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Welcome back. This is the new moon in Capricorn Happy holidays reading pick a card this time. I know some of you love the pick a card So for the holidays, we’re gonna do a pick a card So the new moon in Capricorn I believe is on the 24th of December So we’re going to hit the holidays with this new moon. It’s going to be really really nice It’s a really nice new moon. Actually, really nice energy nice aspects and I hope you all have a beautiful holiday Happy Holidays to everybody and have a safe Christmas and New Year over the holidays if you’re moving around traveling doing something Celebrating or just chilling and having a really lovely time I am very busy at the moment with the mediumship Academy, so if you’d like to join the mediumship Academy moving into 2020 we’re going to be working also in collaboration with the police and doing some cold cases assisting the police police police with some cold cases and if you have any cold cases or any Anything you would like my mediumship Academy the u.s. Mediumship Academy to look at you’re welcome to send it through also You you’re welcome to join the mediumship Academy as well and join and be part of it So I you know can join at any time So, let’s have a look also my cards are available All the links are here below also readings for 20/20 special readings Offering $49 readings for your 2020 2020 forecast by month Ok, so we’re going to start off with Amira’s love oracle cards I’m gonna do I think three piles I’m gonna just Freestyle here and see what comes up. I am tip they are telling me to do four. So, okay Let’s see how we go with the cut Okay, so we’ve got four all right, so tune in one two three or four for picket card and This is using your freewill to decipher What you’d like, you know what you’d like to tune into and resonate with and Some people also like to watch the whole video because they often resonate with a whole all of the messages In the video. Okay, so I’m going to cut these as well. I’m gonna do the taro as well and So we’ve got Some different things to work with if you like these Globes these globes are available. There’s a link here below for the Globes I really like these globes. I’m going to get a new one for next year Okay So new moon in Capricorn happy holiday reading 2019 closing out the year in December Okay, so for those who pick number one Okay feeling restricted I Always read them up right because I don’t shuffle them From an upright position to begin with so feeling restricted the nine of swords Let’s see what that’s about. Okay So putting these ones on the sides that’s number four number three and number two on the side and We will have a look at the oracle. Okay? Mature woman this is you if you are a mature woman or somebody coming around you Who is has a mature energy? It can also say the time is right. The maturity is right Either feeling is right at the moment or right are IPE For something to happen. This could be a dynamic with families with a young female you could be the mature woman and have the young female around you could be a daughter a teenager or you could actually be the teenager or the young person and Have this mother figure around you who might be trying to control you or you trying to control them? Or there’s some sort of power and control struggle with you this could also Excuse me, if that’s not the case, it could be taking back your power and control regarding, you know getting more of your own sense of self and also getting your own sense of style back the courting man man-about-town Feeling like maybe he’s gone AWOL, you know, maybe he’s gone, you know somewhere and you don’t know where he’s gone He’s a loose cannon. I just feel like this guy could be You know a question mark around him like who is he? Where is he gone? Is he a loose cannon? He’s not there maybe he’s not he is or he isn’t being supportive but Something’s coming up sort of with him He might be the one coming back to control the situation or to bring a balance back into the situation if he has gone somewhere If you don’t know who this man is Could be a man coming into your life who wears a business suit or a uniform to work. Oh, dear Okay, so we’ve got more swords here So there’s something here with the number one vibration, okay, so you might feel deceived by somebody it could be a teenager at somebody else’s teenage daughter if you’re in a mixed marriage with somebody else who has Teenagers around them. It could be that you know, you feel deceived by this person, but your hands are tied It’s not like you can go anywhere or do anything else the the relationship though looks strong and looks like it’s coming together and it’s strong and it has Something there that is going to give you something there is an offer there. So this person seems to be coming forward there seems to be a have been some stress or strife around the situation or the Relationship so there could be external. It could be due to this person’s work there might have been deployed if they’re in the military or they could be traveling over the holidays or there could be just Have gone off the rails somehow. That’s what I’m getting with this courting man. He might have gone off the rails I feel like he said he could have been a bit of a loose cannon He might be just overworking. He could be traveling for work. He could be a pilot He might not be Toeing the line as what I’m being told so if you’re trying to control this man it’s not working so maybe let let go of control and Power and just see what he actually does see what he comes back with maybe completely just ignore him and get on with what you need to do for yourself the magician and The knight of cups somebody coming in so if it’s not him, it’s somebody coming in offering you a partnership of balance Giving you their cup their cup of love that they’re making an offer could also be a cancer Scorpio Pisces If you are a male then you could be the one in the dynamic here with these women around you Okay could be a young female and a mature woman. All right, it could be people that you know family men. This could be lovers wives girlfriends Anything like that Okay So I hope that resonates number one that was a little bit. I’m you know unconventional So let’s have a look at number two number two Twin flame very nice highest level of relationship co-creating at its finest feeling like you might have your twin flame around you or You might be trying to bring in the twin flame through your work You might be channeling your twin flame. If you’re working in the esoteric arts. You might be working with your twin flame and spirit You might meet your twin flame or a twin flame energy or somebody that you think is a twin flame through your work You might be shy around them. It could be your boss. It could be somebody in authority It could be the ice king entrepreneur father figure somebody in authority You could be the ice king if you are a male who is an entrepreneur There is money there sharing finances underneath we have balancing money finances and The page of cups, there could be also a pregnancy and offer Somebody coming forward offering you a new job. This could be a new job opportunity coming in here with the Ice King So it’s especially because we’ve got the money okay with the six of Pentacles and the page of Rods could be a Sagittarius Leo Aries or it could involve Traveling or starting off something quite new and adventurous a totally new sort of like Situation the The wallflower is telling you to be up to your Full potential to look after yourself your health your wellness your fitness your your look your grooming The way that you’re presenting yourself to others looking at best feeling a best stepping out in your best way and That will create the energy you need to build up the momentum for this thing that you’re going to be working on and I feel like you could get offered a new position or a new job or a New role coming into the new years. It’s not that it could be a new relationship a new position of some description a new relationship And if you’re already in a relationship, you’re already in a job as it is a general reading then it could be you know a child coming into your life a new child and you a new baby a new venture a new Project that you’re looking at number two, but it is nice and it’s something feels to me like it’s something quite serious Serious action. Yeah action and energy Okay, so let’s have a look at number three Number three Young male whizzing into your life somebody young somebody into sports automobiles cars Somebody up to the age of twenty nine Could be you if you are the young male, you’ve got the fair male as well So that can be the same person somebody Farish for their cultural background lightish or wheatish if they’re East Indian If they’re caucasian Then they’re going to be fairer than darker with maybe like colored eyes or like colored hair if they’re African origin They’re going to be lighter than darker. You’ve got an engagement here somebody whizzing him with an engagement number three or a marriage offer To Jim potentials or somebody who’s valuable somebody who adds value to your life Giving you a commitment ring giving you an engagement ring giving you a wedding ring Something coming quite quickly and light and breezy is what I’m getting with this Whole feeling with a young male a light and breezy energy. He doesn’t have any worries. He’s just he’s just going for it and That could be you as well Young if you are the young male, you might be just going. Okay, let’s just get the, you know, get things moving and You could be really finding somebody that you really adore and that you’re really in a great Alignment with in relationship with who’s who’s a true gem potential? seven of swords is like a you know, it’s like Attempting something designing something creating something taking off in this direction You know it’s moving on for you know moving forward it’s an action an action momentum and Then we have this beautiful Ten. Sorry nine of Pentacles sitting in your finery Somebody who has everything they want to need also very lucrative abundant appearance looking beautiful Sitting in your finery having everything that you want to need For those of you who are looking for somebody to marry you could just come across the perfect person to marry and they could have everything that they That they that you need and that they need Okay, then underneath we’ve got the knight of swords you could get Some of you on number three here You could get a surprise proposal over the holidays could be a Christmas New Year proposal could be a sudden proposal there’s the Knight of swords is often something that happens very very fast So there’s speed involved here. So it could be a quick engagement a snap decision a surprise engagement something that just comes about really quickly and I’m kind of getting a momentum here with something rolling really quickly like Things are just speeding up and roll moving forward in a very Very good dynamic with this connection relationship contract situation arrangement marriage So it’s looking really good I really like that number three out, I think we need to go any further with that one That’s pretty self-explanatory there and there and then okay, so let’s have a look at number four Okay number four mature man true love Obstacles and short term. Okay, so the clock’s ticking because it’s an open relationship Underneath Yeah, the clock’s ticking because it’s an open relationship. This man might be trying to groom you orchestrate The way that he wants the relationship to he might not even be available he could actually be Secretly married to somebody else or involved and you might find out about it if you are Dealing with a mature man somebody mature for their age not necessarily mature in age It could be that you’ve been dating this person Or you could be the mature man dating somebody and it could be over and out really quickly like just a really quick Dating situation you might feel like at first this person is a potential for a true love But then it just causes too many obstacles Okay, there’s too many obstacles there for it to move forward and one of the two parties is looking in a different direction They’re not really being authentic about anything Underneath we’ve got your cup here. This is your beautiful cup ace of cups This is your heart your hearts But you’re putting your heart out there and one of you might be putting your heart out there too much. It could be that you’re exposing your vulnerability too much too soon and It’s not a good idea to do that The mature man could be if you are dealing with a male could be calculating. He could be thinking contemplating calculating trying to groom you for something so just be just be careful because I don’t feel like he is the one and it’s going to be over and out really quickly You might need to visit that you know visit this person just for a Rick like Check him out. You might want to check him out because you feel that you need to and For some of you who do want to have a quick fling with him. Then the the fling is available. It’s there and it’s available but to move forward with this person, I feel like there’s too many obstacles around them and I’ve let’s see what these obstacles are It’s somebody else that he’s supporting he sees it he’s looking after another female. I think that was the other dick that I pulled Sorry, that was the wrong dick That was the wrong dick Let’s say this is your dick here with a cap on me Okay. So what are the obstacles distance? He has a hot temper. I Feel as well this distance you’ve been guided here to understand you’re going to be shown What this person is actually about He could have a hot temper It could be a distance situation could be a long distance relationship and it’s just not worth it not worth the work too many things up in the air too many obstacles and unknown things that are hard to decipher hard to pin down confuse confusing and Some sort of disillusion with this mail. Okay. I feel like number four really needs this clarity with these extra cards I’m gonna just read Shuffle the Oracle and just see what else you’ve got around the corner and once you kind of get rid of this guy if or if you are the man you might be getting rid of another male or You could be Having a fling and getting rid of a female She might be having too many obstacles around her due to distance and everything else. So let’s have a look and see She might even have another male around her if you are a male a younger male, she might have a page of swords around her Gemini Libra Aquarius, okay So what else do we need to know for number four around the corner to give you some sort of indication on? After you finish with this Short-term situation with the obstacle. Okay, you’re going to work on something working on yourself Working on something new working on having more fun working on your children working on having a child working on Having a new looking at the world through childlike eyes So having a new vision about your future So you might have to rewrite the script she’s got a pen in her hand Rewrite the script rewrite how you want it to go and You’re the one that’s in charge of it. You’re thinking about it. So rewrite the script The children are here that you’ve also got three You know potentially a third party interference could be children interference as well on the other side with this person, so lots of blessings number four and all of the different selections and thank you so much for subscribing liking and sharing commenting below and Lots of blessings to you all and have a beautiful holiday reach out if you would like to You know have a special request about those specific reading or this or that and I’ll see what I can do moving into 2020 Happy New Year, Happy Holidays everybody ciao for now


  1. Green 83 Post author

    Pile One – 3:28
    Pile Two – 8:03
    Pile Three – 10:48
    Pile Four – 14:00

    Happy Holidays Amira!??

  2. Sharon Margaret Stewart Post author

    Thanks Amira I picked pile 2, have a wonderful Christmas and all the best for 2020,bless you ❤️????☀️

  3. M J Pek Post author

    Amira! You hit the nail on the head with #1. I came to you for some clarity. My ex has just returned from abroad – he was abroad trying to get a job for a year and a half and thinks he can casually hit me up now that he’s back again – whenever suits him! He is a loose cannon, we’ve had an on-off unpredictable relationship for years. I’m not his mother and I cant make him grow up. I am ignoring him and will continue. Thanks!

  4. Eric Watkins Post author

    Thank you amira celon i picked number 2. And like always you was spot on. I hope you and your family have a wonderful holiday.

  5. Eric Watkins Post author

    And bless your ❤ for helping the police department. There are so many. Wonderful families who do need closure for there loved ones. Best wishes.

  6. angela endicott Post author

    Thank you so much amira, all of it resonated and it all had some pretty positive advice.


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