“Natural Vs Functional” Benefic and Malefic in Vedic astrology

By | August 20, 2019

in last video we discussed about the
polarities of planet how this positivity of jupiter is balanced by the negativity
of saturn how Mars and Venus balance out each other and what are the other
polarities in the planets in today’s video we are going to talk about the
natural vs. functional benefit and malefic coming up Namaste and welcome to
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one in this video we are going to talk about the natural versus functional
benefit and malefic let’s look at the list of the benefits and the malefics
these are the natural benefits and the natural malefics
benefits are Jupiter Venus waxing moon and Mercury of conjunct with any of this
and for malefic Saturn Mars Rahu Ketu and reigning Moon and Sun and mercury
conjunct with any of these becomes the malefic okay these are the natural
benefit or natural malefic planets but what is functional benefit and
functional malefic okay for that we need to know the rulership of the planets the
natural benefit are the planets which rule the 1st 5th and 9th house of
horoscope any of these herbs not these three offices any of this house becomes
the natural benefit for that lagna these functional benefits or malefics are for
the particular Laguna’s okay if any planet is ruling house
number one house number five or house number nine for that particular lagna it
becomes the functional benefit for that lagna a planet is ruling any other house
apart from one five nine or it is ruling the dostana house like six eight or
twelve becomes the functional malefic for that lagna here is a catch
what if natural malefic is ruling one five nine four particular learner’s
guess what that natural malefic planet becomes functional benefit planet now it
will give good results for that like now and what if the natural benefit planet
is ruling the houses apart from one five nine or may be ruling the distal houses
then that natural benefit planet will become the functional malefic planet for
that leg now we are going to look into this with an example let’s take Taurus
ascendant as an example okay so Taurus has first houses Taurus v
houses mercury Virgo and tenth houses Capricorn okay so for Taurus ascendant
Saturn is a natural malefic planet that becomes the functional benefit planet
why because it is ruling the house nine for that lagna okay
let’s take an example of the Pisces ascendant for Pisces ascendant the first
house is Pisces fifth house is cancer and eighth house II or sorry
nine thousand Mars okay so Mars though it is
natural malefic becomes functional benefit for this lagna and the Venus
which is the most natural benefit planet becomes the functional malefic planet
for that like now because the eight house is ruled by the Venus in Pisces as
the ascendant ok so yes let’s summarize this there are two groups of planets
benefit and malefic you know the list of benefits you know the list of malefic
but the twist is the house is ruled by one five nine for any lega becomes the
natural benefit becomes the functional benefit not natural benefit I’m sorry
becomes the functional benefit forget about its natural signification
if it is naturally malefic and it is ruling one five nine houses boom it
becomes natural benefit for you and if natural benefit is ruling in some other
houses apart from one for neck I’m so sorry it becomes functional benefit for
you okay this was natural vs. functional benefit
and malefic planets for you as much as I could grasp hold and share with you guys
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love and peace yes natural benefit becomes functional
malefic natural malefic becomes functional benefit Wow beautiful love
and peace you

12 thoughts on ““Natural Vs Functional” Benefic and Malefic in Vedic astrology

  1. Pramanik Astrology Channel (PRA) Post author

    Vibrate Higher become Your True-Self
    Love and Peace
    Prasad Mahajani

  2. soumo Choudhury Post author

    does it give good result when venus rahu conjunct in 10th house libra ascendent leo rasi

  3. prince of kv hebbal 1993-94 Post author

    Prasad ji, what about Saturn, in case of, virgo ascd. It is ruler of 5th h, hence functional benific, at the same time also ruler of 6th house, i.e. dusthana, hence, as per you, it will be functional malefic also, so, what will Saturn be ultimately, for this native, in this case, pls reply imperatively, as I am an ardent supporter / fan of your channel. people are watching…?

  4. vlad_the_implae_her Cunnilugis master Post author

    What about waning moon sir. Is this consider a malefic. Also if it rules a malfiec house let's just say virgo rising ,11th Lord

  5. Dongadoball Dongadoball Post author

    Waning moon is a natrual benfic or natrual malefic sir? ?. And what about 11th house lord, Would that be a malefic house as well since its 12th from the 12th?

  6. Dongadoball Dongadoball Post author

    Mecury is a netrual.. It acts as a malefic if conjuct or benific when modified

  7. Mangesh K Post author

    Sir,please clear doubt,
    If a natural benefic planet, for a native is a functional malefic,for ex. Jupiter is a functional malefic for Taurus lagna,then how will you consider its effects during transit through positive houses like 7,9,11 from moon?

  8. Sagardweep Biswas Post author

    if a functional malefic planet situated in its own house what type of result it will give regarding to that house? say in aries ascendant venus in libra 7 th house.
    And if a functional benefice planet placed in its enemy house so will that house give good result?? say Jupiter in libra

  9. abhilash senapati Post author

    Dear sir I have Libra ascendant Mars in Seventh house in 7 th house in bharani naxatra at 19degrees 04' 13" and Jupiter is in cancer in 10th house in punarvasu naxatra at 2degrees 32' 28".
    Being the malefic for this ascendant Pls enlighten


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