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hi this is the weekly horoscope for a
Gemini for the week of July 23rd 2018 hello my jimmies I’m still collaborating
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appreciate the love energy so this week we have on Monday change happening and
also we have the lunar eclipse coming up so if you want to get the whole picture
check out my monthly horoscope and my daily horoscope on that Monday brings
about change so keep it humble at this time you can be exaggerating certain
events you know and all the planets are in retrograde so try to keep it as real
as possible about what happened or you could seem like your attention-seeking
at this time so be careful with that ego is very loud and clear at this time and
it’s really really talking to you and getting the best of you I feel like also
later on with all the extra stuff that you can be doing I’m sorry you know I
love my Gemini’s but you know this is what’s going on in the planets this week
it will catch up with you later on so just be self aware of that you may need
to learn a bit more about certain friendships at this time or you can be
emotionally manipulative at this time so careful with this energy because Saturn
is in retrograde in the sign of Capricorn so then when Saturn goes
direct you know that’s when it’s gonna dish out the lessons during this time
period so you know try not to allow certain people in your life to get to
you at this time sometimes we just need to just leave things leave lying dogs
where they need to lie you know and just leave things be if you’re feeling some
kind of way about somebody you know sometimes we just have to just let it be
you know like the song let it be because some things are just not worth it and
some people are just not worth it you know
things happen people don’t work out you know but it doesn’t mean to go that
extra mile to make somebody’s else’s life worse because when you’re sat in
return comes around or when something hits your eighth house you know because
Saturn controls the eighth house in Pluto controls the eighth houses – no no
Pluto controls the eighth house Saturn controls the 11th house and Saturn
controls the 10th house so you know you don’t want it to mess with you on some
other level ok so everything is cause-and-effect ok
so whatever you put out this week the energy is gonna eventually throw it back
to you so just be aware my hair no no I know I try to straighten it – like we
gon curl right back up I know but anyways so at this time just be a bit
self aware of the energy you’re putting out because that’s the energy you’re
gonna get back eventually it’s like a ball you take a tennis ball and if you
throw it really hard it guess what it’s gonna hit that wall and it’s gonna come
back harder ok then on the 25th mars is conjunct with the south node and it’s
affecting your 3rd 9th and 12th house and forming a t-square so you can be a
bit taking unnecessary risk at this time or taking or just doing things right now
that are not that are not in your best interest at this time so you may have to
like you know really slow down or dial back what it is that you’re trying to
accomplish here at this time and be careful with the decisions that you’re
making for others of you this is not a good time for travel so make a checklist
at this time take your time leaving check your passport to make sure that
it’s up to code with this energy for others of you this could be your own
agenda so careful with pursuing or pushing your own agenda onto others you
may not be getting along with neighbors siblings or those in condo associations
or certain associations during this time period this could also be love-affairs
coming up for some of you as well and this could also be just dating careful
with impulsive a rash decisions you hate routine I know
I know and this can also perpetuate headaches or migraines during this time
period as well so just really be self aware during this time period then Venus
you know she’s doing some good things at this time I think that this can be good
news coming up with property matters for some of you for others of you this could
be starting over in certain areas of your life with this energy as well try
not to be so critical of relationships I feel like for some of you you may not be
getting along with the women in your life at this time as well then we have
the lunar eclipse on the 27th and it’s conjunct with the South node at this
time so it’s the tail end of the North node so I would really be careful with
this energy again not the best time to travel so just take your time you need
to be more honest with your needs instead of pussyfooting around the
subject you need to be straight forward and communicate more about what it is
that you like and you don’t like okay because sometimes when you pussyfoot or
gossip you know it causes problems you know so if you don’t want problems in
your life and you’re like me you want peace
just be honest and straight forward for some of you this is dealing with your
likes and dislikes or this could be creating emotional strike with yourself
because of the lack of communication going on because nobody wants to start
drama but you know by going behind other people’s back you’re creating that drama
so just you know be self-aware of your actions you know the challenges that
you’re going through can be more about health for some of you so you can you
this is this can be the week for the migraines to start popping up and then
plus more Grayson retrograde in the sign of Leo at this time in your third house
so it’s not helping because then it’s squaring your twelfth house for some of
you okay for others of you this can be emotional strife that you’re going
through this could be challenges that you’re going through at this time you
can be more about you may need to go beyond your five senses and be more
about your piece and rise above ego consciousness and also rise above these
aspects that are coming up this week and not intrigue
these and maybe even be about bigger picture and even think about future
during this time period because a lot of times we end up because we feel the now
for some reason and for whatever is going on in your life sometimes you know
it’s we need something to do and we just look for fights with others you know
cappy’s do that cappy’s get bored and then they just look for fights with
people when they get bored you know and my solution to that is take a walk go
look for something to do you know because it’ll help with that energy so
you can be experiencing that too at this time and needing something to do but
instead of doing something about it you’re looking at others and being you
know doing that Venus thing with the with the fourth and tenth house and
being critical of certain relationships so be about bigger picture because you
don’t want to shoot yourself in the foot or you don’t want to rely on that person
that you shoe shoe away and then all of a sudden it’s like nope no bridges burn
okay so be careful with the bridges that you’re burning this week okay
the first kind of come up with is the king of cups I feel with this energy
here again you have a very critical eye for some of you being very much
perfectionist when it comes to career the queen of Wands I see love but I see
boundaries would love so this could be like a love relationship and this person
just wants you to text them or you could only date them on certain dates because
they work and you’re you have to be around their work schedule the king of
Wands but I feel like this person is also very giving to you as well okay and
the energy is very giving to you in general this week so keep it positive be
about your positivity and be about your spirituality at this time because the
energy is going to give back the four of cups I feel for some of you that you can
be watching certain people a little bit too closely so be careful with jealousy
this week don’t let ego get the best of you the
nine of cups my yes card to whatever question I did not answer is yes the 10
of Wands I feel like this can be a stressful week for you I feel that your
responsibilities and not having changes happening at this time with your routine
can be making you feel like you’re in rut the Ace of Cups I do see a new love
coming in at this time but I feel like it’s more towards dating and remember
mercury in retrograde is going to go retrograde on the 27th and until August
26 so you know so this is more of a time of dating and get to know people and
kind of slowing down okay the heirophant card I feel with this energy here that
you can be dealing with a group of people or more than likely because all
the planets in your 4th house you can be dealing with condo associations family
at this time or roommates the world card shows that certain things certain
situations are going to work themselves out this could be your money situation
working itself out for you the hangman card brings about in decisions at this
time with this energy the three of source brings about temporary separation
so at this time whoever has to leave your life let them leave your life for
some of you this can also be travel for others of you you have something heavy
on your mind and the answer is yes but you’re still gonna Mull it over the
seven of wands I feel with this energy here that for some of you some people in
your life are putting you on the spot and making you choose sides okay and
again like the like the like the astrology said you know you’re not
getting along with certain people in your life at this time I feel like it
certain family members so try to be more about bigger picture
rise above even ego consciousness at this time you know sometimes you just
have to let people have you know not my circus not my monkeys okay you feel some
kind of way about me good for you go that way okay I do not care all right
because if I have to care that means that it’s gonna affect my ego and I
don’t want my ego to come up okay cuz I’m trying to get to my true self
alright and that’s how you do it so this is something to think about this week
lots of communication going on this week I feel like you can your communication
skills are very powerful you get people to dance to your own tune that’s a great
time for those of you in media or social media I feel that you can be forced to
pick sides at this time with certain people in your life so this is gonna be
very awkward but like I said you don’t have to not your circus not your monkeys
for others of you this can be you put it your communication skills are
strong that you’re able to influence others to your point of view in your way
of seeing things as well and the queen of swords I feel like at this time this
is a great time for job interviews for some of you and this is a great time for
others to promote you and to stick up for you with this energy I love you my
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  1. Good vibes Post author

    Is this a cappi reading because you said they look for fights to pick with people? Feeling this way lately but I’m a gemmy moon. Don’t feel like picking fights but would rather avoid people that make me mad, lol

  2. Destiny One 11 Post author

    Thank you Marie. Truly appreciate your readings boo. Blessed be. 🙏🏼❤️🕯


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