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By | August 15, 2019

(laughing) – That aint yo baby. My name’s Karlos Dillard and I’m guessing who’s baby this is. – No, not at all. I don’t like babies. They grow inside you for nine months, they suck out all your
nutrients from the mother, then for the next 18 years
plus, they suck out all your financial like sustenance. And it’s not their baby? (sighs) Okay. (baby crying) Hi how are you? Hi little babies. Oh there are babies everywhere. (loud crying) That’s definitely not her child. I think that’s her baby cause
they have the same eyes. Oh she’s talented. That’s her baby, that’s her baby. (laughing) That aint yo baby. Hey who’s your parent? Which one do you want to go to? She don’t know who the parents are. (laughing) I’m gonna say this is her baby. (laughing) Why are you looking at me like that Fox? Do you know him? (baby crying) Fox. I think this is your momma. Here let’s go to mommy. Okay let’s see, yup, that’s his momma. What’s her name? Hi Isabella. Can you talk yet, or no? No, not yet. Isabella come here, come here, come here. Who’s your momma? (laughing) I’ll take her back. Are these babies twins? Are these twins? I think these are both her
babies, not because she’s Asian, yes because she’s Asian. Those are twin babies, I’m sorry. Alright so this is what I
think is happening right now. I think that that’s her baby,
you just don’t have a baby. – Yeah, yeah. Half? Which one’s yours? That one? Which one’s your mom? Is it this lady? Yeah, I’m gonna have
you give him that baby. There you go, is this your momma? Is this it? This is the lineup? Is that really your baby? And this is your baby? Hi, hey Fox wanna come to me? Yeah Fox likes me. He see’s me as mom now, so he’s cool. This is a big baby, it’s a
big baby man, congratulations to your partner delivering this beast. Hey little mama. This a cute one. Hi how are you? – Hi, she’s just so
different skin tone color so. – She is, she’s darker,
is your partner darker? Or did she just come out? Or is the mail man really the dad? She’s so cute, (whispering) you have the cutest baby, sorry guys. Sorry I thought you pushed out two babies, they just both looked
like you a little bit. – I know (laughing) – Hi! Hi, how old is she? – Almost 10 months. – You’re just so cute. Hi you helped me out, high five. No? Okay. Low five! No, okay. Fine. Okay there was a lot of babies. I’m a little hot. (babies babbling) – Good job! – I mean congratulations to me, like. (clapping) I don’t like people touching my dogs, so I really commend y’all
for letting strangers touch y’all’s babies. Thank you, bye. How y’all have me judging these babies?

99 thoughts on “Match the Baby to Their Parent (Karlos) | Lineup | Cut

  1. Linda thien Post author

    He said he didn’t like babies and he over here like aww your so cute .

  2. trevay bad bitchh Post author

    Austine mum amd baby have such good genes even austins grandma

  3. Hazeydaisylove Post author

    I know this has nothing to do with the video, but am I the only lucky person that got a bts commercial for this video?

  4. Itz_Moon Cats Post author

    "I don't like baby's"


    no hate

  5. Victoria :/ Post author

    Karlos is exactly how I am about kids

  6. Daniel Farrar Post author

    Dude WTF, you can't say "You have the cutest baby"

  7. Toni Harris Post author

    The beginning "haha haha THAT AIN'T YO BABY

  8. Park Ji Min Post author

    I don’t like baby’s too I’m sorry

  9. YEET YEET YEET Post author

    The baby isn’t a beast….

    you are

  10. you are everywhere Post author

    Yo, he just called the baby, beast 💀

  11. Tajudeen Bakare Post author

    "That aint yo baby" that had me dead💀💀

  12. Avacado Gaming Post author

    "You just dont have a baby" 😂😂😂

  13. Andrew Kearns Post author

    This the cute one!
    All the other parents: My BaBy Is ThE cUtEst NoT YoUrS!

  14. Kirsten Jones Post author

    When he said “Or is the mailman really the dad?” That had me dead😂😂

  15. Misham Rai Post author

    “Sorry I thought you pushed out two babies”😂

  16. Maya Heart Post author

    Carlos he was camron Boyce but he’s dead waaaaa 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  17. Miya Vialva Post author

    Y’all all need to chill if the dad was offended he would have said something so chiiilll

  18. BreAnn Phillips Post author

    The way it started out— 💀💀
    “HAhahahahaha. Ha. That ain’t yo baby”

  19. blueblue 31 Post author

    Oh that ain't your baby I

  20. Emma Vance Post author

    "Congratulations to your partner for pushing out this BEAST"

  21. Aried Ram Post author

    That's selfishness. Well in the first place you're a guy so you will not carry a baby for 9months and suck all your nutrients.

  22. Madina Sarwari Post author

    Isabella just walk,s to her mum like this my mama and then they start giggling like omg she just walk,s to her mum lol

  23. •— Alissa Smith Gacha —• Post author

    he was a bit rude. when he called the baby a beast it was so offencive.

  24. ɢᴀʟᴀxɪ ᴇᴠɪ xøx Post author

    I feel like the dad was pissed off.

  25. Adrian Narine Post author

    0:17 – 0:26 This man needs to get a life😁😁😁😑

  26. nasitumpeg ğ Post author

    Karlos to the lady in the red t-shirt : this is your baby
    1:33 : are you sure about that

  27. TheQueenOf_Ships Post author

    Okay but that pout @ 1:06 😍😍😍

  28. Santrice Harris Post author

    He was definitely rude by calling that baby a beast and assuming that the baby’s dad is the mailman

  29. Ellyana Jackson Post author

    He said I don't like baby's but he acting like it's heaven

  30. Carryn Post author

    When all of them came out i honestly thought the baby the guy was holding was actually his bc she was the only quiet one looking all comfy 😂🤣

  31. Daniela Hernandez Post author

    "Not because shes asian,yes because she's asian"😂😂😂

  32. Sasha Mckee Post author

    Not because she is asion

    Yes because she is asion lol xd

  33. ANGEL Post author

    Everybody mad and sayin he rude but he DID CLARIFY THAT HE INFACT DOES NOT LIKE BABIES !! And that baby did have a huge head I don’t think it was meant as a purposeful insult but it was a bit rude but at the end of the day atleast he had the guts to speak his mind which most people lack

  34. xxmiss rinaxx Post author

    Dude you was a baby yourself though tf 🙄

  35. Toni-Ann Wilson Post author

    He acts gay and is very disrespectful…if i was that dad that he called his daughter a beast I'd have hurt him very bad…so disrespectful like his ugly ass can get kids that beautiful….everyone's special in their own way.

  36. Demitv Post author

    His views on babies and parenthood shows the lack of love and rejection he Received in childhood I send him love light and healing babies bring joy and happiness so many people views on having children are negative due to their childhood

  37. Steph Tochi Post author

    he needs to go 🙄

    Edit : Why is my comment highlighted ? someone pls explain lol

  38. jana anderson Post author

    I think one of the mom's has a channel called April'sBeautifulMess

  39. Sangreal Gudinho Post author

    Disliking babies because it's hard to care for them is kind of acceptable. But not liking babies because they suck YOUR NUTRIENTS and FINANCEs, that's GROSS MAN.. I guess you broke out of an egg shell as an adult with golden teeth and golden skin, which you sold and became rich. Huhhhhhh.

  40. Art Rojas Post author

    Hope this channel won't have this douchebag again on their videos

  41. Alexis Brown Post author

    Omg I know he did not just call that baby a “beast” 😂😂😂😂

  42. Tasha Anis Post author

    The intro “hahahahahahah! That ain’t your baby”

  43. That one Edgy Ass Youtuber Post author

    2:45 thats fucking rude. NoCap

  44. North 7 Post author

    You guys choose the wrong person to match the babies.

  45. Teddy Jo Post author

    "That aint yo baby"

    -Karlos Dillard June 20th, 2019

  46. Anshika Sharma Post author

    Karlos or can we call him karan johar ! Right indians

  47. Mor-Gan's Post author

    This dude is HILARIOUS 🤣!!!!! I can’t breathe. He called the guy’s baby a BEAST. Oh no 🤦🏾‍♀️.

  48. Sumaiya Arefin Tasnim Post author

    Ok I don't know that guy! But I really want to slap him hard

  49. Khloe Harrison Post author

    if anyone knows who Cavalli is from Hiho Kids then you’ll agree that this dude is him in like 15 years

  50. samar ali Post author

    He is like the same personality as Austin from the ace family

  51. Talicia James Post author

    Yo what happened to saying you don't like babies huh?

  52. Jessica Finn Post author

    Karlos :Isabella come here

    Isabella:Stay away from me, you weird man😳😳👀🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️.
    Mummy, carry me!!!!!

  53. Maestro Townsend Post author

    Did he call that baby a “beast”? WTH?

  54. I Was here Post author

    He thought the baby that he said was the cutest was the cutest because it had the darkest skin tone also the one he insulted and called a beast was the cutest imo . This guy is such a dick .

  55. O Beck Post author

    Karlos, you my man because that was funny but you need to learn how to filter

  56. 해초보다GachaOwO Post author


    the baby is like: NAW,NOT TODAY,YOUR NOT GONNA HOLD MEH >:(

  57. Gracie S. Post author

    parents don't care if you call their clearly big baby big. my brother was fucking huge and now hes 6'5 and was head quarterback in highschool. y'all find anything to complain about.


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