Part 3 – Conversation with Pt Neelakanth Shastry – Banaras (with English Russian Subtitles)

By | August 17, 2019

Sunil: What is the best remedy for Rahu?
NS: In my life I have seen that wearing Gomed gem and going to ‘Batuk Bhairav Temple’ alone helps.. I have tried every other method but none other seem to work. This is my conclusion and analysis of my experiences. Chanting of ‘Durga Saptshati’ has helped too. I have tried every other method but only these work. If I am unable to find out why a planet is troubling you or you maybe paying for your past life karma, I am not wise enough to know all that, I cannot be God. So chanting of Durga Saptshati will remove any malefic influence of any planet irrespective. So I recommend Durga Saptshati for mandatory reading and for chanting I give the mantra for Batuk Bhairav. I do it myself too since the age of 18, Rahu is strong in my chart and that has always kept me on the move as I told you Sunil: You have Pisces Lagna, right? NS: People still tell me to take action against my son but I refused, that would be wasteful, all this is for them anyway. He is also suffering, his wife is now suffering too. As has been said that Powerful Karma will give result in the same birth. Ramkrishan Paramhansa suffered Cancer but he too had to finish off his Karma before seeking moksha, how else is one going to finish off everything in this life itself? Sunil: Have you been chanting Batuk Bhairav’s mantra since your childhood? NS: Yes, since my student years, it is only after that I found my Guru Sunil: Someone has told me that if Rahu is in the 2nd house or is aspecting second house, I mean a supportive Rahu, in a jyotishi’s kundali then his predictions would be very accurate, one can even predict with date, as you are well known to do yourself. Which mantra for Rahu would you suggest for betterment? NS: This one, the longer one, “ॐ ह्रीं वां बटुकाये आपदुद्धाराणाये कुरु कुरु बटुकाये ह्रीं” ‘Om hreem vaan vatukaaya Aapaduddharanaya vatukaaya hreem’ There are two Hreen sounds in this mantra. This is the real Beeja (Sound/Root) mantra. For women I give “ह्रीं वां बटुकाये नमः” ‘Hreen Vaan vatukaaya namah’. This mantra is also complete. Out of the 8-10 available mantra this one is complete too. Sunil: A lot of people aren’t very comfortable doing long Mantras… NS: Then do “ह्रीं वां बटुकाये” Hreen Vaan vatukaaya Sunil: Men can do it too? NS: Yes, it is a complete mantra after all. I give this one to women anyway Sunil: Any precautions or austerities to be observed? Meat etc is forbidden? NS: No, eat whatever you want. Women shouldn’t do it during periods but otherwise eat whatever you feel like. Rahu is a demon anyway so it like this behavior… Sunil: So when Rahu dasha is running it is good to chant this mantra? NS: Yes… Sunil: what would be your remedy for Saturn? NS: दक्षिणा काली, ‘Dakshina Kaali’ is the patron lord of Saturn…
Sunil: alright…
NS: Yes, this ritual is straight forward too, not too expensive to do it. you can do it for 300Rs to a million rupees but do it for yourself, get her mantra, worship her on Saturdays and Tuesdays, get a photo or a small statue and worship her, poor people should do this. Never charge more than 300Rs for doing this ritual. Sunil: So a pandit could do this remedy for Rs 300?
NS: Rs 100 for flowers and sweets etc, and charge Rs 200 for your work. The smaller mantra should be chanted for 4000 times so do that and take Rs 300 maximum, that’s all.
Sunil: Can anyone request this remedy over the phone? NS: The requester would have to send some unbroken grains of rice (i.e. Sankalp/Commitment). Send it by post, people send to us from foreign too. Sunil: So one can call Mr. Surendra in your office and request this remedy… NS: Some charges maybe 50-60Rs for postal charges for sending the blessings after the remedy is done
Sunil: Say Rs 400 in total… Guru ji, you mentioned Dakkshin Kaali for Satrun, now what kind of results are to be expected from a Retrograde Saturn in 5th or 8th house? NS: it gives bad results in the 8th but not so bad in the 5th. As a student where the person would be supposed to get full marks then he would get only 80% of it, if 80% is destined then you will get 60% Sunil: And what would be the bad results in 8th? NS: Physical pain, Delusional and self hurting behavior, delay in getting what is rightfully of the person etc. It doesn’t really hurts much in 5th instead in a way it helps only but provided it is not in the house of Sun. Sunil: Guru ji, as you would be aware of the fraudulent behavior that is wide spread in name of Jyotish and Tantra, you do positive Tantra to help people but there is too much negativity in the community related to this… NS: To protect from such things you have the ‘Vashimukt’ (sic) Prayog (Technique/Experiment). No matter how strong the tantric or malefic influence is it leaves the person. Sunil: So Black Magic etc… NS: Yes, everything goes away with this technique, there was a Muslim boy from Mumbai, you know they also believe in these things, poor soul was always scared of even eating, sleeping, of dying and falling and hurting etc so I kept him here for 5 days and gave him a locket to wear and never take off. He is fine now and well settled in some foreign country. He still calls me at times to express his gratitude. Sunil: Nice, now how is it possible to observe from Kundali whether the person is into black magic etc? NS: You mean someone who is suffering from it or who is doing it?
Sunil: Both…How to trace such elements, how to stay away from them? NS: If someone is keeps an Evil Mentality then it could be seen from the 2nd house. The influence of malefic planets etc would contribute to that. There is nothing separate like Black Magic, it is a name that we have given to it, it is simply to think bad of someone, pondering over hurtful and evil deeds to be inflicted over the other person is evil magic. It can be controlled by anyone so which planets are placed in 2nd house or aspecting it determines all this. It is not easy to ascertain such things and there are protections against such things as well. Sunil: Is someone is getting affected by it then… NS: I give them the locket and then if benefit happens then I am sure as to what is happening. There is another technique using rice but such knowledge is not possible through Jyotish. Observe that if in Moon Mahadasha is running and if Rahu, Saturn, Mangal or Ketu’s AntarDasha are running and they Dasha and Antardasha lord are in the 6th and 8th house then it may imply that some such technique has been used on this person. Sunil: guru ji, when are you going to write your book? NS: I feel that there are already so many books available, what new could I write? Sunil: No, dear Guru ji, this rare knowledge of creating a kundali from palmistry would leave along with you and there aren’t any others in India who can do this. NS: We will see what could be done, let things get better and then I will think about these things. It is in the future, we will see. (TC: General discussion about a prashna analysis about re-marriage of a person whose wife passed away in middle age) Thank you so much Guru ji for the interview.

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    Team an ardent thanks to your team for toiling and working very hard!!! God bless!! Please help me with the name of the prayog from Panditji at 7:50 .Unable to hear due to audio.Would be beneficial. Rishimoprayog?

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    great astrolger we have lot of respect , but cowboy camera man spoiled recording ! not watchable.

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    For rahu, batuk bhairav mantra jaap.
    Om hreem bum batukaye aapad uddhaarnnay kuru kuru batukaye hreem.

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    Sunil sir…unhone black magic k nivaran k liye kyaa kaha…aap theek se samjhayenge..??

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    Very nice video, I met one of the astrologer in Jaipur, he lives in malviya nagar.
    I am born at cusp and if I change time by 1 min, my ASC changes, so to clear my doubt I went to his place.
    He saw my both palms and created horoscope exactly similar to the one which I had with me for years.

    So this kind of knowledge still exists and will soon disappear if we will not document.

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    which "Prayog" he said for jadu tona tantra mantra???plz reply

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    Good video. I am discovering that it is indeed possible to change one's karma by changing the way we think.The theory of karma teaches that our tendencies have become what they are because lifetime after lifetime,we have thought negatively about ourselves-like'I'm not good enough;or,I'm not this or that.'By thinking the opposite kind of thoughts,we can modify our tendencies and this can become manifest even in our palms.Personally,I use Nichiren Buddhist spirituality to accentuate this process.Thanks

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    This is my pleasure to meet Shashtriji and blessed to get his valuable advise and conveyed my query with my palm horscope ,it is very rare in india when computer horscopes are so popular ,very accurate and rare knowledge of traditional astrology ,Guruji truely understand the PLANETS (What they will do in each horscope) really it is a divine science governed by Jupiter. God choose you to be a part and parcel of this divine science. Regards Raghav

  10. Sanjit Agnihotri Post author

    If someone doesn't want to be duped in the name of remedies,one can chant this Buddhist mantra-'Nam-myoho-renge-kyo'.It is free of charge and its chanting can bring out the enlightened nature of any problem.I chant this mantra as the major remedy for all my problems.

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    ॐ ह्रीं बटुकाय आपदुद्धारणाय कुरू कुरू बटुकाय ह्रीं’।


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