Pisces: The Zodiac Signs by Kelli Fox, The Astrologer

By | August 13, 2019

Hi Im Kelli Fox with the lowdown on Pisces
Sweet Pisces is symbolized by the Fish, those two little creatures whose scales glint in
the sun as they follow where the stream takes them. And just as that stream can symbolize
the subconscious mind or the winding path of life itself, Pisces is like those fish,
swimming along in the currents, taking what comes and throwing off rainbows as it goes.
It’s a Water Sign, fanciful Pisces knows exactly how to go with the flow. This sign is perfectly
happy following someone else’s lead, especially if it’s the lead of a trusted loved one. Pisces
is a highly romantic sign, one that tunes in on an intuitive, almost psychic level to
its friends and lovers, intuiting their emotional needs and doing what it can to meet them.
This is the sign that brings home stray puppies because it can’t bear to see them left alone
and hungry, which is a wonderful quality…but one that can get Pisces into trouble from
time to time. Ruled by Neptune, the planet of illusion,
this sign thrives on fantasy and imagination, and easily slips into savior fantasies. This
clip from the movie Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas is a fun take on the druggie reputation
Pisces sometimes has which is a way of dealing with the harsh realities of life and finding
that ultimate Utopia… Pisces can be a champion of lost causes, because its inherent idealism
blinds it to the fact that some people and situations just can’t be saved. On the other
hand, that love of fantasy can make for a very imaginative friend and lover. Due to
that impractical nature, this Sign works best with a strong, practical and trustworthy partner
who can serve as the rock in the relationship. Pisces, in turn, will provide the nurturing,
the sweetness and the emotional generosity that makes the connection really special.
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