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hi this is the weekly horoscope for Virgo for the week of September 18 2018 alone my virgos I am still collaborating with you can find them in the link in the description box below down there also I am available for readings and reports this week so check that out also in the link in the description box below down there show your love and support and make sure to LIKE subscribe and share and thank you for everyone who has I appreciate the love energy so this week Venus is trining Titan in a third and seventh house this is flirty energy or this can be oh this is get ready to mingle if you’re single energy for others of you this is dating someone who’s older than you for others of you can be reconnecting with people from your past or even being sentimental about the past for others of you you can be letting go of certain past relationships or having an easier time putting certain things that happen in the past into perspective giving you an opportunity to heal and move on you may experience more contact with older people at this time or people who are a bit more mature or a bit more established in their life for others of you you can form a relationship with your mentor for others of you other people in your life that you talked to this week can help put certain things into a better perspective for you then Titan is trining Triton in the fourth and eighth house you can be ambitious when it comes to what you want or you can be finally reaching some goals or at the end of certain chapters in your life they can be closing this week you have or you can just be at the end the tail end of it and then the week after it will be closing okay you have an easier time solving problems or you can expect the unexpected you can have an epiphany at this time where certain things can be made clear to you and you can be having a bit better understanding of how certain things work Saturn quintile Neptune in the fifth and seventh house you can be more of mature outlook on life or you can relate better to those who are older than you or enjoy visiting those who are older than you like family older family members with this energy for some of you you have a better understanding where other people are coming from and you can see where you might be having where you can be wrong in certain situations not doesn’t mean that you’re gonna admit to it but but you can see like how you were wrong you know even just a little Paquito just a little bit you know you can see it with this energy so you can also see both sides of the picture now and then with the ninth house you have Uranus conjunct with Charon this is getting your way with certain things or this is plans working exactly as planned for some of you this is expect the unexpected things should go your way or you may be getting what you want with certain situations you can be receiving new information in regards to business matters just make sure you research it before you get excited and jump into something new this week the first time I come up with this seven of coins something very heavy on your mind again just make sure that you research what you’re delving into this week to make sure it’s a sure thing the page of coins this is a second source of income that can be coming in or new money-making opportunities that can be coming in via internet at this time so again just research it during this time period for others of you you this can be money coming in this week and then you spending it as quickly as you get it the six of swords does offer travel coming up for some of you this week as well the moon card for some of you this is truth being revealed for others of you trust your intuition this week the ace of coin creating your own reality and also this is money opportunities coming in the six of Wands I feel for some of you this is optimistic energy this is things going your way this is having a better handle or grip on certain realities in your life the nine of cups whatever decision that you’re thinking about you have your answer it’s yes but you’re going to still think about it the hangman card you’re still going to think about it with this energy the moon card you’re mastering your I’m sorry the Moon and Sun card this is certain things are gonna once once upon a time certain things that were very that you weren’t sure of or that were very unclear tea or did it make sense to you is now going to make sense to you with this energy for others of you this is mastering your money situation this week with this energy the ace of coins for some of you this is yes mastering your money situation but then also this is money worry so this could be happening through the through the week money worries and problems with money situation but then towards the end of the week probably by Wednesday things should straighten themselves out with this energy or work themselves out in your favor with this energy so try to let go of those money worries at this time money is coming in things will work out you know towards the end of the week the king of Wands I feel like this is a very creative time for you can be coming up with money ideas with this energy here the eight of swords I feel for Sony this energy is going to bring about changes into your life this week with this energy and the ace of cups this is love coming in I feel like somebody you can be reconnecting with someone from your past that can be kind of stuck in their ways of thinking I feel that for some of you this can be mastering your emotional self I feel like some things can be a bit difficult for you in the beginning of the week but things situations will work themselves out or people will find ways to help you with your money situations especially those of you who are doing volunteer work or those of you who are doing who are going through the cleanup of the natural disaster this is people helping you make make things happen with this energy for others of you this can be a new love coming in where this could be certain situations going your way especially when it comes to money matters so you know for some of you this could be also getting a job this week as well I love you my burgos please make sure to LIKE subscribe and share kisses mwah


  1. joannna nice Post author

    Thank you thank you …i take these videos very personal but you already know that lol #QueenVirgo thank you Marie a thousand times

  2. Ra B Post author

    The blow up already happened lol roommate was narcissist i beat her played the game back can't fool me I grew up around that ???


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