Mysterious Anti-Gravity Rock – Cigar Shaped Alien UFO Found?

By | August 29, 2019

Hey guys, today I am exploring some very remote
parts of South India, and I was told there is a very interesting object called Vandi
Paarai in this area, which has many mysteries attached to it. I can tell right away that
there is something special about this, today’s experts think they can explain everything,
but India is full of unexplainable rocks like this.
At first look, you feel right away that there is something strange about this rock. This
is because your mind instinctively knows that rocks don’t stand like this in nature. This
is true, the rock looks like it defies the law of gravity, like an anti-gravity device.
The back portion of the vimana is not supported with anything below, it is actually hanging
in midair. This entire rock is about 30 feet long, but look how nearly 20 feet of it is
hanging without any support. This is not normal, What do I mean by that? To balance any elongated
object, the support must be in the center, because that’s where the center of gravity
lies. If the support is not in the middle, it will not be able to balance like this,
it will just fall down. But here the rock is not supported it the center, it is literally
hanging on one end, so how is to able to balance like this? And look at the supporting area
on the ground, it is standing precariously on 2 small points on the rock bed below. You
may think this is all natural but it is not. Look carefully, there are even a few steps
carved underneath this rock. I looked to see if there is something underneath the rock.
There is some discoloration indicating there may have been some heat treatment underneath
the rock. Now what does the term Vandi Paarai mean?
In Tamil language, it actually means a Rock Vehicle. Locals call it by this name because
they claim that this is not a rock, but an actual vehicle which came from the sky. Could
this elongated rock be some kind of an alien vehicle? I mean this local story sounds crazy,
but recently something similar happened in space which is crazier. In 2017, a mysterious
interstellar object appeared in our solar system. This weird thing has been named ‘Oumuamua’.
Scientists at NASA initially thought this elongated, cigar shaped object was a comet.
However, later they realized it does not behave like a comet, so they reclassified this as
an asteroid. But then something strange happened, this object which just looks almost like a
regular stone, started increasing in speed – it began accelerating like a vehicle and
sped away from earth. As of today, scientists are not sure what this actually is. Is it
possible that this is an alien spacecraft? How else can it accelerate like a vehicle?
Do you know we are coming up with a new technology called “Light Sail”? With this technology,
we would be able to do space travel simply by capturing light from the sun and other
stars. Is Oumuamua an alien craft which uses Light Sail Technology?
More importantly is this Vandi Paarai somehow related to this interstellar object? Both
the shapes are eerily similar, somewhat resembling a cigar shaped Spaceship. This rock does look
like an airship, perhaps this is why it is called a Rock vehicle.
Now, look at the color of the rocks around. Everything else is almost completely white,
and we can tell it has been clearly worked on. However the vandi paarai is reddish brown,
in color. So what does it mean? It means that it was moved here from somewhere else. But
moving a rock of such a size would be impossible. You may have not fully understood the monstrosity
of its size, but you can understand it when you compare it with me. This rock is 30 feet
long, 10 feet tall and weighs at least 200 tons. It is not only impossible to move it
in ancient times, but even today, such a feat would be impossible without machines. Is this
a model of some kind of a mother ship which brought the Aliens here? Was the model left
here for memory or a clue of what happened in the distant past? What about the hollow
at the bottom, which is completely covered in green water? The hollow has been clearly
carved by artificial means. What could have been the purpose of this?
While experts claim they can explain everything, our planet is still full of unexplained mysteries.
Did you know we are witnessing more and more of these cigar shaped UFOs? With the advent
of cell phone cameras, we are able to capture more and more footage of these elongated flying
objects. What are they? Are they alien vehicles? Scientists are now baffled even by natural
phenomena. Here is a a time lapse shot of a cigar shaped cloud. It looks like a regular
cloud, but while the clouds around it are moving, this elongated cloud does not move
at all. Some have even speculated that there could be a cigar shaped UFO hiding beneath
it. Why do we understand so little about these
seemingly natural occurrences? Are all these things mere coincidences, or are they somehow
connected to this Cigar shaped Rock? Please let me know your thoughts in the comments
section, I am Praveen Mohan, thanks a lot for watching, don’t forget to subscribe and
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    How deep is this hole? Maybe there is more mystery? If somehow you remove the water from it, there might be something interesting in that pit.

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  8. abhijit juvekar Post author

    I recently visited Mahabalipuram, Tamil nadu. There you can see a giant stone called 'Krishna's butterball' which is also delicately balanced on an inclined slope.

  9. Seema Bisht Post author

    I am ur follower
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    Right on the top there is the entrace to the craft

  17. lovin george Post author

    Hey boss, don't blame anything odd or immediately unexplainable on the aliens. Just appreciate the beauty and thank your good fortune that you were able to experience it first hand while many people like us just sit and watch it on you tube. You shouldn't be paranoid like the americans believing aliens are coming to get them as depicted in their silly movies but fun to watch though.

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  20. Ron Ptaszek Post author

    As Flannel Surfer notes, it is a center of gravity thing. No mystery there. What IS intriguing is the precision balancing on top of the strata. It looks similar to what one might have in manufacturing where there are mounting points, sometimes referred to individually as a "boss". It has the appearance of, to me, being expertly placed. If so that would be quite tricky indeed.

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    I saw a cigar shaped ufo come out of a cloud and move to another cloud. I watched the cloud it went into for about thirty minutes as it drifted away very slow and the thing never came out. It was about 200 feet across and looked bronze color. If you stick out your index finger horizontal in front of your eyes this was the shape of it and it flew horizontal. I could see 4 sides of it front, bottom, side and back and did not see and intake or exhaust nor any visible windows.

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  28. N V Kotian Post author

    On careful observation right hand side of the Rock is heavier and bulkier. Hence it can easily bear the weight of other end. There is no miracle or extra terrestrial in that.
    Coming to your other point, the extra terrestrial rock called Omuamua is actually the asteroid type rocky object which some how it's original orbit and got interstellar orbit.
    Case closed.
    However, as for your other videos it is worth appreciating. Keep it up.

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