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Waddup, humans? Kurumi here! And welcome to Mobile Legends: What’s new? In this video, we are going to show you our
draw for Odette’s new Zodiac skin, Virgo. To explain ideally, you can get this skin
spending between 400 and 2000 diamonds. The chances of getting it really depends on
your luck. And again, IT DEPENDS ON YOUR LUCK! But so far on our Zodiac draws, we only get
Zodiac skins on an average of 1200 to 1400 diamonds. Some are lucky to get it in 1200 diamonds
or below. We really hope to show you how much we have
spent for this event, but unfortunately, this event gives bonus
10 Star Power for every Zodiac skin we own. So far, we own more than 6 Zodiac skins, that’s
why we have 60 bonus Star Power as a headstart. So, let’s just assume that the diamonds needed
to get this skin, is two and a half times of what we will be
spending now. Getting that would tell us the average of
the total cost to get this skin. On our previous draws, we were able to spend
680 diamonds to get Zhask’s, Selena’s, and Badang’s skin. Let’s hope we get it lower than 680 diamonds
this time. Okay, so let’s begin. Every draw, I really don’t expect much prizes. The only useful prize in my opinion are the
Rare Skin Fragments, the Magic Wheel Spin, and the Tickets. This actually explains why I have an amazing
amount of Rare Skin Fragments and Tickets. Well anyway, it says on the details of this
event that there is a chance to get the skin, even without completing the 100 Star Power. But so far, in all our Zodiac draws, we haven’t
got a Zodiac skin without completing the StarPower yet. So, here we are, completing the Star Power to get this precious Odette skin. Here, we already spent 700 diamonds so far. Since we only need a few Star Power, I just
rolled 1 time rolls instead of 5 times. We will be using our in-stock Fortune Meteorite
to draw for us, to avoid spending diamonds. And here we are, finally, we got the skin! We spent 720 diamonds in total, but it’s because
we have a headstart of 60 Star Power. So, assuming that we need to fill in the 40
remaining Star Power, let’s just multiply the diamonds we spent
by two and a half. So, doing the math, we will be spending an
average of 1800 diamonds in total. This is actually SUPER EXPENSIVE. But don’t worry, some actually gets a Zodiac
skin within 1000 up to 1600 diamonds. It really depends on your luck. All in all, it’s still up to you if you are
going to spend money on this or not. Never ever do something illegal just to gain
money to buy diamonds. You never want to be in jail, do you? Why not just wash the car of your neighbors
and ask for money? But never hurt your neighbors, please. If you guys also tried the the Zodiac draw,
let us know in the comments section! For our skin giveaway events, check out the
mechanics in our Community Tab on YouTube. We have our ko-fi account just in case you
want to donate us some coffee funds. Check our ko-fi link on the description of
this video. See you on the next Mobile Legends What’s
New?! Cheers!


  1. Smudge TheCat Post author

    Send me skin leomord phantom knight
    I'd -240301196
    If you don't give me I'm gonna kill your rabbit

  2. Ysniel _ Post author

    And here i am BEGGING my family for lunox zodiac lmao

  3. Valerie Panganiban Post author

    I'm just here to stare at this skin…. :<

  4. Rifhan Nizam Post author

    Love your odette new build…i hope we have more tutorial for odette

  5. Tatsuya Satoru Post author

    Why don't u wait for this skin before bootcamp
    Or u wanna do another bootcamp(˵ ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°˵)

  6. Mohammad Hyatt Bani Post author

    owh,i wish i have an odette zodiac skin,because i'm practicing odette now and i'm a mage user.but the only i can afford is the butterfly goddess atleast.but i can't move on.

  7. Swan Gaming Post author

    I spent 1200 diamond.. + 27 zodiac stone.. I think

  8. Karl Fernandez Post author

    She surprisingly looks human rather than some sort of humanoid alien. Like Pisces.

  9. Karl Fernandez Post author

    I aint giving you coffee but im giving you some coffe

  10. RXZFD GAMING Post author

    Wow..nice skin i love you channel?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  11. Odette Gaming Post author

    I got it for 1400 dias having free 5 spins first

  12. Downey K Buongpui Post author

    It's too expensive… We earn rs450 in one day working hard labour… And that can recharge only 250 diamonds… How can i get 1200 diamond?

  13. Rasetsu Bass Post author

    this is what I hate about Moontoon. they are so fucking greedy with their lottery schemes!

  14. elanie reyes Post author

    Sir pwede Penge po ako ng diamonds 3k gusto ko rin makuha ng oddette zodiac skin ID;262300454 IGN:Rhona Mhe 24

  15. λυяσяα βαβε Post author

    I did 71 summon with 700 diamonds and im gonna get it with $25

  16. Jia Lisbeth R. Claroniño Post author

    guys…..base on your video and Mobile Legends,I'm really confused right now……will you help me? I don't know where to use 1k+ diamonds…..KOF Bingo or Odette Virgo…….In Zodiac,Odette's Virgo is pretty cute but I don't know if I will be satisfied with the other rewards and…..what if I spent 2k? In KOF Bingo,I will get an Epic Skin……but I DON'T KNOW WHAT EPIC SKIN I WILL GET.WHAT IF I GET AN EPIC SKIN OF A HERO I DON'T USE???? That's the thing…….I'm confused……Help me,please T_T

  17. Mark Crisostomo Post author

    I want that skin.. Please
    Ml name: markpartyanimal

  18. Mark Crisostomo Post author

    I want that skin please because i am odette user.. More than 1000 diamonds i bought in zodiac summon
    Ml name:markpartyanimal

  19. Erwin Buntod Post author

    my first zodiac skin is martis, for only 1200+ everytime i draw 5x always get 6.7.8 star power and rarely only 5 star power, i knew this technique that i also apply in lucky spin,and magic whell thats why most of my skin is free, i got 90 skin i only buy 10 skin so far

  20. Dreanet Rob Post author

    I… actually love the other green skin of hers. Lmao

  21. Hanna Louise Llanes Post author

    I want Odette zodiac skin!!
    But sadly I don't have diamonds ?

  22. Ser Archiebald Dela Cruz Post author

    I really love the Virgo zodiac skin foR Odette because my zodiac sign is Virgo too, I hope you can give me this special skin as a birthday gift on sept. 9
    ID – 481094943 / Sappirus VirgOX
    Thanks ToYM traveller ???

  23. Adik sa ML Post author


    -Ty Done Sub Like. 🙂

  24. blah blah Post author

    Im planning to buy this skinnn, shizz im so excitedd

  25. AncientMonolith - EBG Post author

    FINALLY I GOT ALL OF ODETTE'S SKIN Normal, Special, Special, Epic and ZODIAC… The feeling of getting all of it is so Satisfyingyy

    Odette Main: 574 matches 74% Wr

  26. Hatter Mad Post author

    its so expensive wish me luck on libra the next zodiac skin

  27. PARK ENTERTAINMENT Post author

    If the summon is full..did i will auto get this skin?or it just about lucky? Please answer me i want buy it

  28. Leon lucario Post author

    I have watch 5 of your zodiac skin videos ,researching every possible amount on how much diamonds I will spend and yet I'm still scared about the "IT REALLY DEPENDS ON YOUR LUCK". ??

  29. Pom Pomello Post author

    I spent only 760 Diamond for it soo i was just lucky

  30. The Dark Side Post author

    Im waiting for lunox zodiac skin.. hahah im willing to spend money on that skin!!!!

  31. daviejay campomanes Post author

    u are all soo lucky for u have so much diamonds and u can top up anytime u want but im just using public computer and i dont have enough money to top up 🙁 T_T

  32. Akino Blaze Post author

    Yo la quiero pero no ay dinero :"( y lo peor es que el 6 de septiembre es mi cumple xd y mi personaje favorito es odette

  33. katana giana Post author

    I'm waiting for lunox zodiac skin because it's really power full and I have no diamonds???

  34. Rafaela Her Post author

    Potahhh paka mahal, bili nalng ako bigas antayin kong maging free lahat yan haha

  35. The Unknown Post author

    XD i laugh never do illegal stuff to get diamonds or you will go to jail

  36. Never Glow Post author

    I have 32 Power without using diamonds, im always waiting for Free Summon i only have 22 Power but i bought Karina Zodiac so it adds 10 Power 🙂

  37. hernz tabujara Post author

    We're the same I been waiting lunox zodiac sign skin. But I hope I lucky to get that and I need more diamonds to get that..

  38. Manish Arts Post author

    I really like the ending part when u try to guide not to do illegal activities. This message is more important for youngsters. Keep up the good work ❤️✌️

  39. Pyrotechnic 17 Post author

    Odette: I'm so graceful isn't?
    Lancelot: Oh yes!
    Odette: Thanks sis

  40. Von Betita Post author

    I always do x1 instead x5. x1 has a change to give 2-3points rather than x5 always give 5 -7. Its about luck but I'm looking forward to see it on your next video (lunox). Thank you ?

  41. Jaywillyn Amamio Post author

    Really want it so bad :<

    Update: Got it for 1.4k haha but it’s worth it tho since I am an Odette user ? so happy!!

  42. Kyuutoツキューティー Post author

    toymm i need your help so i have 93 star power and the end season is coming on september 21 but i was willing to wait the lunox libra my and the releasing date is on september 23 my question now is does my star powerr will stay when end season comes? Ill quit if it does

  43. Francis Demerin Post author

    720 ÷ 40% = 1800
    We would spend 1800 dias if we do this spins

  44. DisMantle PH Post author

    Greetings traveller! This message is from earth and i am happy to inform you that this video you made is very helpfull since us earthlings know what price it takes for us to get the zodiac skin. I hope for you to make more updates and helpfull videos so that our diamonds is safe and secured

  45. KimSeok Joo Post author

    Im planning to get lunox zodiac skin but i already summon 300 dias on the odette zodiac i thought maybe its fine if i summon it earlier do i still have the star power when its lunox zodiac skin turn?

  46. Aldrin Gaming Post author

    296244558(3594) i need some help to complete my zodiac lunox right now can yoh please help mem

  47. Mark Rabusa Post author

    Please i want odette skin butterfly godess please


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