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hi this is the weekly horoscope
researched areas for the week of May seventh twenty eighteenth and hello my
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sharing and thank you for everyone who has so this week on Monday we start out
with a bit of a midlife crisis for some of you so watch your emotional self on
Monday I feel that certain people at this time can make you lose your cool or
they know what buttons to press to make you show your real feelings can come out
at this time and you know force a cheese that’s no bueno
so if you find yourself being reactive at this time try to try to walk away
from the situation or just pretend that it doesn’t bother you or just ignore the
other person because somebody can be trying to make you lose your cool or
while you up at this time and you can feel a bit embarrassed because you shown
your colors or you shown your true feelings about a certain person or a
certain situation so at this time Monday watch your emotional self this can be
also unexpected turn of events happening in regards to career or this could be in
regards to family matters or love relationship during this time period
this is change happening in general for better or for worse this week as well
the sun shining pluto here in retrograde for some of you this can be coming up
with money-making ideas with this energy for others of you this is a great time
for common sense to kick in your great problem solver during this time period
for others of you this can be emotional validation or new beginnings happening
for some of you then here we have Neptune forming a water trine keep it
positive you can be more about your spirituality at this time I feel some of
the changes that are coming up on Monday are going to be lesson
or opportunities for you to change the emotional self to change the reactive
self for some of you this can be a great time for negotiations to go your way
this can also be endings and new beginnings coming up for you with this
energy but on a positive note now you do have you don’t have like a lot of water
in your chart this week you have more fire than anything so you’re very
action-oriented when when it comes to making changes so for some of you this
could be like a whole tournaments happening or starting over on a better
foot for you with this energy from the eighth year still dealing with that same
energy that change is now breaking up into now a t-square so be careful with
relationships you can still be you may not be getting along with certain
relationships or this could be revisiting certain projects during this
time period or this can be dealing with family drama or being involved in family
drama for others of you I feel that this could be the this could be a button
being pushed by you and you’re still not over certain things that have happened
or you keep bringing up past issues at this time that still upset you with this
energy okay so just be careful with it careful
with relationships I feel like you could be hearing some news with this energy in
regards to the women in your life I feel like this is gonna bring about surprises
or a turn of events with this energy as well other people throwing you into
their drama so you may have to be more putting the water on certain flames that
are going on around you at this time or dealing with other people’s dramas first
car to come up with is the lovers card and you love coming in for some of you
this could be good news with contracts coming up this week as well the four of
Wands for some of you this is definitely new beginnings coming up for some of you
for others of you this could be a committed relationship happening or this
could be a positive time for contracts and negotiations for somebody you could
be getting married with this energy or being proposed to or having some kind of
emotional validation with your relationships they can be going on to
the next level which is like commit more committed you know defining your
roles in the relationship so this is a better time for relationships this week
the eighth of coins creating your own reality this is a great week for
partnerships with this energy you benefit through others also for some of
you this is getting a job this week the four of coins the mind and the money and
the money on the mind I feel like you’re gonna be working very hard this week
when it comes to your career or you can be really focused on money worries at
this time so try to let go of that the knight of swords this can be a busy week
for you with this energy the six of cups I feel with this energy this could be a
new love coming in but you need to create boundaries with that new love
because it can be very fast and very quick because there’s no boundaries with
that relationship so be careful with that I feel like he can be very
sentimental at this time in regards to the past or you can be receiving
something from a parent or from a family member of a like an heirloom but that
represents a part of your life a part of your past the five of swords it’s a time
of probably looking back at the past with this energy and not over certain
people in your life at this time and bringing them up okay so you are really
really waiting certain areas of your life or revisiting certain things that
you haven’t gotten over with so this could also be trigger words coming up
this week that are making you revisit those problem areas in your life the six
of swords I feel for some of you this is get the hell out of your damn head for
some of you this is traveling happening with this energy the eight of swords I
feel for some of you that you need to work on letting go of the past because
the six of source with all these sports cars tells me that this is dealing with
the past and this is dealing with like trying to change and trying to move
forward from the past but then also you’re hanging on to anger you’re
hanging on to things that bothered you from the past and also you’re letting it
come out this week especially on Monday so be careful of that okay so try to
work on letting go of past issues and hang up by putting them into perspective
seeing the positive in the situation and trying to work on letting it go this
week the emperor card I feel like this could be a really happy week for you I
feel that sir people in your life might be stubborn or
not open-minded to new ideas and new concepts that are coming up with this
energy as well the High Priestess card trust your intuition this week the page
of cups for some of you could be dealing with an on-again off-again relationship
for others of you this is dealing with father or a father figure or a brother
with this energy and I feel like you kind of have to be on eggs and like on
eggshells with this person because their emotional self is changing or they can
be a little bit Jekyll Jekyll dr. Jekyll mr. Hyde
with this energy so you don’t know who you’re gonna get so try to trust your
intuition you know how not to provoke this person so don’t go
you know poking the bear because the bear is who’s gonna be like dr. Jekyll
mr. Hyde okay so be careful with this when dealing with this person you know
you know how to deal with them so you know how to provoke them and then you
know you know what makes them tick so don’t go making them tick okay
because you’re bored and looking for a fight the six of Wands for some of you
this can be dealing with also optimistic energy and good news if you get on this
person’s good side you can see that this is gonna be a fun week with this person
or that this person might be like the person that just goes to you for
conversations or just to talk to with this energy I love you my sad jeez
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  1. sandra d Post author

    U teach me so much I luv how u match the cards to each other like in order to weave a story line omg Marie when the day finally comes n I have a job n money I am coming to u 4 readings. Just luv uuu thank u u give me hope each week??


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