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hi this is the weekly horoscope for Pisces for the week of January 23,2017 no matter if she if you would like reading with me check out my story there i’m still doing daily horoscopes on my Google+ and if you have not seen that check that out and still doing the aspects on my Facebook fan page to check that out as well and i’m still collaborating with astrojar.com so make sure to like subscribe and share and help our psychic community grow so this week Venus quincunx Jupiter in the first and 8th house with this energy you can’t say no to certain people or people can easily guilt you into doing things for them for others of you you need to learn to speak up once and for all and don’t feel guilty but others made me to put your feelings into consideration before making changes you have a voice we got ok because people are going to be thinking about themselves and what’s good for them and they’re not going to be thinking about you in the process so keep that in mind this week when you are on when you are definitely when you’re definitely listening to other people’s plans and they’re not really including how you feel okay because people are not thinking about that Jupiter conjunct Miranda in the eighth house asteroids um unusual events can happen that can put change your perspective in your way of thinking with will in regards to relationships or how you deal with others for some of your willpower or stick-to-itiveness a great time we’re working out holistic healing changing your emotional way of thinking this week because now you have more of the and energy to take initiative even starting the project with this energy Mars trining vesta on the first and fifth house you’re more involved in your children’s lives or those who are younger than you you’re more involved in there in in what they’re going through at this time your uh for some of you you’re helping them through their situation and for others that need to take breaks when when I’m being emotional for everybody else or you could be emotionally drained because you’re dealing with other people’s problems and they’re constantly meeting your advice or being really really because I mean what happens that pisces when they when people are going through it they can kind of latch on you and just emotionally dump on you and that’s the time that that fishies me to put a timer on it and be like you got five minutes to boohoo to me and after that I got it Go because what happens is that it makes you feel very lethargic and then sometimes what really happens because they take your good energy so you feel drained ok and they feel better and to me I don’t like it when people do that to me either and so I need to take time from away from that relationship to recharge and this week you’re probably going to need to do the same thing great your intentions are there but it’s also very draining to be still giving of your energy and time okay and especially when you’re not benefiting from it you’re not getting anything in return this person is just dumping on you so be careful with that the ascendant semi squaring Pluto in the eleventh and first house certain friends and power uh with this energy might be a virgo or a scorpio you need to be careful with your words and you need to communicate and speak up when you don’t like something you need to say okay I’m going to create a boundary here cuz I don’t like this all right or I’m not going to do that instead of keeping it inside and holding it inside and waiting to last minute because these people here are going to get either manipulative on you or passive aggressive on you because you because you are you’re dealing with some kind of weird power struggle with the certain particular friends or somebody could find that you’re either possessive about the relationship or their possessive of you okay it’s not the best energy with the friends right now and there could be power struggles with them alright you may not agree with some things that they’re doing and they may not agree with with something that you’re not doing there is a lack of communication going on and that is going to create a lot of problems with with you guys will be careful with that because she’s not very good at arguing okay we’re very much good at avoiding and walking away so that and I feel like people are a bit more aggressive than you ok the first time smoking is the wheel of fortune car to turn of events is going to happen this week for you the queen of coins you can be you know you could also be this Pluto energy that somebody’s wearing your ascendant you can be very much about you at this time and very materialistic with this energy for some of your more focusing on your career at this time and focusing more on what’s going on around your house with this energy the ten of swords I do see that the energy is going to get better for you it is going to turn around for you the tower card major changes are going to be happening this week than 90 points for some of you this could be a move happening or selling or buying property with this energy the judgment card definitely with the tennis source with the wheel of fortune cards you do have a green light with certain things so this could be a green light with buying or selling property with this energy for others of you you have a bunch of ideas you have too much water in your first house at this point so you’re very idealistic with what you want to do for some of you you know you have that Jupiter in your 8th house ok and the depends Jupiter is conjunct with in that eighth house you have the energy to get things done with this energy and you’re more about taking initiative you’re making plans with this energy as well the strength card your hard work and patience is going to pay off the Ace of Wands I feel you’re creating your own reality with this energy here as well and I feel for somebody you’re more open-minded to new experiences and taking risk these three of cups I feel with this energy you benefit through others with this energy the page of Wands i feel that this is going to be an optimistic time for you very much on small changes are happening for some of you but they’re change nonetheless I feel for others of you your focus is more towards your children or those who are younger than you the a stuff you do have the green light to whatever it is that you thinking about doing the universe is giving you the green light thing okay you can do it you can go so but that doesn’t mean that you’re going to go you might even just still think about it rather than pursue it the apricots me someone tells me at this pie that other people around you may inspire you with this energy and help you grow or you may collaborate with other people are partner up with other people during this time period to help you grow the moon card I feel truth will be revealed to you on this week events might be why you start acting weird around friends for others of you trust your intuition during this time period the six of lon brings optimistic energy with this energy and I feel also that there’s a lot of for some of you that have online businesses there’s a lot of communication going back and forth and a lot of good news happening for some of you may be thinking about starting an online business with this energy or doing collaborations with others i love you my fishies please make sure to like subscribe and share this one


  1. Nietzsches Muse Post author

    Girl!!! You are a psychologist median astrologist, wow!!! Your insight that we Pisces tend to be the bag people trow in all their problems like we are social workers is right on!!! Thank you I loooove your videos!! The day I acquire enough cash to do my birth chart I will hire you for sure.

  2. Porschedude8 Post author

    Spot on!  "M" is going through it at work.  I'm getting that lethargy.  Good thing things are getting lighter and better..  You're a true treasure..  Thank you Marie.  xoxo


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