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By | August 13, 2019

hii everyone ..
Todayyy it’s about the influence of mars in the fifth house of a birth chart,
After completing the videos on mars in first, second, third and fourth houses,
If, you missed my previous videos, you can find them, through the icard above or through
the links in the description below. today is Tuesday.. and as i mentioned in my
schedule.. am going to talk about the influence of Mars in the fifth house.
and if you want to know the best of fire, earth, air and water signs to have a Mars
in the fifth house, you have to watch this video completely. so, let’s start this with my introduction!!!
i am astrology video creator, ASTRO HOMINIS. welcome to my youtube channel. Nw… mars in the fifth house.,.
mars in the fifth house also influence the eighth,eleventh and twelfth houses.
if, you watched my previous videos. you all know the reason behind this.
because mars aspects the fourth,seventh,and eighth houses from it’s position in a birth
chart. so, how’s mars in the fifth house going to
influence a person? you can understand this only after understanding
what the fifth house signifies and the planet mars. fifth house falls in dharma trikona.
Fifth house is associated with intelligence, self expression, children, love,romantic relationships,
authorities, creativity,mantra saadhna, intuition, gambling, fun and enjoyable activities., and
becoming a center of attraction. And also old texts. And What is mars in astrology?
Mars is a natural malefic planet. Mars is masculine in nature.
Mars rules the 1st and eighth ZODIAC signs Aries and Scorpio.
Mars is associated with fire, heat, anger, aggression, impulsive nature,
Energy,passion, ambition, courage, will power, physical activities.
Mars Governs Sudden events, violent events, destruction, disputes,wars, injuries, surgeries,
sharp and dangerous objects like weapons. Mars is also associated with properties and
real estate, after all, Mars is said to be the son of earth.
mars is the karaka of brothers. And Mars ruled blood.
Mars aspects the fourth, seventh, and eighth houses from it’s position. planets in the fifth house show:
what a person can be passionate about. and the activities a person can find fun and
enjoyable how a person is? is he romantic or not??
how good a person’s creative self expression is going to be???
how is he going to behave with his children or followers?
can he gain the authority over others or not? his intelligence and intuition levels, and
his ability to practice . all of these can be observed from the planets
in the fifth house and planets aspecting the fifth house. so, how’s that going to be when a person has
mars in the fifth house of a birth chart? mars is competitions, sports and physical
involvement and being in the fifth house of hobbies., this can show a person who loves
to engage in sports or competitions or other physical activities.
in short, competitions drive them. the love to fight till the last ball of the match
At the same time, they love to engage their kids in sports.
mars here can give good intelligence, as both mars and fifth house are associated with intelligence. mars is energy, and being in the fifth house,
this can show a person having a lot of energy in romance., sports, having fun.
the person can be impulsive in matters of romance, and sports. mars is violence, aggression and risk taking
attitude., this shows their nature to love taking risk.
they incline into those activities that involve some kind of risk. Mars from the fifth house influence the eighth
house, eleventh house and twelfth houses. So, this can show the gains through gambling,
his power struggle with friends, his approach to occult or mysteries and secrets, and even
govt taxes. And going to foreign lands or prison or hospitals.
This depends on the sign Mars sits in. Now, before proceeding further to mars in
the fifth house through different zodiac signs, Always remember that the dignity of the dispositor
is important to analyse the end result. now, let’s look at mars in the 5th house through
different zodiac signs.. let’s strt with aries
mars in aries, is 5th and 12th house lord. mars here can show that the person can have
good intelligence and they can be very active in sports and romance.
the person is most likely to encourage their kids in sports and other physical activities.
and they can incline into gambling also. mars in taurus, is fourth and eleventh hose
lord. this can show that the person’s mother can
be stubborn and the person himself can be possessive with
his children students or followers. they find their peace of mind in fun activities
and they don’t get bored of playing the same sport everyday. mars in gemini, is third and tenth house lord.
this can show that the person has great will power, and loves to try new sports or new
physical activities every time. they can be very impulsive in romantic relationships and
gambling or sports. and the person can be very authoritative with
their children, students or friends. the person can have good communication skill
also. mars in cancer, is second and ninth house
lord, they can try to force their beliefs on their
children or romantic partners. they always want to guide others and others
to follow them. their energy is drained in these areas of
life. they cannot focus on one thing easily. mars in leo, is first and eighth house lord,
this can show a person bringing out the occult studies or secrets to his followers or students.
Just like me. As i am bringing out astrology to you all.
And the person can be inclined into gambling. A lot of energy and efforts go into their
self expression and in becoming the center of attraction. Mars in Virgo, is twelfth and seventh house
lord. This can show a person who expect a lot of discipline and lay down rules and conditions
for their children to follow. The person’s spouse can be energetic and criticizing
also. Mars in Libra, is eleventh and sixth house
lord. This can show disturbance in relationship with children. The person may get into a relationship
with a person from their friend circle. Mars in Scorpio, is fifth and tenth house
lord. This can show a strong emotional connection with progeny and the person’s work may require
his physical involvement or through creative self expression.
The person can be an extremist in romance or speculation. Mars in Sagittarius, is fourth and ninth house
lord. This can show a broad minded person, who loves to teach his beliefs to his children
or followers. Say sports, or technical knowledge, or even
yoga. Mars in Capricorn, is third and eighth house
lord. This can show that he has good communication skills and the person can bring out the secrets
or mysteries or death and reproduction out to his students. just like the way I do. And
this can also show a lot of intelligence also. Mars in Aquarius, is second and seventh house
lord. This can show a spouse who is very friendly and also intelligent. The spouse can be a
very scientific person. The person also can have good technical knowledge. Mars in pisces, is firSt and sixth house lord.
This can disturb the relationship with children and the person can be very creative and a
mind full of imagination. The person may be criticizing his children, and that can disturb
the relationship with them. And here comes the best of fire earth air
and water signs to have mars in the fifth house.
I would say… Sagittarius in fire signs,
Capricorn in earth signs, Aquarius in air signs,
And Scorpio in water signs. And let me tell you all.. That, if you want
a detailed explanation on the placement of a planet in a house from your birth chart
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