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Hi Pisces, welcome back you with AMIRA CELON mediumship Academy and this is your 2020 yearly reading by month From January through to December for Pisces Sun Moon rising and Venus I hope you will and I want to wish you in advance a beautiful year ahead I hope everything that you want dream and wish and manifest comes through Ok Pisces if you’d like to book your own session for your yearly reading I am doing two spreads for your personal yearly reading which is only $49 and that includes also a spread with Amira’s love oracle cards you’re also welcome at any time to join my mediumship Academy as the students are there and and People can come and go as they please So that’s the beauty of the Academy when you feel like you want to join you can join when you feel like you’ve learned everything that you need to learn you can go and We’ve got three sessions a month building up And having a great time, so the students are doing extremely well. So let’s have a look Pisces Pisces What’s going on for you? For this year moving forward from January 2020 and it’s a really nice magical number 2020 It’s like, you know an awakening number. Actually, it’s got you know It’s got an awakening feeling to it Awareness and awakening’ things lining up, okay Pisces Pisces Pisces I’m picking up green. So whatever green means to you health fitness being out in nature more being more You know Healthy that could be a theme for you this year Pisces Looking at your health looking at your fitness looking at your diet okay, starting off with the January we have the lovers So looking like you have the lovers around you coming in You might be in love with somebody somebody’s in love with you. You’ve got a beautiful partnership You’ve got things, you know, really lining up with your partnership love vibration You could definitely have somebody around you to start the year off or you could be meeting somebody who’s going to be a lover So that’s nice But the wish card to end with very very good February we’ve got the queen of Pentacles. So energetically the queen of Pentacles is all about reaping rewards financially money abundant success It can also be a female Taurus Virgo Capricorn coming in around you who’s significant to you? But mostly it’ll be about the money. So that’s good. And then we’ll we have the four March the five of cups So it could be that you’re worried about your finances and you feel like you’ve done everything you can and you can’t quite see Exactly what’s going on? So sometimes if that is the case I you know, it’s good to check, you know, just to check You know on different details around you Pisces and where your investments are where your money is excess fees and that type of thing try to eliminate any sort of Excesses that are not necessary. That’s the message I’m getting few around that card and I feel it’s really to do with anything emotional and then we have the knight of rods knight of rods in April is somebody with a lot of zest and energy coming into your life or Symbolically, it can be that you’re going on on a trip on a voyage you could even be immigrating or getting a visa to go Somewhere and getting that granted So Knight of Rods can also be a person under a fire sign element coming into your life Aries Leo Sagittarius Then we have the page of Pentacles for May and He’s also showing us the money. So the queen of Pentacles in the page of Pentacles They’re sort of facing each other so it could be about joint finances. It could be about Looking at spending with a partner It could be that you kind of get down about something to do with a partner’s Finances and it could come back around in May in a better way for you I feel like that sort of this card with the chip with the five of cups as sort of to do with money So you could be worried about something you might have feel like there’s been a loss Of some description, but I feel like it’s going to turn itself around there’s definitely a lot of Backwards and forwards energy here. So we’ve got forwards backwards forwards backwards And so it’s sort of like you’re keeping tabs on everything Pisces You may be it is that you’re doing your accounts or you’re really keeping a tight look on you know on budgets Especially if you’re in a business Partnership with somebody you don’t know what they’re doing with the money. You might be keeping tabs on things Okay, so then we have June which is the four of swords This is where I feel like you’re going to take some time out. You could be going on a retreat a meditation relaxation There could be somebody around you who is not well or you might be just needing to do something with your health specifically as well Taking some time out to rejuvenate yourself getting ready for the next half of the year and then we have July is the four of Wands and I feel like that could be a marriage you might have a July wedding You could move in with a partner in July You might be looking at doing something around the house a decoration or renovation some something in the house. That is Important you could be buying or selling property in July then we’ve got in August the fall Keeping things simple starting from scratch going on a journey. It could be a spiritual journey or a physical journey energetically I feel like you might be going somewhere near mountains It feels to me like it could be something like Canada Rocky Mountains if your circuits in the mountains, but in the summer Could be also in Switzerland. So I’m feeling like it’s around where there is ice and snow and winter and there’s lakes Could also be in New Zealand that’s in the wintertime in New Zealand, but You know, I feel like you’re going on a journey you might be going on a trip it could be a honeymoon Alright so they we’ve got September the Queen of Rods so you’ve got quite a few people here. The Queen of Rods is a dynamic energy She’s she’s a fire sign as well Aries, Leo, Sagittarius She’s showing you what you’re passionate about She could be a person coming into your life who is an element of fire or she’s just symbolic of showing you something passionate I always said the sunflowers as being Connections to Italy So it could have an Italian link or there could be a journey to Italy that you’re going to go on in August or September and Then Pisces we have the Wheel of Fortune so luck coming around your way feeling like luck is spinning around things are getting better It sort of feels like this, you know hand cranking the wheel is like okay things are revving up things are getting quite fast Okay, and whatever is not gonna be on the wheel is getting off the wheel So I feel like things are going to speed up from October. So if you feel like things have been Taking their time prior to that then you’re going to have like a feeling a shift in October Definitely the high priest is feeling very magical about your own talents intuitions gifts Some of you might be doing spiritual work psychic work or just working on your own Intuition you could also be doing some sort of religious studies as well studying different philosophies different religion you could be doing so picking up something like Buddhism or Doing some sort of Zen studies anything like that just any particular could be something very kind of You know obscure Unusual that you find that you kind of stumble upon Yes Pisces but feeling very aligned with with things if you are doing any sort of psychic work You might download a product like you might just get an inspiration to download a product product to assist with your work and to offer to your clients and Then finishing off the year on a nine of cups. This is like your wishes coming true everything coming out on top Feeling really aligned with and happy and content You know, there’s a nice chubbiness here at this face and this smile and the rosy cheeks and you know nothing could be you know happier than Feeling like you know, you’ve got all your ducks in a row, you know your cups up. They’re full You’ve got all your ducks in a row. You’ve got everything sorted out I feel by the end of the year Pisces couldn’t be better. It couldn’t be a better ending than that So lots of love and blessings if you’d like to connect with me at all All the links are here below in the show more section and thanks once again for liking subscribing to the channel if you haven’t done so already and And sharing. Okay. Take care Pisces. Happy 2020 cha for now


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    Oh my god I’m wearing a dark green dress to work Christmas party tomorrow ?? Green is my favourite colour. I am single so a new lover would be nice ? thank you Amira

  2. Dee Giffin Scott Post author

    Whoop whoop!!! 2020 is a huge year for me! Thank you soooo much! Beautiful Reading. ??

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    Thanks Amira for your Pisces reading looking forward to next year, have a wonderful day, bless you ❤️???⭐️


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