Momma Cq part 11

By | March 7, 2020

Sans Squad- And im With Syd. and we are doing Momma Cq Part 11! after two or three months Yay, we’re finally doing and I also have a message for everybody try to cut down your Consuming uh consument. I don’t know try to eat nachos less because it can hurt you Nachos can be dangerous Yes nachos can be used as a weapon because I ever cut inside my mouth now because of a flippin nachos chip, so It hurts like heck and Am I allowed to say that Come on Error Seriously fresh Brah, it’s like I told you I can’t help that. Look. I’m honestly trying my best. I just don’t know What else do you expect me to do? How about you stop being a freak, come on leave him alone You know what no, I’m tired of his lies and lying about his lies and getting away with it all the funking time I Am sick of him He doesn’t care and all he does do is pretend and I can’t take his phony attitude Phony Error. I know I got any nerves but I don’t wanna lie to you Really I just I know everything I do basically bugs da hek out of ya. So I guess I just wanted to try to see if I could be considerate Though this I failed if that’s all you see. Sorry. I’ll try to be better if it helps. Okay, brah What Fresh! Bye guys, thanks for watching! XD Okay, this is a Undertale FanMade Comic by Alaina Prana i’ll leave links in description, yeah I can see like the ghost remains of the life. Okay? Fresh!, uh, he’s fine. He’s always fine. What is going on- M-mom.. Uhoh What on earth is going on you kids Doing, oh my god fresh. What the hell? How Could you he’s our brother why why I can’t you fresh Fresh honey, please. Wake up. Wake up fresh Huh, fresh Excuse me, uncle asy! Uncle Asy wait fresh is, geno, it’s okay. I know I’m gonna go see him first , okay? I’ll just be a couple minutes of quick, you know, it’ll be right out Good just wait here and then we can sit and talk all you want Geno I’m sorry, really? I didn’t. Hey you’re sorry Sorry, I don’t want you to tell me you’re always sorry to me go apologize to him You never even try to be nice when he’s trying all the time it’s not fair Why do you do this? He’s our brother. Can’t believe you Geno please Really? Sorry I Didn’t mean for this to happen Don’t touch me jerk I’m sick of this. I wish you were more like fresh. You’re just a big bully No, Error I did I Didn’t mean I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry Geno. whats-, Uncle Asy! He crashed I I’m so sorry I didn’t I didn’t mean I made him upset. I’m so sorry Geno gosh kiddo, come on. Let’s sit down we can talk about it. Okay It’s fresh. Okay, what’s Geno, he’s fine. All right He got a cracked school and lost some magic but other than giving us a good scare, he’s fine he should wake up soon really? yes really oh geno. Goodness you boys know how to scare me half to death hmm and how long has he been out was he that stressed a Few minutes. I’m starting to get a little worried Oh Error, it was my fault Are you going to tell me what happened? Hmm Sorry, uh is fresh, okay, he’s hurt but he could have been much worse am I understood? I um Yeah Mom, I really am sorry, I didn’t mean that I mean to Happen a really You’re still grounded yeah a geno? I’m still mad at you But you’re really sorry right I Didn’t want him to I didn’t want to really hurt him. He just he’s always okay I didn’t think he could be like, uh That makes no sense. I know he just he makes me so mad I’m sorry about the crash. Uh *creator gives up with captions and lets YouTube do rest of captions* yeah that I Still feel kind of weird and upset. I guess it was bad You were out for several minutes. It’s okay. So We’ll just make sure that doesn’t happen again, okay Yeah guess so Oh, what the heck hey sweetie mornin Sleeping Beauty gosht good to see you awake, you know Hey trash careful, how do you feel dizzy very dizzy It’s this painkiller Well could be the crack in your skull the what? Crash doc did arrow do this Yes, but please put your hands down I know what I’m doing now That doesn’t make me any less nervous You really pushed me. He could have hurt me bad or worse. Why did he do that? I mean I know why but why don’t make any darned sense? Brush, you know your brothers are outside. They’re pretty worried they Don’t make Gina wait they can come in it’s not like I mind Crash MA my glasses Did you bring a backup no, I’m sorry are you It’s fine MA inky broth can fix them up snow big Wake a Supra all right just awful busy Really I’ll be G no, bra something’s off I’m glad you’re okay Okay Err I knew you’d be fine. You’re always just fine. Everyone giving me a hard time just cuz you got hurt It’s not like I meant for you to get stuck in the frickin Hospital I’m sorry. Okay, k bro, I accept really. Yeah, you can uh Stop if you Gina We’re just happy you’re okay. I’ve never felt more lost in my entire life You okay you two are confusing the heck on me but I do appreciate all the support my boss Really so we’re all good, right? What’s with the stairs? Yo, that’s my shtick What a Fresh you’re Fresher My what wait my tooth is gone All right, oh my god, how much more do I have to apologize Knocked out my tooth. That was an adult tooth. How did you even okay. Okay. I’m sorry. I’m sorry He must have weak teeth that’s all brah the chances of you being able to knock that out Well, they’re not killing each other I’ll go tell the doctor he’s awake you two are in charge. Okay. Hey Gino something I’m fine. It’s all fine right on crazy Ducky you didn’t have to come all the way out here, but Mom said you were her if I wanted to make sure you were okay. I wanted to oh come on little bro No reason for the long face looks worse than it is Really yucky Deck I’m fine Y’all got that worried My uncle my Bo’s I get but really dick why cuz You’re my best friend Day he I can’t return debt I don’t care You practically a walk an experiment so Debt, that’s not normal. Neither. Am I? That’s what I mean Why do you suddenly care so much. I Don’t but this has been a weird day Even for me error hugged me as an apology but still and Best friend I can be an okay friend, I guess but a best friend I ain’t cut out for that I don’t have the capacity. I know that and I know you like hanging out to get out of folks place, but About what I know you don’t care what you still do all you can you’re always trying to be better Mom even lets us play together because she knows how careful you are and we can talk about fun things like your theories And figure out equations and listen to music Okay, okay, well I like hanging out too I just can’t be there like that that’s okay you Might change someday, even if I’m not here still I think I like to think we’ll always be besties You gotta be a little nuts I made you smile So when you get to go home, so when do you get to go home? Couple days, don’t worry, I won’t miss our next meeting Sorry I messed up but yep moving on too lazy to fix it When Friday they’re still fresh pass ink and errors inks Pastore Big Brother and interference that we still gotta do we could do those or we can keep doing a scarce and or Doing now is Reaper tail eat meat Now funny comics when someone starts a squid poori Oh, yeah, Leah In turn four looks like fun, maybe I’ll doing you in ranked you’re good for me When your team has the Rainmaker How it looks And how it feels but take the president at all costs I blame matchmaking It’s alright you win some you lose some whose fault is that we lost I Team octopus lost Alto Did you see the splatfest results team squid one Yeah, I did viola congrats on the winning, by the way. Thank you Hmm, you look upset Alto. Please tell me what’s wrong Does this mean that octolings aren’t welcome here after all why? It if what marina said about splat tech fest results becoming law is true Wouldn’t that just make my whole journey to here pointless Am I are we really free Come on out, so you’re worrying too much the splatfest was between those two ancient species not inkling an ox link specifically and Even if they become a law hardly anyone takes it seriously, we still drink orange juice that pulp after all You’re not gonna get arrested for that over a splatfest Really? We’re all here just to have some fun Please I Really don’t like seeing you like this. I want I don’t want you to have to feel so depressed Please understand this flat twist. This flat fest won’t change the fact that you’re welcome here, but Let’s just keep smiling. Let’s go turn us blacks, estiven. All right Thank You viola An ice-cream, nope, I hate sweet But you call me sweetheart do you hate me but no I didn’t mean that I I just don’t like sweets, but I don’t hate you This is true don’t laugh So try it you I said I hate sweet Really I don’t like But I love you You dirty brother killer Boy do I have a bone to pick with you it kept Anton not again You Oh, hey kid have a school hmm science fair, huh? What about it you Are my help, huh? Why not ask office Huh, all right, I suppose it won’t hurt But no models of the solar system or potato batteries or baking soda volcanoes Charles me frisk. Nothing is worse than the science fair of nothing but baking soda volcanoes it really blows if you ask me Now I’ve got a better idea And the second-place winner for this year’s science fair, frisk and their self-sustaining tornado project Great job frisk. I’m so proud It’s not a little dangerous. You could have taped two bottles together and it would still be safe fine easier Well, you know frisk is pretty adventurous They wouldn’t set over store-bought tornadoes, huh? Huh, but I guess song ends isn’t for everybody. Are you implying something? Oh, no, Helen, just that me my kid didn’t rely on Google to get on idea, but My son’s project did win, you know Lately Helen my word Hope you’re proud of yourself Colin I know you made that while Timmy was shoving his faithful potato chips in your cookie cutter our kid liberated entire civilization Well, Tim you aware. That was probably stuffing his face. He can’t zip up his own pants, but he made a volcano Here right. I’ll see you at the meeting Helen and leave your nasty gluten-free cookies at home. Nope Ain’t nobody you got a one does shit Oh wake up frisk You’ve enjoyed this world long enough. I’ve come to collect my deal Cara he sounds so doubtful was three years drilling enough for you to forget me It’s 10:30 p.m. And that is important because Never mind, it is a real Know as I was saying You can’t be Cara I see denial I Assure you I’m very real But you can’t be Cara do you wish to test that it will be my pleasure Sans help growing calling for help will achieve nothing Oh Seems like the Calvary has arrived Quorra. You’re the one who made frisk reset So I could I’m not taking any chances What do you think you’re doing Huh Geez what a temper Good thing of such a laid-back guy sans What As if I had only have one knife a gun Complaints eight Sam’s and now what good are you without that magic eye of yours Letter I can still do this and this hopes You pretty useless Oh, please You again Get off me nice job kid I didn’t even have to do anything Want to find out what Frist looks like with their next snap, uh Hey, let’s not be hasty here give me the knife we wouldn’t want anything untoward to happen would we Drop it and kick it over gently That’s the spirit Good See frisk, this is what happens when you call for help Since now look what you made me do You should probably just reset kid I’ll do better next time and why don’t we start off on a better foot too? Let’s not be difficult this time. Hmm What are you doing Calling for help calling my name what do you think you’re playing at? Fine it doesn’t matter Whoever you call or well call I will kill them they will die as easily as sans You’re alone in this I’ll keep going until you give me what I want. And if you don’t I will take it by force Frisk I just felt you reset twice what? What The fuck Who is this joker what are they doing here? How do you And why do they have my face why aren’t you possessing frisk None of your goddamn business, how personal can you get on the first date? More importantly, were you about to stab frisk? It’s nothing we haven’t done before Korra you asking for a knife to the face You You Stop fresco stab you You Don’t be a baby embrace the stab I don’t think so what Karma I’m not taking the stab Risk Are you kidding me again? Yes sans. You’re the best Wait, that’s not first two of You’re fine just hold that faker there for a moment so I can stab this says What are you doing a half occur? They tried to stab frisk No murder in the bedroom kiddo Just stay in there while the adults talk or something you’re such an irresponsible adult This song and dance again, yeah, no worries. You’ll get your turn to you You you You didn’t actually think that would work did you only two old Shump would fall for that? Hey you should tell about the sands He actually fell through that No wonder he hasn’t realized I’m the one who’s been trolling him on under net for the past two months. You’ve been what But moving on I’ve got a lot of questions for you like why you have my face Yes, I suppose I have my questions as well Great then it’s settled an information exchange in the same way my fans Don’t think I’m letting me to go anywhere alone after that display, of course not We’ll do it somewhere else what Alone you One-on-one you now let’s bounce. Oh, hang on just a moment. I’ll See you sands Whoa not catching them After last week’s in the Senate no way Besides my kid It’s Pappy’s cooking on a regular basis and asks for a second helping there’s no way an easily two-story fall is gonna kill them What is all this ruckus about Tory didn’t mean to wake you there I’ll leave me explain to you Santi coward And if you heard that part in the middle where you probably heard footsteps at our door opening or Laughing that was when my dad walked in and we were too far into the video from you Just be like, okay. Let’s just start over. No not doing that. So he just want to get some of my lotion And he’s looking at me like what the heck are you doing because I’m talking with sans voice And he’s just making fun of what I’m saying and he’s just not he just can’t he just start like he’s just laughing like So then I did the same thing because he was like, you know laughter is contagious So here’s nothing on there. He’s like said like what recording and he’s like just goes and he’s like What the heck are you doing? Like he was just repeating what I said in a deep voice So, yeah, that’s what happened before All right, and I think it’s it moral of this do not eat nachos Don’t get stabbed by knife My mouth still hurts what if nachos are knives Conspiracy theory not packet on this Okay guys thanks for watching you don’t forget to subscribe since quand else

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