31 thoughts on “Melania Trump Denies Using A ‘Fake Melania’

  1. The333Wanderer Post author

    Can you imagine someone pretending to be Michelle Obama? People would be incensed. But you liberals will never understand right and wrong.

  2. Dominick S Post author

    She better get the divorce thing going before they take him to the poor house…

  3. Rumania You shit Post author

    Stephan stop with thiss shit snd help amerikans to have a comon sens and unite aroun the peopels president DONALD TRUMP

  4. Barney Potter Post author

    What will cobert do when Trump's not president anymore lol 😄

  5. Bob Sullivan Post author

    How she keeps it together as much as she does it beyond me! Laura is such a gem!

  6. michael walters Post author

    Laura Benanti needs to be seen on SNL….She would fit in perfectly with Alec Baldwin…..She is so talented…..

  7. Dan McCarthy Post author

    Make Melania take the walk of shame ! then send her to Michigan Tech University – they need a professional stripper for home coming

  8. Richard Dastrup Post author

    6months ago Colbert has Trump syndrome. He bases his show off of fake news. He has no talent . He is the best cheerleader MSNBC could ever have. His show is based on Trump. He has nouthing else to bring to the table. That's real funny

  9. Tristan Wolfe Post author

    Laura is a 5-time Tony winner isn't she? Or just nominated?

  10. Dixie Ten Broeck Post author

    Yeah, the THIRD one was for real, right? I think #3 could do that rejecting-hand-slap action just fine!

  11. Marv Watkins Post author

    "So many Melanias…so little time." – Donald John Trump, Sr.

  12. Stephen Key Post author

    Laura benanti/Christine baranski/random dude does NOT have a body double 🤣🤣🤣

  13. Gustav Gnöttgen Post author

    I guess I like to believe in this more convincing alternative facts.

  14. Edwina Gray Post author

    This was so dang funnee. Kudos to all, even for them it was hard not to laugh.

  15. Firstname Lastname Post author

    That kind of pretentious duck face has the potential to make me gay. Well played!

  16. Firstname Lastname Post author

    Now THAT was a true clown show!
    Almost as much as Trump's presidency.

  17. L. A. Gothro Post author

    Okay, she looks like Veronica Lake with too much makeup.

  18. Alfonso Garcia Post author

    I actually saw an eslovenian actress in a p*rnhub (MR) video looking exactly identical to the fake melania in this clip of colbert's. I was only navigating randomly in internet and I swear the ressemblance ended a few seconds after I finished watching the mentioned suspicious video. No one can ressemblance the first lady of present POTUS.
    I swear similitudes ended inmediately. She was not the fake malania.

  19. Michael Hood Post author

    Thats the Real President ok
    Guys 👹👹👹👹👹👹
    That other lady from Russia

  20. Tadashi Yasahiro Post author

    I burst out laughing at that third one 🤣🤣🤣


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