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By | October 12, 2019

welcome to Sonika’s Guidance. I’m a
psychic medium and energy healer these are your messages from spirit for
November 2019. please keep in mind Pisces this is a general reading so if you have
personal questions check out my awesome two pages of real testimonials at Goldensunlife.com. My readings are definitely much more affordable compared to what
many other readers charge out there try not expensive two-month personal
forecasts for yourself see how you like it ok
Pisces I bring this reading to you with love genuine love and care and the
knowledge that your spirit guides and your guardian angels also love you and
care about you and my wish is that this reading helps you become more aware of
what’s going on in one or many areas of your lives ok so let’s go ahead and get
started by seas okay clean of Pentacles reversed five of Wands upright three of Pentacles reversed okay – 3 of Wands interesting 3 cards and
page of Wands reversed ok the first message I’m getting just outside the
cards Pisces is I think that you’re doing maybe a lot or you may be
overdoing some things or in one area of your life you seem to be overdoing
you’re overdoing in some regard as you head into and also live out November
2019 so just kind of try to spot what that is and you know do your best to
figure it out you can always reach out to me for personal coaching and
predictions ok let’s go ahead and get started so we have for you the 5 of
Wands up right the 5 of Wands up right indicates in the month of November there
may be disagreements there may be some friction tension pressure peer pressure
there may be the sense of some of you Pisces I think there’s a bit of a
struggle of between like being yourself and what you feel is natural to you and
who you want to be or what like you really truly feel or your genuine
viewpoint and I think there’s a struggle in between that those aspects of you you
you and them so there’s something here about individuality in crisis in a sense
um I think crisis is a little bit of a stronger word for the energy I’m getting
I don’t think it matches the energy but I think to some extent there is a
struggle in terms of like Pisces wanting to be Pisces or doing something your way
or your viewpoint your approach versus them or you know what maybe the group
wants or what maybe already the rules the regulations the laws the
expectations in the sense that are in place versus your individuality your
approach so there could be some contention you know between you and them
or you and I should say the other ok to just kind of summarize it as a theme
there is also sometimes internal conflict you know your
you’re a little bit confused there’s tension within weighing up the pros and
cons there may be internal kind of contentious points that you may even be
at times a little bit upset at yourself for something or you’re harder on
yourself about something possibly in the month of November disagreements
different preferences a variance or a variety of needs want preferences
desires in ability to integrate make peace or may compromise on hard time
kind of reaching the middle ground you know hard time compromising or hard time
trying to get a win-win situation this is also I feel for a lot of Pisces at
some point in the month of November you may be defending you know there may be a
defensive Nisour a legitimate reason for why you have to feel like you have to
defend yourself or come to someone’s defense playing defense in some ways in
the month of November okay you know fiery discussions feisty discussions
hopefully this is not you know abuse or physical abuse but it could be you know
this is a general reading and this could be physical or verbal abuse as well okay
but hopefully you know Dean I hope the energy stay relatively minor um
sometimes it indicates hardheadedness stubbornness
you know ego ego that gets into in the way of forgiveness for example or mercy
so see how this thing plays out for you okay pressures I feel are also relevant
they are some of you it’s very interesting if this is the spirit guide
you’re saying to me if this is you somehow like standing up for yourself or
like they’re saying to me if this is you standing up for someone else so whatever
it might be if this is a sense of standing up you know what I mean like
defending essentially in a sense the guides are actually like giving me a
thumbs up as in their support if they’re you have
seal of approval from divine spiritual beings I think there may be in the month
of November a call to stand up a call to you know be defensive a little bit
sometimes in life we need that kind of oomph you know that oomph energy we have
to exhibit that to to get through you know to get something through it’s not
always about having a calm cool collected and almost indifferent sort of
a mind or an inactive state sometimes it’s about the old zest it’s about
standing up it’s about being a freedom fighter whatever this is right it could
play out in a very minor you know micro economic micro personal way in your life
and the spirit guide you’re saying if it has to do with standing up for someone
or something or yourself or belief they are supporting this you have the seal of
approval okay so see even in the general reading this cover can you know have a
very positive connotation or a seal of approval
from the spirit guides that’s very interesting
okay now policies you also have the three of Pentacles reversed in the month
of November late October this card indicates that again I see something
here about differing opinions you know different viewpoints you may decide to
go different ways I do feel for some of you this is like going their different
way a different path a different destiny in the month of November for some Pisces
you know taking a different path your path is different your road is different
that’s a possibility for some of you this could be you know tricky
collaborations um maybe you’re not feeling appreciated or maybe there is
you know a point where you had to demonstrate or you had to speak up or
you had to give a speech or you have to show something off show-and-tell and
maybe it doesn’t go so well maybe this is an apprenticeship or an exam and
there’s some challenges there maybe there’s a sense of also being
accepted challenges with being accepted maybe you’re you know applying for jobs
going through job interviews and it’s it’s not easy it’s
easy for some reason for some of you the three of Pentacles in Reverse can
sometimes indicate transitions you know simply transitions from one job to
another but it can also for some of you in a general reading Pisces indicate
resignation or termination being fired layoffs to that extent and sometimes the
three of Pentacles is maybe a downward business cycle maybe it’s a little bit
of a harder time in the business cycle or sometimes this is a closing up of a
shop you know closing of a business or your goods or services are not being
demanded as much so there could be something to that effect as well the
spirit guides are saying to me right now however expect a lot of Pisces they say
to me to reach a point of relief reli EF relief being the key word in the month
of November some of you this relief is going to be this sense of you know the
dust settling things calm down things cool down or some of you this is
liberation freedom release letting go it could be actually positive where it’s a
closure you know and ending and simultaneous new beginning comes about
there’s a relief something kindness you know it’s like a plane that’s landing
softly right it’s coming to something is coming to an end or a chapter or an
episode closing and a lot of pisces pisceanas lives in in November 2019 is
what they’re seeing relief for some of you this does have to do with healing as
well not everybody but some of you it’s healing some of you it could be you know
a chapter an episode in your life coming to an end you so expect some sort of
relief being relieved being relieved yeah they just say a relief sense sets
in a moment it’s momentous in some ways for a lot of Pisceans it’s really
momentous it’s a key point actually for this entire year for you as what they’re
saying to me that’s very interesting so whatever’s coming to a relief you know
to an ending or a closure conclusion it is a major major moment it’s really a
momentous point in your timeline for this year 2019 very interesting maybe
late in coming but it’s coming right because we’re in November now so so yeah
see how it plays out for you sometimes the three of Pentacles is just about you
know taking a break on vacation holiday taking a you know mini break getting
away from work getting away from hard work or collaborations and sometimes
it’s you know you don’t agree with convention or you don’t agree with
conventional ideas of the group or the community or whatever it might be you
may want you may not want to fit in you want to be different right so again that
whole concept is coming up between individuality or your Pisces versus
versus in some way the other okay Pisces there’s another important message
from your spirit guides planet Pluto went to direct in Capricorn
I believe in October 3 2019 and it is direct through April twenty twenty
through out October and November 2019 Pluto direct is actually going to be one
of the three or two top astrological influences in all of our lives
so planet Pluto is definitely transit or it’s transit is something you want to
pay attention to I put out a video already about that so a separate video
you can watch that on this page I might link it below it’s about power Pluto the
you can get more insights about what to expect with that planet going direct and
it’s interesting the spirit guide said to me publicly
Pluto is having the most fervent influence currently in US politics so we
can see the influence of Pluto playing out in our and our lives it’s going to
be definitely relevant across these two months okay so that’s Pluto for you all
planet Pluto you’re not a planet anymore but my dear Pluto I love you evermore so
that’s my ode to Pluto okay so let’s get back into the cards now we have for you
the 3 of Wands up right ok Pisces in the month of November the three of Wands
indicates travel transportation looking ahead looking at what could be next you
know thinking about what could be next who knows you might be getting your
personal 2020 year overviews from me to understand what is next for you 2020 is
a big year by the way you know big big year for all zodiac signs huge year for
the world the 3 of Wands upright indicates that yeah this is a sense of
looking ahead wandering I feel some of you your you might be a bit blank I do
get this Pisces a little bit like I’m blank I’m standing I’m staring into
space looking at the horizon I’m not quite sure what’s ahead for me but I’m
still you know I’m looking ahead you may be putting something in you know in the
past year by the month of November or through November there’s a sense of
leadership as well individuality ready to take your next journey ready for
something new or different reminds me like an apex you know like that word
apex reaching an apex an apex point in the timeline new beginnings also part of
this for some of you this could be long-distance local domestic or
international telecommunications maybe you’re thinking about someone far away
you’re communicating with a person far away or this could be physical travel by
planes trains cars vehicles all different kinds of
travel technology so their selfie or something about networking
you know things taking shape as well for you I feel some things are they’re
starting to I think in the month of November you’re seeing some things take
shape is what the guides are saying to me and that’s that’s you standing there
watching them take shape you know you’re realizing this is something that’s gonna
hit you that’s gonna become apparent in your consciousness Pisces that things
are taking shape for me now things are taking a particular shape they’re
shaping up in a certain way and you’re gonna see that in November 20 19 very
interesting contemplation ready to be ready to execute you know ready to take
action this is preparedness prepping up preparation preparation is key this is
all part of it and maybe travel you may be traveling of course maybe that’s a
preparation as well for you so see how it plays out you may be waiting for news
or information data communication from far away potentially local domestic or
international and yeah see how it plays out for you okay Pisces keep in mind you
there are no hard starts and stops – energy flows life is very fluid some
people actually believe that a new month starts around the twenty twenty second
when the Sun a major major astrological energy body transitions into a whole new
zodiac sign so some of you will start to feel these energies in the last ten days
of October 2019 and then you will feel them throughout to November 2019 in
major or minor and subtle or more visibly apparent concrete weights it’s
going to be very different for each one of you okay I sees you also have the
page of no excuse me they’re saying to me queen of Pentacles reverse
immediately the spirit guide say to me there may be some difficulties with a
female but also I think I see a some Pisces a minority of Pisces and the
vision being on the seething end of like receiving something
from a female maybe a girl maybe a woman I see you over on the receiving end so
you’re gonna be receiving something from a woman or a girl
other places I feel like you’re the one who’s giving but most of you that fall
in this minority who will experience or have this experience somewhere later
October through November I see you mostly on the receiving and receiving
something from a girl or a woman basically a female feminine energy and I
like it it comes in positive it comes in very interesting but the queen of
Pentacles and reverses there is also potentially a problematic female in your
life or trouble you know challenge some of you however if it is not another
person a Capricorn burger or Taurus male or a female in a general reading
somebody not favorable to you not beneficial to you if it’s not that
person if it’s not another person then this could be your own energies you know
maybe this is somebody if it is someone else though it could be somebody you’re
missing maybe this person’s not as responsive or as available to you as you
would like them to be maybe there are delays in communication or hassles or
mix up or cross signals you know for some of you the queen of Pentacles or
new verse can be somebody who’s taking more out of you or is a taker taker
taker not a giver some of you this is some imbalance in giving and receiving
maybe you’re taking care of an elderly parent and it’s just so hard on you for
example or there’s something of an imbalance between take giving and
receiving that Pisces will be experiencing or your consciousness will
be exposed to you or you’re going to be thinking about this in November 2019
late October some of you the queen of Pentacles in Reverse if it is not
somebody else it could just be you know somebody who’s not physically mentally
emotionally kind of there with you you know maybe somebody far away or this
could be someone you’re thinking about maybe a passed over loved one or pet
bred best personified by the queen of chuckles reversed you know in Memorial
you know memorializing someone the queen of Pentacles universe if it is your own
energies or anybody of any Sun sight it could also indicate loss of possessions
or resources miss placement misuse of energy feeling a little bit unstable or
deist getting destabilized too much on your plate too many things to do
therefore you you you become unstable or there’s just a misallocation of energy
mismanagement of energy you’re not handling things as effectively as maybe
you could be or there’s just inefficiency somewhere there’s
inefficiencies the spirit guide you’re saying in the system what they mean by
system is some some sort of a sector or section of your life okay that might
include multiple areas okay or themes some of you the queen of Pentacles in
Reverse can also be about you know not being able to take care of effectively
what you own and what you possess or you know feeling a little bit not like
you’re in control this is like lack of control or feeling like you don’t have
solid footing in some ways it could be you know maybe children who are hard to
discipline this month or it could be not having enough time to give to all your
obligations and commitments schedule issues for others this could be you know
missing a bill paying a bill late getting a late fee charged you know
there’s mismanagement of money potentially some of you this is about
again maybe a boss manager figure supervisor or colleague or just a female
in your life on your sister or mother whoever this is cousin who proves to be
difficult or a grandmother or just a challenge in some ways they don’t bring
you peace and rest and instead they somehow make you a bit
Restless there Dakota there could also be challenges or not enough time to
engage in sensual or sexual activities or earthly pleasures or maybe some some
problems or a bit unlucky energy or challenges when it comes to family
planning creation generation production opportunities entrepreneurship but there
may be challenges in that way as well maybe some challenges with money or
maybe not the best best best money month for you potentially so practical
material matters need more balance and refinement to somehow appropriate time
management so that you can mitigate the negative effects or mitigate the effects
of the queen of Pentacles reversed okay Pisces in November late October 2019
through November so see how that theme plays out for you it’s interesting card
um there could also be this sense of death roaning is what the spirit guides
are saying some of you Pisces there may be again it’s like
you’re getting off your seat or this is retirement or this is transition from
one position to another position in some ways or maybe you are a homemaker and
now you’re reentering the workforce or entering the workforce for the first
time or maybe you’re you know this could be for both male and female pisces
watching so there’s something about becoming unseated or willfully unseating
yourself right getting off this throne and then transitioning moving on moving
along okay possibly but for some of you this is like you know this could be
termination or getting fired or just this is not your place anymore this is
maybe not where you’re meant to be here this is unhappiness this instability
instability and and and non happiness like unhappiness
excuse me so see how it plays out there may be challenges with gardening earthly
pleasures earth life nature material matters they may prove to be challenging
or there’s delays or obstruction in some ways in these practical material matters
do take care of your health Pisces as well how it falls into that realm and so
you don’t want to become unstable or you don’t want to you know in a sense abuse
your own health right misuse it miss overuse your body without caring
for your health or without listening to the signals that your body is telling
you I often say you know when the body talks to you it’s not a good thing okay
so you don’t want your body to talk to you because that usually means there’s a
problem right just like with the car when the cars running silently and fine
everything’s fine but if it starts talking to you and making noises and
there’s something that’s upright so do take care of your health your body your
physical fitness regimens all of that especially in November 2019 Pisces
because there is some risk of instability or a shake-up in some ways
okay you also have Pisces the page of Wands
reversed now the page of Wands reversed in the month of November maybe a
indicative of an Aries Sagittarius or Leo male or female energy anybody are
thinking about over and over again dealing with the interacting with or
missing in some ways maybe someone far away this could also be a youngster or
maybe someone relatively familiar to you I get for some of your
Pisces there may be somebody who comes into your life and then leaves just as
quickly so this is like some sort of like you know how fireworks go on and
then there and then you don’t see them within seconds you know within very
small amount of seconds you see the fireworks you saw suddenly disappear so
there could be something like something pops up flashes and then it’s gone just
as quickly it could be a person who pops up in your life it could be a
circumstance so there’s something about that as well some of you I do get the
page of Wands in Reverse being indicative of like your mind is drawn
here then there then there then this direction so I see this vision coming
through from your spirit guides Pisces we’re in the month of November like your
mind is gonna have to be attentive to many many or several different facets of
your life or whatever’s pulling you it’s drawing you right there’s all different
directions your attention your intelligence your mind power mental
energy is being drawn to so just you know being forewarned is forearmed so
just kind of you know keep your head up about that right that that you may be
pulled in too many different directions or thoughts you know this and that and
so there is something here about you know definitely the importance of
management of really being well managed well self managed and again you can
always reach out to me for coaching and / you know personal coaching and
predictions the page of Wands in Reverse sometimes does indicate exhaustion
tiredness or maybe not feel feeling very drawn or excited about some something or
someone inactivity lack of activity or slower activity maybe lethargy
procrastination sloppiness for some of you this could be the related to a
health issue or a health problem maybe minor maybe
it’s an episode that lasts maybe just three days or you know a week or
possibly even up to three weeks but it’s relatively short term right compared to
how long we can have certain episodes health episodes last right and that’s
good if it’s short term of course right the page of one turner verse can also be
about maybe downer Energy’s pessimism not getting excited repressive emotions
a depression feeling pulled down or you’re just kind of sitting in your
comfort zone or you’re okay with what is now familiar to you you’ve settled into
some groove or routine again this is comfort with the comfort zone and
therefore you’re not willing to be adventurous you’re not willing to you
know get excited or be curious you know or intrigued by something else you’re
not being adventurous opportunistic in some area of your life
you’re very you know you’re fine with what you’ve become acquainted to your
color or accustomed to that’s a possibility with this page of one’s in
Reverse as well maybe some challenges with heat light Sun energy sunlight fire
heat light electricity those energies there may be some challenges or maybe
weather concerns weather condition and some of you this might be obstruction or
delays or kind of like a stop go stop go effect maybe it’s in traveling or in
some area of your life you know you’re hitting up against bumps you know you
head up against a bump you get through it then there’s another bump but then
you get through that bump then there’s another bump so there’s something here
going on as well ok Pisces in some area of your life so see how this plays out
this ops these obstacles or this stop go stop go kind of an energy at some point
late October through November twenty 19 okay do take care of your health you
know don’t get sick and yeah this could also be again an
Aries Sagittarius or Leo male or a female relevant in your life there could
be some challenges with pets or animals youngsters those who’s you know fiery
energy or fire element is not yet refined or well curated okay and you may
be confronting that energy be careful of feistiness emotional reactivity
you know sparks spark in us be careful of that okay pisces now your angel
message from my book angel double letters for the month of November is
held by the double the angel double letter LLL okay l as in Larry and the
angels or specifically Archangel Raphael wants you to know this for November 2019
extending a genuinely open mind and attention Pisces outward from the self
even to something or someone who may be specifically calling out to you or for
you is what is needed at this time in order for you to make progress in a part
of your life you will simultaneously Pisces be instrumental in creating
progress in circumstance we lovingly encourage you to reach out reach in and
foster connection ok Pisces so for some of you you know this is about networking
this is about getting in touch this is about maybe patching up for some of you
I do get a sense that this message for you is about you know you’re gonna gain
some knowledge awareness education something enhances or advances your
intelligence and it may be information or a knowing that you you’re around or
you have come across before but this time in November it strikes your
consciousness your intelligence in a way that it didn’t before or it hasn’t
before so it’s something very important and pivotal so some important knowledge
education saij information is it really strikes
your consciousness in a way that it didn’t before new knowledge may come to
you new intelligence some of you may be speaking out may be seeking out
spiritual sources may be a psychic such as myself may be a medium such as myself
may be a spiritual book may be my book whatever it is some of you are going to
be seeking out to knowledge or seeking out information yourself so it’s time to
seek information extend that you know genuine open mind some of you may be you
know um seeking out this information in a you know from lawyers or in a business
situation whatever this might be or doing your research online the month of
November is important for this advancement or enhancement of your
consciousness okay with information that you didn’t know before or with
information that’s gonna really have a bigger impact in your consciousness than
it has ever had before okay so that’s the message from angel double letters
okay and some of you may see double L or triple Elle’s you know you know as you
move about November late October as just you know signal signaling or reminding
you again of the message I just mentioned okay so Pisces please like
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some of you I think you’re gonna really be helped by this book when it comes to
those moments in life where there’s a lot of worry fear emotional concerns so
just you know you can preview my book in the link below you can get a preview of
it okay alright thank you very much Pisces all right take care

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