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hi this is the weekly horoscope for
Aries for the week of July mmm July 23rd 2018 hello my Rams I am still
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so this week we have the lunar eclipse coming up in the sign of Aquarius
it’s conjunct with the South node which is the tail end of the the tail end of
the North node so at this time it’s on the 27th and the 28th so at this time
you may need to be adaptable to others with this energy you may need to pick
and choose your battles at this time as well whoever has to leave your life at
this time leave let them leave your life I feel like we could hear some events on
the news happening on that day that’s going to affect a lot of people during
that time period as well so just be self aware of your surroundings as well so on
the 23rd this is lessons with money keep your personal items close to you and
make sure you don’t you know just keep eat be self aware of your surroundings
during this time period cuz you have lessons with money coming up this could
be chargebacks happening on this day as well for those
of you with online businesses this can be contracts ending for others of you
which makes sense because then we have the Mercury retrograde coming up and
then after that September that’s when all the planets start going direct ok
also with this energy for some of you you can be bored with relationships or
certain things that you want now that you’ve got you don’t want anymore
because your emotional values are changing now and you already been there
and done that so sometimes what happens that signifies to to me that
say time of changing that your goals are changing at this time because you
already accomplish those goals you already did it
so now you got to make room for your new goals and the new things that you want
at this time on the 24th we do have the water trine happening with the fourth
eighth and twelfth house watch your emotional self delve into the law of
attraction or the power of prayer pay attention to your dreams or trust your
intuition yes get you a psyche on yes rub that third eye the focus could be
more on your relationships or you can have a certain people or situations
figure it out and you’re able to use that to your advantage and this is a
good time for sparks and miracles to happen as well Venus semi sextiling Titan
in the sixth and seventh house you can be more about your social life you tend
to get along with others for others of you this can be going out of your way or
getting along with others that you normally don’t get along with so
remember that because a lot of you last year around this time period had lessons
with being used and you did not like that idea of being used so be careful
with that because Chiron is in your sign of Aries which makes you bit more of a
giver and that’s how you show your love so be careful with the helping that you
give help for the sake of helping like you’re not expecting anything in return
on the 25th this can be focusing more on health and
well-being or breaking into your breaking out of your certain habits you
can improve upon certain things at this time you can be more about keeping
things clean and organized I love it okay for others of you this could be a
good time for business with this energy the first card I come up with is the
night of coins mine and the money and the money on the mind yeah okay so just
be aware of that be aware of your thoughts at this time you know you can
have lessons with money during this time period as well so just pay attention to
what you’re doing what you’re saying yes to at this time the king of swords
you’re very critical of your work and you’re very critical you’re very much a
perfectionist at this time and very detailed oriented with this energy the
five of cups cocktails writings for you shoot that mouth up
especially on 27 on the solar on that lunar eclipse you know pay attention pay
attention to the events that are coming up on that day too because then that’s
going to bring everything to an ending or new beginning
okay the ASA cops brings about love relationships for some of you now grant
it on the 27th on the Mercury retrograde is also we have Mercury retrograde my
bad all right mercury retrograde so watch your watch who comes into your
life because those people are there for a reason and purpose to test you
challenge you and change you so you know and to teach you lessons at this time
alright you could check out my Mercury retrograde video on my glossary page or
you could check out your monthly horoscope for this month to see what
happens okay and for your lunar eclipse as well the
Empress card deals with mother energy for some of you for some of you this is
dealing with mother for others of you this is dealing with a love relationship
and this could be like a main chick to that you dealing with okay and she’s
just very nurturing and very giving to you at this time the ace of swords
brings about endings for some of you the focus is more towards business this week
with this energy the page of Ilan’s tells me that you are more in touch with
your inner child for others of you the focus can be on your children and
getting them prepared for back to school or going to college the six of Wands
brings optimistic energy and excitement and good news coming for you the Ace of
Wands shows a lot of recognition and support around you I see this is a great
time for creative projects or business projects coming up I feel also that you
know people around you love won support what you’re doing at this time the six
of swords you know get the hell out of your damn head there’s a little bit of
confrontation going on this week for you as well so watch out with that lunar
eclipse okay also there’s traveling coming up for some of you with this
energy the seven of wands I feel like for some of you this is a great time for
media or social media lots of communications going on at this
time very creative energy as well as your play inspires you to create with
this energy I feel also your communication skills are very powerful
as you are able to get everybody to dance to your – yes okay the star card
what you want manifest manifest manifest all right and the Sun card brings about
new beginnings but also your mastering your parenting you’re getting along
better with your children during this time period for others of you you’re
doing well with your creativity it’s on point okay for others of you this is
mastering love or mastering business at this time so you’re getting control or
you’re being more on top of things with this energy okay so this is a beautiful
time period despite mercury in retrograde this brings about new
beginnings for you coming up I love you my urban in my airbenders booming
mylanta I am so sorry okay it was a brain fart I love you my rams
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for everyone who has and you know for everyone who stood by me well I’m going
through these changes and seeing what works what doesn’t work you know I
really appreciate your body goodness okay muah


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