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By | August 14, 2019

Hey everyone! Welcome back to Lavendaire. Today we’re continuing this mini-series on
fun tools for self discovery, and we’re talking about MBTI. MBTI stands for “Myers Briggs Type Indicator”, and if you’ve never heard of it: It’s basically this theory that there are different psychological types in all people. In total, there are 16 types
and I’ll show them on the screen here. You’ll notice that each type is made up of
four different letters, so I’ll explain what those four letters mean later on. MBTI is something I discovered I think in high school, so it’s been over ten years since I’ve known about this, and it’s something that I like to talk to my friends about. And it’s something that is so normal to me that I forgot that I never really made a video
about it on my channel, so here we go! Before I go into what each letter means
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get started on your own website. Alright, back to MBTI. So, why is it important to learn about MBTI
in the first place? Well first of all: it’s fun. I remember I discovered this when I was trying
to figure out who I was in high school. I took a lot of personality tests online. I’m just one of those people that loves personality tests. But not only does it help you learn more about yourself, it helps you learn about other people in this world and how we’re different because you understand that not everyone is wired the same way that you are. People think differently, people feel differently, and so it helps you be more empathetic and
understanding of other people, and thus, it helps you be a better team player. It helps you be better at relationships and
just understanding other people, being able to put yourself in their shoes. By the way, I will link down below some of
my favorite websites where you can take this MBTI test. So if you’re interested, check it out – they’re all free. And now let’s talk about each letter and
understand this more deeply. The first letter is between E or I, and that stands for Extraversion or Introversion. This one’s all about your favorite world. Do you prefer to focus on the outer world
or your inner world? Focusing on your outer world is Extraversion. Focusing on the inner world is Introversion. I want to note that it’s not necessarily just
about social skills. You can be an introvert and prefer to recharge alone, but also be very social when you go out. It’s not about how social you are, it’s about where you get your energy from. Do you get energy from being out and seeing people? Or do you get energy from being alone
and doing things alone? The second letter is between S or N, and that stands for Sensing or Intuition. This one is all about information: How do you process information? How do you see the world? And how do you make meaning out of the world? Do you prefer to focus on the basic information
that’s right in front of you? Or do you prefer to add meaning and interpretation
to what you know? People who are more Sensing are more
practical, pragmatic, down-to-earth. They like to focus on the facts, what they see
right in front of them, and they focus on what’s in the external world. They also like hands-on experiences. And I’ve heard that athletes tend to be Sensing because they’re really good with their senses and being physical, hand-eye coordination,
that sort of thing. People who are Intuitive are more imaginative,
open-minded, and curious. They prefer to focus on abstract theories. They like the hidden meanings and
possibilities of things. They like to focus on information that they receive from the inner world or the imaginative world, and they feel more detached from the
outside, concrete world. The third letter is between T or F, and that stands for Thinking or Feeling. This one’s all about decisions: How we make decisions and how we cope
with our emotions. When you’re making a decision, do you tend
to look at logic and consistency? Or do you tend to look at people
and special circumstances? People who are Thinking are objective and rational. They tend to make decisions based on
logic over emotion. They tend to also hide their feelings and they value efficiency over cooperation. People who are Thinking do have emotions, they just don’t make decisions based on emotion. On the other hand, people who are Feelers are more sensitive and emotionally expressive. They’re highly empathetic and they tend to
value cooperation over competition. People who are Feelers are not necessarily pushovers, they just make decisions that make
the most people happy. The fourth letter is between J or P, which stands for Judging or Perceiving. So this one’s all about structure. Do you prefer to have things decided? Or do you want to stay open to new information
and new options? It’s basically our approach to work and planning, and it’s how we implement the information
that we’ve received. People who are Judging types are more decisive,
thorough, and organized. They prefer predictability and clarity, structure and planning over spontaneity. And they’re usually more strict about following rules. People who are the Perceiving type are
more flexible and relaxed. They like to go with the flow. They tend to want to improvise and find
new opportunities. And they don’t like structure – they’re usually the people who aren’t as good with time because they’re more free-flowing. Since we’re here, there’s also a bonus letter that they added to the end that’s between A or T. So that stands for Assertive or Turbulent. This one is all about confidence: how confident we are in our abilities
and our decisions. Someone who is Assertive is more self-assured. They’re more confident in themselves and
their abilities, their decisions. And they tend to not push themselves as hard. They tend to not stress out as much. On the other hand, people who are Turbulent are more self conscious and sensitive to stress. They tend to be perfectionist,
they’re very success-driven, and they will push themselves too hard
and go overboard. Alright, now that I’ve explained the different letters, hopefully you have a better grasp of this concept. But I just have to say that all of these letters
are on a spectrum. So everybody is somewhere along the spectrum. For some letters, you might be in the middle. I feel like I’m in the middle between P and J,
so it just depends. And you can change over time. I’ve taken this test multiple times throughout my life and I’ve gotten different results. When I was in high school, I got the result of ENFJ, but that was because I was really socially active and I really liked going out, hanging out with people. And then I think in college and afterward, I took the test and I got INFJ which is what
I’ve shared with you guys before. And then earlier this year, I took the test again,
and I got INFP. And I can see how I’ve become more of a P vs. a J. When I was a J, I was really into organizing and tidying and I’ve just not been as into that. I’ve been into being more free-flowing and
creative and being more artsy. There’s pros and cons of everything, but it’s just interesting how you can change
throughout your lifetime. So don’t feel like you’re stuck to a label. This thing doesn’t define you. It’s just a way to learn about your strengths and your weaknesses,
and your tendencies. For each personality type, there’s an archetype and you can find it on that website, 16Personalities, when you take your test and then you’ll get
your archetype and all the descriptions. It goes really, really in-depth, but it’s just very interesting. Like I mentioned at the beginning of this video, it’s really fun to know the different personality types of people in your life or even guess what their types are, and then just understanding how
people are different from you, how they’re wired differently. It’ll help you improve your relationships. It’ll help you be able to connect with people more, because if you are a Feeler and someone is a Thinker, you can’t argue with them based off
of emotion and feeling. You have to argue with them based off of logic. And if you are a Thinker and someone’s a Feeler – say you’re in sales, you have to know your audience,
know what drives them, and instead of using logic and facts to
sway their decision, use the emotional appeal. That’s just one example of how you can use this to help you in life in some sort of way. But ultimately, it’s just really fun and it’s just a really cool way to put people
into different personality types. Now I want to know: What is your MBTI type? Put it down below so I can see! I can already predict that most of our
Lavi Love community are NFs because we’re very intuitive and feeling. And that is because I am very NF, so the content I create relates to people
who are also intuitive and feelers, because I’m not super Thinker. I don’t use a lot of facts in my videos,
I just go off of what I feel. And so, what you are will attract similar people to you. That’s what I’ve found through Lavendaire. It’s really bizarre and interesting that
there’s so many INFJs, INFPs out there that watch my content. Those are supposed to be more of the
rarer personalities. The percentage of the population is smaller. But it’s just amazing how many of you are out there. So I don’t feel so alone anymore. Back in high school and college, I felt totally
different from my peers. I felt alone and no one else was like me. It’s just cool now we can all connect and
realize that we’re not alone. There’s so many of us out there. Alright, let me know what you thought of this mini-series and if you want to see more videos in this mini-series, or do you want to see a different series –
comment down below. And also make sure you give this video a
thumbs up and subscribe. Click that bell if you haven’t already. Love you guys so much
and I will see you guys next time. Bye!

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