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hi this is the weekly horoscope for
Sagittarius for the week of October 15th 2018 hello my sad jeez I’m still
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on Mondays forming a beautiful air trine in the third seventh and eleventh house
oh this is a beautiful time for luck to be kicking in thoughts to become things
your words are powerful and you can have job interviews or talking to those in
power or movers and shakers in your life whatever you are selling people are
buying okay you are very good at motivating others to come on team Saji
and getting them to do what you want whatever information you are receiving
via your reality or subconsciously you’re using that information this week
you have a tremendous amount of willpower in making things happen the
Sun trining Miranda in the third and eleventh house this is updating yourself
with your career or your very original in your way of thinking and adding new
things to your projects or website this can be people in your life coming back
unexpectedly and reconnecting to you and wanting to work with you for some of you
you can be pleasantly surprised this week by the changes that are coming up
you’re honest semi sectile ganymede in the 6th and 5th house you can be playing
you can be more playful with this energy or you can be in good spirits you can be
more about your play and your social life for others of you this is being on
top of your money situation and have extra money to play with your positive
energy is going to attract positive situations into your life this week
Mars quintile Deimos and a third and first house you can be a great problem
solver or taking the initiative with this energy this is getting your what
did I write okay this is dealing with passion projects for some of you or
you’re more passionate about certain topics and you love debating this week
the first car to come up with is the Nine swords now I just said you’re
gonna have a great week stated damn optimistic and things will just flow to
you but you know the energies that we had last week you know it’s all intense
and just nasty well till the 23rd we’re still going to be dealing with those
energies so be careful with your way of thinking so try it at this time you know
keep it optimistic smile I know all right keep it optimistic and also
whatever negative thoughts that you’re intriguing at this time try not to
intrigue those negative thoughts because you’re actually planting seeds of
negativity into your reality and you don’t want that so what you do is that
when they come in you had to tell your brain to shut the damn up ok or you
focus on keeping your head clear okay and it’s walking meditation and
basically whatever thought comes into your head you just leave it alone let it
go away okay because you’re planting that thought into your reality and it’s
easier to plant a negative thought than it is to plant a positive thought
alright so this is something to think about while you’re creating the first
part I’m the second car to come up when is three of one’s success on its way
this week with this energy I feel for sorry you could be more about your
social life at this time for others of you kind of looking back at the past
this week and moving forward at the same time and that’s because Venus is in
Venus and retrograde in Scorpio so just be careful with that don’t romanticize
the past because your present is not it just means that your present is not
where you want it to be at this time okay the nine of coins for some of you
this can be focusing on home business for others of you this could be a move
happening for you the death card brings about changes coming up this week for
you the five of- coins have faith that everything is going to work itself out
this week ten of cups this is a great time to be
about bigger picture and put things in perspective and to recognize and be
grateful for what is important in your life the two of Wands tells me that
recognition and success on its way is a great time to receive attention for your
work for others of you this is a time of moving forward with career the seven of
sorts for some of you your very business minded this week for others of you
you’re bottling up your feelings and not really talking about them so be careful
with that the knight of coins the mine on the money in the money on the mine
the four coins now at this time there’s money worries coming in okay for some of
you you can be attracting the evil eye because people around you that may not
have much as you or think that you have more than them are giving you the evil
eye and then for others of you use this is trying to keep up with the Joneses
this week so just be careful with that energy that negative energy okay you
know try to be more in a place of affirmations during this time period the
knight of cups trust your intuition this week I see blessings on to the universe
and you love happening the eight of wands I see traveling coming up for some
of you and then for others of you this is good news and in the 8 of coins you
can be very much the perfectionist when it comes to work for some of you you can
be arguing over money during this time period so be careful with that when it
comes to love relationships when you start arguing about money because you
know money is the root of all problems and this could be why you’re having
problems with your love relationship because of control issues with money
okay I love you my strategies please make sure to LIKE subscribe and share
kisses mwah


  1. 03LisaJade Post author

    Thank you Marie, wishing you a great week ♐😚😚♥️♥️♥️

  2. Kellie Borriello Post author

    Thank you Marie Moore, for all you do….I love those daily transits!!!! What are you going to be for Halloween this year Marie?

  3. gentillydanny Post author

    Thanks, Marie. I have 3 readers I follow due to their no bullshit reads. You are one of them. You've been accurate and no nonsense. You, Bay Of Fundy with Natalie, and Nicholas Ashbaugh. Nothing in this world is 100% but you three are, in my case anyway, the most accurate readers. I have high regards for Frankie Tunstall as well but with her, it's more accurate with my moon (Pices). As always, with fondness. Dan.

  4. sandra d Post author

    We luv u and appreciate u. U rock it out. Thank you for teaching us. Blessings upon u Marie moore❤️🌹🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺♥️


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