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By | October 22, 2019

My son, Kristo,
was lured outside the house last year by a girl he’d been chatting to online. He was attacked by a gang of teens
who filmed it and shared the video via Snapchat. I’m here to share our story,
to help other parents so that you might know what to do and don’t do
if you’re faced with a similar situation. It was a Saturday afternoon. I knew my son had been
speaking to a girl online for a couple of months. They were friends and he’d told me that he was
going to go and meet her and go for a walk. But about two or three minutes later, he came rushing back in
and went straight up to his room. As soon as I saw him, he was covered in blood. It was quite, yeah, horrific for a parent
to see their son or daughter look like that. And you can imagine as a parent,
I was totally shocked and actually, I felt rage at the beginning. Someone sent him a message,
a Snapchat message, a video on Snapchat and it featured
the attack that had happened on him. And the video went viral. We didn’t report the videos to Snapchat
immediately at least. We didn’t know how and what would happen
if we did report those videos to Snapchat. So that’s something, yeah,
that in hindsight I realise I should have done. When the NSPCC got involved,
the advice that we got really was highly useful. I was able to see things from a different angle. Sometimes it’s best to leave things to the experts
rather than to decide what to do yourself. Fortunately for me,
he was very relaxed about it. He’s just focusing on his studies and sports,
and on life and that’s great to see. He really is a role model. Here’s some things that you can do if you’re faced
with a similar situation to the one that we were in. If you see a video of a child being bullied
or if it’s a video of your child online, don’t share it. Please report it to the platform involved. They’re normally really good
at taking these things offline. If you’re not sure what to do
or need some advice, please call our helpline. Remind your children that Childline
is always there if they need to talk to someone.

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