Part 3 – Unique Method of Using Transits By Sunil Ghaisas (With English Subtitles)

By | August 14, 2019

Intro music Welcome to part 3 of Kaal-Nirnay (Timing of events). So what will be discussing in part 3? SG: In part 1 we covered death, then we discussed about academic achievements and now we will look into Marital happiness. An interesting topic surely. Marital happiness has two parts, Marriage and Happiness Although we combine them but they are different elements. Not to mention that they are often contradictory! But we all have to bear through it so I have taken a e.g. here that has 3 marriages but happiness from none. See, if my birthchart shows that I may have an accident but whether or not i will be foolish enough to buy a car is what we will look into. So if the birth chart shows no marital bliss then whether this person will marry at the wrong time will also be shown here. In this e.g. the DoB is 3/Dec/1957 9:15PM, Mumbai with Cancer Lagna which is watery sign. Water element has a great affinity for pleasures. In Navam-amsha the Lagna is Leo and in Natural Kundali Leo falls on 5th house. 5th house shows love and the lord of the lagna, Moon is also a watery element and it is in Taurus Navam-amsha and is in 5 Degrees in Aries. Taurus is of Venus so as the Lagna states that the Moon will co-operate with it as although it is in Aries but in Navam-amsha it is in Taurus. So it is also eager for pleasure. now, Atmakarak (Soul element) is in Scorpion which denotes carnal pleasures and Scorpion has came to the 5th house here. thus making the person greedy for pleasure. Sun is at 17 Degrees in Scorpion in Jyestha nakshatra Lord of Jyestha is Indra, who is well known for such pleasures and the Marriage agent Venus is in the 7th house and is 10th to the moon, As I have repeatedly mentioned that any planet that is 10th to the other planet will motivate the 1st planet. Moon is mind and it is with Venus so this person’s mind will be in Venus like activities It is mentioned in the classics that ‘Karko Bhav Nashaya’ i.e. the Agent in its house of natural agency destroys the house. So the 7th Venus here in Capricorn sitting in its natural house of marriage is suffering from this rule hence destroying this house. Notice that Mars is aspecting the Marriage house and Mars is the 5th Lord 7th Lord Saturn is also observing this house and Venus is placed in the 7th house So 3 planets are associated with the Marriage house. Classics also state that the number of planets associated with Marriage house may also signify the number of relationships Also, if we observe the Rashi Kundali 7th from the Moon are Mars, Jupiter and Rahu. So there too are 3 planets associated with it and has the aspect of the moon as well so for marriage this kundali is great but lets see whether the second half of happiness is promised or not. so going back to Lagna, Lagna Lord Moon is with Ketu so where Moon seeks love, Ketu gives detachment so when Moon is with Ketu then surely pleasure is denied. and notice that Mars, Jupiter and Rahu are aspecting it so no pleasure here. notice that 5th lord Sun of the Natural Kundali is conjunct with the 8th Lord Saturn here. They being enemies would surely not yield happiness So he would have to struggle, also Mars and Saturn are also aspecting the Marriage house also note that for ‘Sadhe-Saati’ i.e. the 7 and half yearly cycle of Saturn when it is behind, together or ahead of Moon. Just as Moon has ‘Sadhe-Saati’ so are other planets affected by Shani based on his placement compared to them So when Saturn is ahead of Mars…note, that Mars and Saturn are casting their aspects on Marriage (7th) as well as house of Gains (11th). Both of these houses fall under the ‘Kama’ trine i.e. 3,7,11 Desires (mostly material) so these planets are destroying the ‘Kama’ Trine Mars and Saturn are natural malefics and are now looking at the ‘Kama’ trine therefore although he is promised marriage but happiness isn’t As mentioned that if I am to have an accident then I would have to be foolish enough to buy a vehicle too So as this person is denied happiness from marriage so to get his destiny he will surely choose wrong time to get married too. Let’s review his 1st marriage. The 1st Marriage was on 7th June 1984. Note that natal Moon is in Aries, the agent of happiness as we are talking about happiness here in the 1st marriage Kundali the Moon is 5th to the Natal position and the result given for 5th Moon is Helplessness Harm/Damage and Mourning/Regret. 5th from natal Moon will yield results like this. so as his natal moon is afflicted so now note that Sun is also transiting 7th from the natal position The natal Sun is on Scorpion and the transiting Sun is in Taurus The result for this transit is also given as Sickness and Wealth loss. Note, that the Sun is transiting 2nd from the natal Moon so the result for this transit is given as Fear so very clearly there is no benefit from this marriage. Notice that in the 4th house of pleasure their is a conjunction of Saturn and Mars. Saturn is 17 degree and Mars is 19 degree and both are retrograde and in the Original chart too there is a connection with this so at the time of Marriage too the House of Happiness was spoiled as Sun was with Rahu i.e Eclipse. And Venus, the natural agent of Marriage is ‘Astangat’ i.e. combust so surely he was behaving foolishly regarding this marriage. And Mars is again aspecting the 7th house. and the 8th lord Saturn is now looking at the Lagna so whenever the 8th lord is associated with lagna it would surely cause troubles As happiness was denied, in the unfortunate terrorist attacks that happened on 12/Mar/1993 in Mumbai he lost his wife. He has begotten a son and daughter from his 1st marriage so now if we observe how was 12th March 1993 for him particularly. So Saturn and Sun were in the 8th house, both of them were 4th to their natal positions. The results mentioned for 4th transiting Sun is Loss of Happiness and 4th Saturn is Break Up/Disconnection and that is what he got. Not only this, Saturn is also the 7th lord that is passing through the 8th house and since the natal Saturn is anyway spoilt and even the transiting Saturn was bad The Natal Mars that was in Libra is now transiting over Gemini over 9th house and the result given is Mourning/Pain/Destruction. What I am trying to stress here is that if Classics are referred to and studied thoroughly then we will get quantifiable results. While we end up blaming the Classics as inaccurate but the problems lies that due to shortage of time we do not apply the rules correctly The Classics are incomparable. The Mars in Gemini here is also aspecting the 7th house. So the Mars has already spoiled his House of Happiness and now in this event too he lost no one but this wife only If anyone is interested then note that it was Moon Mahadasha and Saturn Antardasha. In his case, Moon was the Lagna Lord and Saturn was his 7th and 8th Lord. So you can link that too here. Now, back to his natal chart you will see that this person is seeking marital pleasure in this life so surely he would chase it once again So if you notice that he got married just 4 months after the death of his 1st wife. So you can observe how greedy is this person for marriage that he would wait only for 4 months after the death of his 1st wife. SJ: Sorry to interrupt you, normally isn’t it said that at least for a year from death nothing auspicious should be done? SG: Yes, indeed but in my experience whenever there is a struggle between Body, Mind and Soul it is the Body that wins Mind and the Soul come last and this fellow also did not observe the edicts but allowed the carnal pleasures to take lead and got married again. He got married the 2nd time on 12th July 1993 and Moon was in Pisces at that time. I am again drawing your attention to Lagna Lord and the agent of Happiness. The transiting Moon is in 12th of the natal moon The result of this is mentioned as ‘Pramad’ i.e. Mistake so as you rightly asked that his action was against the religious edicts and hence it was a mistake and the other result is Disharmony The transiting Sun is also 8th to the natal Sun at the time of marriage. I am again referring to the scriptures that the result of the 8th Sun is mentioned as Loss of pleasures from women. And Seventh lord Saturn is passing from 4th to the natal Saturn. and the result for that is again Disconnection/Seperation. and the agent of carnal pleasures, Venus is conjunct with Ketu thus denying pleasure and again Mars and Saturn are in opposition and as per the birthchart the 7th house was spoiled by Mars and Saturn and even at the time of 2nd marriage they are in opposition So you would notice how the planets have came together to give their results again. So the result was that he got married in July and on 5th September 1993 his wife left him only after 3 months But this man wasn’t going to give up so he got married again His 3rd marriage was on 14th April 1997, after 4 years and let’s see the positions then From his natal Aries Moon the transiting Moon is 3rd from it and its result is given as Wealth, Happiness, Pleasure from women The transiting Sun is in Aries which is 6th from the Natal Scorpion moon and the result is given as End of Sorrow and Victory But I wish to get your attention towards the transiting Saturn in Pisces which is 5th from the natal Saturn gives the following results: Problem with Son and Loss of Wisdom. So let me tell you that when he got married the 3rd time then his Son and Daughter from the 1st marriage broke ties with him. All of this is not make believe, I have history and records to prove it SJ: This table that you have prepared is from which source? SG: This table is from the classical books showing the result of the transit/’Gochar’ but the only correction/addition I have done is that I mentioned that not only look at this transit result from the placement of the Moon and Lagna but also is important to observe it from the original divisional chart SJ: But you are also referring to the original placement of the planets too? SG: Yes, from the original placements too SJ: What we will do is, if you have finished it, is that in the description below every video we will put the translated table in English as a link. and as the respected teacher mentioned that take that results page and track every event with 100-300 kundalis and events only then you could master this technique and if need arises we will create one more video on just that table. We will take a break and do part 4 on another topic. Thank you Mr. Sunil. Closing music

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  1. Bhushan Patil Post author

    Terrific Interview organised as
    always by Sunil. Thank you very much Sunil for calling Ghaisas Sir on-board. Someday
    I am going to take his (Ghaisas Sir’s) interview in Marathi, I am sure he will
    come up with some more secrets he found out. I am sure the topic must be well
    planned by Sunil as always, explains answers to all questions which come to
    students mind.

    One finding I will like to add to
    Ghaisas’ Sir’s info on Saturn in 2nd from the Mars is “even though
    there are strong yogas present for vast wealth in a person’s chart, if he is
    having Saturn in 2nd from the Mars then he will always be in Money
    Trouble. He always falls short of money or will have less money at his disposal
    than what he desires or needs.  

    Logic is Mars being Karka of Money
    while Saturn being Karaka of limits, the money karaka is been limited by the
    Karaka of limits.

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    please note in bhava chalit mars and saturn are moving one house forward. thanks for the video.

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    Thank you so much for the table, wonderful interview and questions asked by Mr. Sunil who is taking the interview were all very fabulous and relevant. Thanks and Koti Koti Vandan.

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    Turnaround session. pls share link for downloading gochar chart

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    if there is no vivahsaukhya in kundali is it sane to be unmarried… .will it break the bad possibilities related to bad marriage….or will that stick to your destiny to the next life….I mean can one escape that…
    old scriptures are d best…

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    sir u have not considered "VEDHA" caused by other planets, please enlighten us, when to use vedhas and when not??


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