Mintaka Soul Realm – Love and Light.

By | August 15, 2019

hi there it’s Jo Muir the Soul Visionary
and I’m delighted to bring you another livestream today it is the public
holiday here in South Australia so enjoying the peace and quiet outside and
the beautiful sunshine spring is finally arriving so for all of those that are
going to jump on on the livestream today welcome and for those that are going to
listen to it later that’s all good – we’re keeping the
conversation open this week and to talk about like what does like mean for you
how can you bring in more light you know listen to Mintaka see how it resonates
for you at your heart and soul and even if we haven’t spent time in the realm of
Mintaka we can still as always tune into all of the soul realms that summon taka
is I say it in our solar plexus it’s like your bright full of sunshine your
power center for you to radiate out the light that you are so I hope that you’re
going to enjoy it today and I’m going to read from some of my notes so I’ll be
back and forth between the screens and then if people are jumping on we can
open up for questions and discussion and I did previously run around in Heydar a
couple of weeks ago I put out that we can do in QA wasn’t too much response on
that so I’m not going to offer that today but I would love to see more
questions and comments and discussion in the group I’m gonna continue doing these
live streams as long as we are engaging and it’s of use and and I’m helping you
to discover again discover the truth of who you are so without feedback and
comments I’m going to be stopping giving them so meet me halfway on this if you
please you know where I’m coming from on this so let’s get tucked into Mintaka
what does this mean so Mintaka is if you look at the statement it’s
like I am light and light as all there is I am here to bring light as the only
choice of creating life my video was on off and on okay as soon as I start
talking about frequency the video starts playing off typically so Metallica is
the third star up in Orion’s belt the planets that suffer is our two via so
that’s still worked out in astrology and that’s the energy that you bring forward
so you come the parent planet for Earth and you
carry a soul knowing that light is all that there is and you’ve come here to
reinstate that original knowledge that freebase through choice based only on
light is the purpose of life experience okay
so bringing forward that light that is what we’re about so you do not
understand negativity and the patterns for destruction and war and all of that
that goes on this world it is beyond your comprehension how people choose to
live through this and you just long for that like utopian paradise that existed
in them a darkened world where everything was like very wide eyed open
glass half-full light heart edge we seeing the light along with this can
come a level of night necked naivety especially in relationships around
destructive behavior occurring around you because you love to fix people
and we’re going to talk more about that a little bit later because that is the
massive challenge for Mintaka although they’re very only soul room that never
had an initial soul wound the sense of responsibility and wanting to help
others being drawn to it to dark energy to try and help and fix and save people
is a massive trait that I see time and time again through women and nine times
out of ten elements of head are Mintaka through lightworkers impasse all of that
so that’s why it’s a basis for a large part of the course than training that I
do on the 28 days course to go in deep understanding and what this is about and
and what we can do to restore our own source of love and light so we can stop
this desire and craving and cultural conditioning of wanting to be wanting
and needing to be needed the codependency traits that one through a
hundred percent of hey Dorian’s and when Tarkan’s and even if you’re not from
there we still run some of those elements that’s why I start with Mintaka
and Heydar because these are the two that the theme runs through the majority
of people that I work with okay so if I was if I su name some people that are
from intok I think Goldie Hawn meg Ryan Elvis Presley they sent blueprint
deliver as well you can always be or usually you are a combination of two
three even for the Soul realms and that’s what you can get us one Akashic
record to find what sense as you are and you know what the percentages are just a
measure of what the qualities of spirit are more predominant in your life and
what challenges are more predominant okay so it’s say we need to get out of
the linear thinking and the hundreds of centers of the universe it’s not how it
works so it’s just what comes forward to you so sip of tea so the the first group
of souls who came from in tobacco as long as go as 250,000 BC were going back
in time and they were the first group of souls that came forward to specifically
help after the blueprint groups had been here for a while so just to recap the
blueprint is all about how life is supposed to be lived with Lovejoy
connection abundance in all the magic jutsu and we have the deliverers and the
translators to spec set that energy in before the fool came and ends our whole
way of evolution in thinking and disconnections started to evolve as
humans and even in before human form as well so when Tolkien is the parent form
parent world of Earth and when Hopkins are hundred percent royalty light
they’re the only style system in in the realms that is not affected by darkness
and didn’t allow disruption to come in and for you to understand that you do
not need darkness to declare your true power of light okay so we’re going to
say that again you do not need to call in dark situations to prove and feel
that you are of light to shine the light on it okay you can just be of light you
need not to track the darkness in so this is really well depicted in the
third Harry Potter movie the Prisoner of Azkaban and you may recall you know with
a magic wand of the the little like the spider fear all
you know the the fears and they run the you know they run that the wand and it
was the abracadabra coulombs of ridiculous and they would they would
change the spider the big hairy spider to be skating on rollerskates everybody
started laughing completely picks up that energy so it’s
it’s understanding that you can bring in the light to dismiss those horrible
motions of fear by changing the the perceptions of those demon monsters into
a comical character and it’s a great way of bringing light to darkness and it’s a
great trick to you know allay the fears a little children with the monsters
under the bed you know see them and pick you know tongues picture them as
laughing clowns or fairy wings and all this kind of thing you can bring the
light to any scenario or situation or fear that you have and think of the you
know abracadabra ridiculous whatever words where to change that notion in a
moment so I love that visual to depict what the power of bringing the light is
and the proclamation that light is all there is was also meant to be the
foundation of life for here for all souls and we meant to expand our choice
for what would make create from life so when we live really living from that
connection to life it’s like what do I choose to create from the light in this
moment situation or relationship you know would shoot into a heart we get
connected into that all all that we are and all that is then make the decisions
it’s so so important to come into your heart rather than stay in your head to
make those key decisions as the same a 28-day cause really gives you the tools
to shift from here to here and an everyday living and giving you the tools
of understanding on how you can do that and bring that in so tapping into the
resources and when talk all sort all souls provides the freedom to choose to
create from light whenever we decide to so for mintakans is absolutely essential
to connect him to this light and bring that to the earth gonna bring forward
the happiness right nurse and the optician optimism
that you bring from in topic if there’s no as our planet needs all the love and
light it can get at the moment and you know things could be so much better here
and the thing is it’s for you to connect into to who you are first before you can
start bringing that to earth so when you forget that lighters all there is you go
in to fight for light fight for life mode all right and you feel responsible
for the fact that light isn’t the overriding power source
here on earth because you’ve been here for so long and it’s still not right and
you’re taking responsibility for that because you you cannot understand your
head around the choice for negativity so be aware of any naivety around that that
could lead to vulnerability and being taken advantage of you care your job is
to stay true to your light become straight wise become you know knowing
what’s going on out there and hold that little choice for light in your heart is
the only choice okay so simply holding onto that and living the knowledge that
all there is is light will be enough to start illuminating situations okay
so men Hawkins are very opening flowing spirits wide-eyed optimistic you don’t
have to succumb to the dullness of people around them or let around you or
let them take your light no matter how it feels that it isolates you it will
not serve your soul and spirit to become more like other so just that you fit in
at the level of darkness and flatness that they are in those moments we have
to make that choice that we want to be like them so that we think that they’re
going to like us more or do we want to be in our own power shining relatively
out on the light in in the in the knowingness that it’s not your job to
fix them it is your job to me it merely shine your light as radiantly as you can
to inspire them to turn their own lights on and I I use those fret those words so
often in my teachings because when we can let go of that responsibility and
find the freedom that we are here simply to inspire others to turn their only
some but it’s not our job to turn them on the sense of freedom or freedom that
is is immense and when you can radiate that pure light the universal lights
backs you supports you so free choice means that there are those who
deliberately chose darkness as their source for the illusion of power so
you’ve got to be true to your own internal barometer to know who shares
your choice for light and who doesn’t okay
and to say you naturally gravitate towards the darker characters with the
hope to illuminate them but not all are willing to receive it and remember
that’s their free choice they believe that being filled with darkness were
given that power they want and use threats creeds and control to feel more
powerful which is often the basis for real narcissistic relationships from
real in-depth codependency massive and in to find that freedom of soul level
understanding of freedom at soul level is huge so you can finally release
yourself from creating this relationships time and time again so
instead focusing or shining your light of joy ease and optimism so others are
inspired it’s being like that beacon forum embrance of the choice of life and
you can observe whether others choose to gravitate towards the light or not are
they most the flame or do they just you know want to go off in the darkness let
them okay it’s light magnifies light it will create more faith in the power of
light to bring our deepest soul purpose to fruition and darkness can only
destroy itself it cannot destroy light okay nighttime cannot put the
streetlight out the street light can shine through the darkness of the night
okay does matter how dark the night star gets it’s not going to turn the Sun out
the Sun from shining in the morning or the streetlight out in current so it can
only destroy itself so just to reiterate it’s it’s not from and hearkens to send
light out others in the hope of illuminating them it’s merely shiny
more brightly for themselves being that inspiration and with the knowledge that
that light is true power other people might try to take this from you so
you’ve got to be that strong in your stance of connection so all the
negativity will not affect you they can flex their own source of life light and
experience what they think they want from you if they choose it it’s not
feels to give to them and whilst you don’t understand their choice of
negativity it that could expose you to some vulnerability so when you come back
to holding light in your heart as the only choice to guide your life it will
simply emanate from you so if you find yourself in situations where you feel
others are draining or energy have that awareness of light within you and repel
any attempt to pull on your power we may observe others making self-destructive
choices in their lives we have to stand back it’s not our job to fix them this
is their path their choice their responsibility of how they live their
life okay we can say we can radiate light love and compassion but that’s
where it stops okay you can always present to another the option to find
their own light for them to consider and if they choose it they can immediately
radically change how they feel or consider other options decisions okay
it’s like a light switch when you walk into a dark room you press the light
switch on it illuminates the world it’s the same for you when you know how to
once you take the journey to Mintaka connect back into it you then know where
the light switches alright it’s not you searching around the dark for dimmer
switch and maybe I need to turn it on a little at a time and maybe it will ramp
it up plug in no power to charge your batteries okay I described on Tarkin’s
as lighthouses in case he imagines a beautiful firm base of a lighthouse you
know your salah is you want to shine your light but the lighthouse at the top
has a beautiful flame or light bulb these days obviously and around it it has glass windows LED
lights in and glass windows serve two purposes main two purposes one is to
stop all straw mature lashing at the rocks beneath the lighthouse from coming
in and putting that light out causing a power cut
you know it’s stopping that that the water from draining the lights source
energy and also the glass panels allows that bright light in the middle to shine
brighter and further out so as the light rotates in the lighthouse and it
captures or more like though if you think like almost like a diamond facet
of the LED lights on the lighthouse go and look a picture of one up afterwards
if you’re not sure what I mean it allows that light from inside as spinning to
catch on every facet off the light glass around it so the beam can be seen
for miles around for the ships coming in so men Tarkan’s want to be that beam of
light except they think oh let’s leave the glass panels out because then I’m
more accessible for others and I can go out there and fix them and you know they
can reach me more and you know I’m giving myself to others classic traits
of codependency classic you know for our cultural conditioning our human
conditioning what I give to others they do to me that fills me up I feel good
then I’m in service and I’ve done good in the world you can do that with your
glass panels in so that you are not continuously drained from other people’s
energies coming into you and washing you out trying to take your own source of
light and so that’s you have protection and a boundaries in place where you can
shine your light even further even brighter more radiant ly for all to see
rather than just a struggling little beam that comes on down again if you can
see and that’s a huge visual understanding of what meant Hawkins and
like and as I said that’s what we do in journey works what we do not 28 days of
course to really explore more of this like I’m talking more about codependents
here for the next couple of weeks so I have that’s a really good visual for you
on that so the meant are commissioned in this
lifetime is returned as well to the original blueprint it’s just a different
quality of spirit to the blueprint family and when I just as a reminder
when I talk about quality of the spirit is what our heart and soul really longed
for in this lifetime the love connection joy happiness abundance freedom this is
what our heart and soul really crave and yet it is so not what we are taught wait
you know the thing with all when we have this we can be happy when we do this we
can experience this which is you know if you’re here listening to this you know
the illusion of humanity so go back to the truth of who you are engage once
again learn how to connect him learn where your petrol pumps in the sky are
that you can tap in and fuel your own heart so that you can shine your light
radiantly out and even if you haven’t spent time in Mintaka you still need to
connect into your own parcels in your belly in your lower down tea and be your
own sunshine and learn how to radiate out that from that pure place a true
divine power and that’s what I’m here to help you with so you know when you can
understand what the mission is here on earth to live from this place of love
and light you connect into your love and light it just radiates out more so I
hope that that’s giving you some food for thought I realize there’s nobody on
the livestream I hope that you all are enjoying the beautiful sunshine of a
spring day here in Australia so if you have a chance to rewatch this replay and
you have this far please put some some feedback in the comments or any
questions that you have anything that’s that’s going on there and awesome just
join me thank you say hello who’s that I’m just finishing up now but you know
do do put some comments in there I’d love for the conversation to open up
towards light this week let go of being afraid
let go the fear of what people think you know if the people aren’t sayings we
really don’t know what to write simply write from your heart of what
being flight means to you because my job in this group is to hold the space for
you to explore hello Astrid thank you for being here my my job in this in this
group is to help you explore your thoughts your beliefs are you redirect
time and time again I don’t have hard a space for judgement I don’t I won’t have
that in my space and for you to feel safe and explore because if you can feel
safe to to bring yourself all in this group think how it’s going to stand you
in good stead for the rest of the world ok so I’m going to wrap up our talk on
Mintakans today and on the next livestream we’re going to do I’m actually going to talk a little bit more about my 28 day course because I’ve covered Hadar
and MIntaka over the last fortnight which has given you some insight into
codependency, and on the course the first seven to ten days really are
exploring that, as well as all of the other soul realms and bringing the
wisdom in and the experience of connecting into each and every one of
them. so I do hope that you’re able to join me for that either live or in for
the recording if your going to find out more about the 28-day course in advance
there is a webinar available which you’re more than welcome to look at and
I’ve put the link for that in in the comments so by all means have a look at
that the people in the group I am offering a discount $150 off so and I’m
also introducing making sure that I offer part payments as well
for this so I always have a look at that and there’s a page as well there for you
to find out more about that so until we meet again have an awesome day
namaste and I look forward to hearing your feedback and comments when you have
a chance watch this until next time namaste

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  1. Hunter Tangwall Post author

    Any advice on getting financially stable? I believe I am a blueprint keeper or translator or both, and I’m planning on creating pieces of work that explain the uses of all the sacred geometry and houses of the mind and everything I have learned so far on my journey. But I am currently in a financial situation that doesn’t suit me anymore, and I am ready for change. Any advice would be great ☮️☯️

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    Sounds like Michael Jacksons energy!! 💖🌞🌈

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    Hi, new here. I have an Al Hecka moon @ 24 degrees Gemini, which is 2 degrees away from Mintaka. Does that make me a cousin of the Mintakans?

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    Wow a really interesting and profound video. Thank you so much ! Is it possible that a Mintakan turns negative ? For example being born in a total dark family and being drained and abused over years- that one than looses a bit of the spark and gets pessimistic more? And it is possible to find the light again?

    The video fits me so much and I recently could connect so many dots which lead me to Mintaka. Namaste 🙏✨💕


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