Mercury retrograde, explained WITHOUT astrology

By | August 15, 2019

You may have heard that Mercury is retrograde
again. But if you try to find out what that means,
search results are dominated by astrologers who believe Mercury can make you spill coffee
on your favorite shirt or cause your car to break down. But if you set aside all those creative interpretations,
there’s actually a real astronomical phenomenon underneath. So let’s start with the basic layout of
our solar system. The planets closest to the sun move faster
and the outer planets move slower, but they all go in the same direction. “Apparent retrograde motion” is when planets
appear to temporarily change the direction of their orbit. They don’t change direction, it just looks
that way from Earth. It’s an illusion that unfolds over a matter
of weeks or months. In this image, Mars was photographed every
5-7 days between October 2011 and July 2012. Once all the photos were combined by aligning
the stars in the background, it appears as though Mars looped back on itself before continuing
on its orbit. A retrograde illusion happens when we lap
an outer planet, like we do with Mars every 2 years, or when an inner planet laps Earth,
like Mercury does every 4 months or so. But for both Mercury and Venus, the illusion
is hard to actually capture since they’re located on Earth’s day side, not our night
side. When those planets are visible, it’s only right
around sunset and sunrise. But assuming you could see it, here’s a
diagram of how the Mercury retrograde illusion would work. This line shows our view of Mercury against
the background stars. As Mercury passes us by, our line of sight
shifts so that for about 3 weeks Mercury will appear to loop back on itself when viewed
from Earth. It’s simply a function of two objects orbiting
in the same direction at different speeds. If you stood on Mercury, you would see Earth
make an apparent loop too. I wanted to recreate this illusion on a tabletop
so I stuck a post-it note to the wall in the background to represent the fixed stars. I grabbed a ball of play-doh to be Mercury and my phone
camera is Earth. I took 10 photos of them orbiting in the same direction with Mercury
passing by Earth. If you simply view the images in sequence,
you don’t really see the loop, but remember, the illusion is relative to the background
of fixed stars. So once you line up the images so that that
post-it note star is fixed, the retrograde loop appears. Here’s another visualization of the retrograde
loop of Mars as Earth passes it. The bottom part shows the positions of the
planets and the top is the corresponding view of Mars from Earth. The key is to always remember that Earth is
moving too. So retrograde motion was baffling to early
astronomers who thought that Earth was stationary and at the center of the solar system. In the 2nd century, Ptolemy devised a complicated
system of loops and orbits within orbits to account for the apparent retrograde motion
of planets. That model was accepted for 1500 years because
it seemed to fit the observations, even though it was completely wrong. Once Copernicus showed that all the planets,
including Earth, move around the sun, then then retrograde motion was easily explained as
an illusion. So if there’s any life lessons to learn
from Mercury retrograde, it’s that we may be vulnerable to illusions
when we think everything revolves around us. It’s really frustrating how misleading the scale is on every illustration of the solar system So I feel compelled to point out that the real distance between Earth and Mercury, when those planets are closest together, is more than 6,000 times the diameter of Earth.

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  1. Capt Danvers Post author

    When Copernicus said the Earth wasn't the center of the universe he was actually murdered by the church.

  2. Ismael Soum Post author

    Or maybe the illusion is that everything does revolve around us, we just aren't seeing the full picture

  3. Mike JH Post author

    It has to be said, though, the man who really showed that the planets orbited the sun was Johannes Kepler. For some reason he's not as well known, but neither Copernicus or Galileo could get their Heliocentric systems to work properly because they both insisted that the orbits were circular. As a result, their predictions of planetary motion showed errors of a similar magnitude to those that had made them doubt the Ptolemaic system in the first place. Kepler was able to show that if you modelled the planetary orbits as ellipses rather than perfect circles, the errors disappeared.

  4. Dawn Tavish Flynn Post author

    This is the first straight answer I've been able to find that explains what "retrograde" actually means, so thanks

  5. Camila Ruiz Post author

    The ending phrase !!!!! Wow. I am now subscribed.

  6. kimberly miller Post author

    Bad things happen in retrograde because people think that bad things happen in retrograde. Your thoughts come back to you positive or negative.

  7. Diggity Daws Post author

    More videos like this please! (And less about identity politics…)

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  9. German Roads Post author

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    Sciancetists don't remind people that they can only access a smallish part of knowledge. They can't touch anything metaphysical so they try to find humor in that by discounting other sources of knowledge as invalid. "Creative" is also what the first person ever that indicated the moon and sun may have an influence on tides on Earth was called. Creative. lol

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    were not ready for time travel

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  33. LAB-Lil' Angry B!tch Post author

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    Is this right? Im pretty sure retrograde means it changes the direction that it rotates on it’s axis. Most planets turn counterclockwise and when retrograde it goes clockwise

  38. Mace Windu Post author

    Who doesn’t believe there is at least something behind astrology is pretty ignorant. we humans, during all ages, watched the stars and reoccurring patterns to draw conclusions to our own cycles. We simply don’t remember the archetypal origins

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    Oh, com'on! Mercury is retrograde because he is the messenger of the gods and has to go to and fro among the other planets. Duh!
    You are welcome.

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  46. III Post author

    ..since its just an illusion of reverse movement, not gravity or some other force, then why i run into people from my distant past every retrograde, or mail delayed, computer suddenly slow, but some positives too, anything re- tends to go well

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    …i get how the moon affects gravity pull and behavior here, but the mercury illusion wreak so much havoc, consistently, by just the appearance of reverse..and we aren't even observing it, so what is?

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  49. Kain. Post author

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  63. Alcocer Christian Post author

    Copernicus did not "show" the Earth orbits the Sun; he had a very strong theory that Galileo proved much later. (Galileo provided very strong evidence, based on his observations with recently-developed telescopes and his analysis.)


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