on the seventh when your rawness goes retrograde with this energy
the moon card truth will be revealed during this time period also trust your
intuition the seven of coins I feel major decisions are going to be
coming up something heavy on your mind is could be quitting your job or ending
a relationship at this time because you have all those planets and retrograde
you’re not so quick to move so this is something that you might do in the month
of October okay the king of cups I feel like you can be dealing with your spouse
at this time or dealing with a love relationship where the person is a bit
of a heavy drinker with this energy or even a bit temperamental during this
time period as well okay very much dealing with somebody who’s very bossy
at work with this energy the aid of swords for somebody you could feel stuck
in your situation during this time period for others of you you need to let
go of past hurt and work through this time period of the retrograde to start
re-evaluating or putting certain things into perspective with this energy the
page of Wands for some of you this is dealing with your children with this
energy for others of you this could be an age difference happening in your
relationship with this energy the nine of Wands dealing with trust issues or
feeling insecure about certain situations at this time so be careful
with the choices that you make you know you’re making better choices now because
you have this opportunity here with all the earth signs going in retrograde
welljust Capricorn you’re honest but you have this beautiful opportunity here to
make better decisions at this time the seven of cups the cards told me don’t
just dream it do it okay for others of you this is something very heavy that
you want to do that’s on your mind and it probably won’t be done until the
planets are all direct okay the two of swords I definitely see you wanting to
take your ball and quit and go home at this time but you need to be strategic
now you need to like really pay attention because if
you quit your job during this time period with your honest going retrograde
you may not get a job until you’re honest moves into the sign of aries
during this time period okay so you need to be very much plan this out with this
energy alright the queen of coins i feel for
some of you that this is going to be a nurturing energy here i feel like you’re
very creative with this energy i feel that others want to take care of you at
this time or prove their loyalty to you with this energy the chariot card
definitely getting what you want in certain situations with this energy
I do see for some of you that you may be not over the past and you can be judging
your current relationship based on your past relationship I would also be
careful with that too because that can cause problems with your current
relationship okay you need to give people chances just because you see some
red flags you know sometimes it happens sometimes it doesn’t sometimes we’re
just affected by the planets okay the world card this is the world working in
your favor I do see some victories happening this month for you as well I
love you my rams please make sure to LIKE subscribe and share kisses mwah


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