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hi this is the weekly horoscope from
forego for the week of the September 24th 2018 hello my burgos I am still
collaborating with you can find them in the link in the
description box below down there also show your love and support and make sure
to LIKE subscribe and share and thank you for everyone who has and I’m just
setting you guys up for a better consciousness this week so you guys can
prepare for it this week and have a fabulous week so this week we have a
stellium happening in your second house and this is going to be lessons with money
for some of you this is karma with other people and this is going to be through
money so at this time if you’re going people money with this energy know that
you’re actually in the spiritual side of life you’re closing a chapter in your
life anytime that we have disagreements or problems with money with other people
is because in a past life we had karma with them so in this life we’re closing
up that chapter and what you can do this week for some of you that have lessons
with money with other people is that the money that you owe or that you pay to
close that chapter in your life add up how much it cost and then look at the
numerology you know Google the number and the numerology on it and then see
what the meaning of that lesson was but know that once you paid for it in cash
that the lesson is done and over with so that’s the blessing in that I know it
kind of hurts the pocket but that’s the blessing with with these things is that
you’re closing your ear cleaning your soul in a way and kind of removing
yourself it’s like saying okay I’ve learned my lesson I’m done I’m closing
this chapter and I’m moving on so see it as more of an ending than anything for
others of you not the easiest energy with this steelium in the second house
and stellium means it has four more planets in it and then plus your natal
chart come as I have and if it has Mars in your
second house you need to be careful with your money because or with paperwork
this week because you can be forgetful you can forget to pay a bill or you can
be a bit absent-minded when it comes to paperwork or anything to deal with
anything to deal with bills or stuff like that so you can be late or miss a
payment with this energy so just be self aware or have your partner do it for you
and help pay your bills this week or get things in order for you have somebody
else get things in order for you with this energy okay be careful with like
money investments at this time not the best idea for that with this energy as
well then on the 24th and the 25th we have the full moon in the sign of Aries
this is endings coming up so definitely endings in the beginning seems to be
your theme song this week whoever has to leave your life at this time let them
leave your life this energy is intense emotionally because the moon does not do
well with the sign of Aries because Aries represents is the ruler of well
Mars rules Aries and is a very masculine energy versus a very feminine energy so
it doesn’t really do well so it’s very intense emotions and feeling things more
intensely this week so careful with the conversations that you have with others
okay put a filter on it if you can or just slow your roll when you’re talking
so that you don’t say the wrong thing or you don’t regret what you say okay you
can be moving in a new direction with this energy or you can be impulsive at
this time and you’re very quick to leave or jump into a new opportunity or even a
new relationship so this could be dealing with deal-breakers with love
you’ll be very you’ll be the one to be quick to go this week you can be very
ambitious or aggressive when it comes to growth very determined to make things
happen with this energy in order to move forward now you have to leave behind
certain things from your past okay so this is an exchange of energy that is
happening you’re giving up one thing in order to
get another thing at this time so you can be this could be your emotional
values and for some of you this could be chain trading your emotional values for
something else or trading something else for your emotional values during this
time and emotional values are like like not things okay so if you have a list of
things like vacation house okay the specific person that you love those
are those would be considered like ego things okay for example and then on the
other side would be like vacation would be peace of mind okay
house would be family or feeling like you’re at home
it would be something it would be something more of morals okay so like
love you know instead of looking for a specific person it would be love okay so
you’re not looking for a specific person you’re looking for love okay that would
be a value for example so at this time you’re you’re making some emotional
exchanges with that in order to get what you want so this could be on the ego
side of spectrum or this could be on the moral side of spectrum okay so it just
depends where you are at on a spiritual level with this energy but you’re making
some kind of emotional change exchange at this time and aligning yourself more
with what it is that you want good better and different ok I’m not judging
it okay but others of you this is in regards to your career you this can be a
move happening or this can be you being very aggressive when act when buying or
selling a home you can be asking for the asking price when selling a home or for
some of you this is not getting along with family members or roommates at this
time or this is simply just fixing things around the house that is broken
or refurbishing the home at this time or remodeling the home at this time
then on the 26 you have an trying happening with the second six in
tenth house this could be a positive turn of events happening in your favor
in regards to money this could be a great time for business picking up with
this energy this would be a great time for app for those of you with home
businesses this would be a great time to delve into like the law of attraction or
your juju your voodoo you who do this would be a great time because this is
thoughts become things any time you get an air try and thoughts become things
okay or this could be getting a second job or revisiting an old job and getting
a phone call asking for you if you want your job back so you can come back
this can be jobs you applied for in the past let our guests July and August you
know and they could be calling you and asking if you want to come work for them
for some of you this could be revisiting old projects this is working on the
emotional self starting new routines starting new chapters in your life with
this energy for some of you this is coming more in a place of certainty and
moving forward with certain decisions or starting specific things that you want
to do at this time then Mars is Quint tiling Jupiter in the sixth and third
house you could be a bit of a perfectionist with this energy and this
can be your hard work paying off and this could be receiving something for a
job well done like a money set incentive or free meal or employee of the month or
some kind of reward okay for those of you in college or in sports this is a
really good time for you with that energy because you’re super competitive
and you have the energy to see things all the way through you can feel a bit
more productive now because you do well when you’re in a routine and being more
health-conscious for others of you the first gotta come up with 3 of Wands
this is success on its way this week it’s a great time for moving forward the
temperance card this could be working on the self with this energy the eight of
swords I feel like for some of you you need to get the hell out of your head
this week okay so personally this emotional tar coming
up that wants to be acknowledged so you can it let go process it and let go of
it for others of you could be overthinking certain situations so be
careful with your thought process this week don’t read into things the seven of
cups I feel for some of you this is this could be wishful thinking for so
W so be careful with that for others of you this could be thoughts of future
future future future because you’re very goal-oriented right now and you’re going
after yours with this energy so there’s a positive time for you the judgment
card major decisions are coming up this week for you something very heavy on
your mind that you want to do the three of coins I feel for some of you that
this is a great time for teamwork or this is a great time for anything with
groups for somebody this could be a popular energy time with the social
media with this energy the magician card as above so below so keep the energy
positive this week the five of swords whoever has to leave your life at this
time let them leave your life with this energy the page of cups for some of you
can be dealing with an on-again off-again relationship with this energy
or reconnecting with people from your past for others of you you can be
dealing with children this week with this energy the page of coins trust your
intuition during this time period 470 the focus can be on a second source of
income with this energy and what you’re spending this week with this energy the
page of Wands a lot of young people around you this week so you could be
hanging out with a lot of young people around you or this could be the teacher
you know for some of you who are teachers you can be more involved with
your students and being more proactive in their life and mentoring them or
mentoring them in general for others of you you’re delving more into your
hobbies with this energy you’re very creative during this time period as well
with this energy the six of coins I feel like you’re very giving with this energy
as well and for others of you can be working on a loan with this energy
you’re more about your social life I do like this a happy energy time for you
this week as well and then the moon card I feel like you really need to trust
your intuition truth will be revealed with this energy and I feel like you
could be very inspired during this time period I feel like definitely dealing
with a lot of young people around you this week too I love you my virgos
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