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hi this is the weekly horoscope for
Taurus for the week of July 23rd 2018 hello my Bulls I’m still collaborating
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okay so this week for you guys Monday is not the easiest energy so just prepare
for this it’s between your 5th and 11th house you could be reevaluating certain
relationships or you might not appreciate other people for having
opinions mm-hmm welcome to my world on your and on your own love relationship
so they could be picking your love relationship and telling you what they
don’t like or you could be very critical of your love relationship at this time
because all the planets are in retrograde and Venus is in the sign of
Virgo at this time making us really like kind of criticize people this could be
seeing the reality of certain situations or your values could be changing at this
time for others of you this is letting certain situations that you feel stuck
in giving you an opportunity to let go for some of you this is secrets coming
out at this time mmm too many planets a lot of light looking down on us right
now so a lot of truth is gonna be revealed people are going to be exposed
during this time period or people divulging information about you while
you’re just choosing to stay all private but they all want to like air your stuff
out in this one mm-hmm you know I don’t know why people gotta
be trifling like that but whatever just be prepared for it namaste about it with
this energy you know and just try you know you have this opportunity to change
about yourself at this time you know and then sometimes you know when we get
exposed or feel exposed it’s a good thing because it humble it humbles us
down or it gives us an opportunity to see to see the error of our ways and to
learn to not to do it again okay so it’s not necessarily a bad thing
on the 24th charon is conjunct with Triton trining Pluto in retrograde in
the first and ninth house so this can be getting others to see your vision or
your way of thinking can be good news with getting accepted at a school or
this could be licences or moving forward with particular situations this can be
plans working out as they should and this could be making changes about your
life to build a stronger base you know like the like the floor part of the
thing like building a house you know for your future success then Jupiter
quintile Flores and the fifth and seventh house you can be focusing more
on one particular relationship this could be reconnecting with people from
your past people tend to go along with your ideas or you work towards a
resolution with certain relationships Mercury’s and retrograde on the 27th so
people are coming in people are leaving at this time so check out your monthly
video and don’t forget my Mercury retrograde glossary page as well to help
you along with the Mercury retrograde it’s in the sign of Leo then we have
also Miranda semi sextiling demios in the second and third house you can be
motivated to start new creative projects you know mercury enly a very creative
energy prolific artist lots of ideas for some of you this could be finding a
second source of income this could be dealing with social media this could be
a trendy time on the internet for some of you starting new trends yeah okay or
thinking more outside the box on how to make money or how to get people to come
to your site the first kind of come up with is the
page of coins I feel like at this time that this is money coming in and then
also you spending money yes okay so mm-hmm so this is a nice time
despite mercury being in retro the magician card as above so below so
keep this energy positive during this time period because Jupiter is training
Scorpio at this time so this is a time of spirituality and thoughts become
things with this energy the full card brings about new beginnings now you need
to be careful with this energy as well because this is gonna be a time of
people pulling the wool over your eyes and telling you pretty things you know
especially when it comes to love so be about actions okay what are your actions
all right don’t tell me show me okay and telling you pretty things and kind of
leading you on and this can also be with work telling you pretty things as a way
to get you to shut up you know did you know they do that I’m
just saying alrighty and then also here this is also
a time for creating your own reality alright so this is also a beautiful time
to do that to this week and create your own reality and create what you want to
do with yourself okay so a lot of you can just go and create your own career
alright the death card brings about changes happening this week as well the
10 of cups I feel with this energy here this is putting things into perspective
this could be a great time spending time with family and friends with this energy
the lovest card new love coming in yes it could be beautiful it could be
fabulous this could also be contracts coming up as well so for some of you
this is um contracts new beginnings happening getting along with mother Lee
5 a koi I feel for some of you could be dealing with a bad boy in your life as
well I also feel that there are certain changes that are happening this week
that are out of your control but it wasn’t your fault and no matter what you
could have done it would have just continued its course as is even if you
didn’t do nothing and stayed at home okay so just emotionally prepare for
that as well the nine of swords tells me that the worries at night are more than
that just you just overthinking or over worrying about things okay so be careful
with that energy because you don’t want to put it out there also you
for some of you this could be just focusing so much on career that it makes
you feel lonely so just be careful with this energy at this time the three of
cups I feel like this week despite you being all in your head about things this
could be a fabulous week for you if you choose it and I do see that you know
there are certain people coming into your life that are going to help you
grow during this time period the High Priestess card trust your intuition this
week the six of Wands deals with optimistic energy the Sun card deals
with new beginnings coming up at this time and also a popular energy time for
some of you and the wheel of fortune card tells me that there’s a joie de
vivre kind of energy ok beautiful energy happening for you new beginnings new
people coming into your life at this time to help you grow I love you my
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