RAHU in Vedic Astrology (RAHU in Jyotish)

By | August 14, 2019

(orchestral music) – In last video we discussed about Saturn. Saturn completes the journey
of the soul from sun to sun. Saturn is a son of sun. So he brings back the soul for
his father, back to the soul. Today we are going to talk about Rahu. (electronic music) Namaste and welcome to
Pramanik Astrology channel, I am your host Prasad Mahajani
and I help you go further, faster into ayurvedic astrology studies. If you’re new to my channel
please consider subscribing, you will be getting ayurvedic astrology videos just like this one. Rahu and Ketu are no
the real planets, they are the shadow planets and
they cause the eclipses. They have given the status of
planet because they are the karmic axis. Rahu and Ketu are always 180
degrees from eachother, that’s why this is an axis, and
that’s why it is very karmic. Today we are going to talk about Rahu. Rahu and Ketu have some
similarities, both are nodel and they bring about change
apart from it they have a lot of things in common but today
we are going to talk about what is Rahu, and the
significations of the Rahu. The first thing which
comes to mind is illusion, Rahu is illusion. Rahu brings the change. Rahu amplifies the things. Rahu takes it to the higher level. Rahu takes it to the bigger level. If you have a planet conjunct, the Rahu… (piano music) It will amplify the
signification of the planet. What do I mean by that? If you have Rahu, Mars
conjunction, it will make you even more aggressive fears competitive. If you have Rahu and Venus
together, it will make you passionate and amplify
the Venus significations. It will make you attract
too, it will make you sexual. It will make you drawn
towards the Venus things. It will make it bigger,
it will amplify it. Anything which is foreign is
Rahu, out of the culture things are signified by Rahu. Rahu signifies that this is
which cannot be diagnosed. You feel something and when
you go and take a blood report, you get nothing, but you
still feel that this is… There are so many that this
is, some weird, undiagnosed this is, that’s what Rahu is all about. Rahu is very futuristic,
what do I mean by that? Rahu is the reason why we are born. Rahu is our passion, Rahu is
the thing which has brought us to this existence. Ketu is the thing which we
have already accomplished. Ketu is like a flag, Ketu says
yes I have already done that. Rahu is very materialistic. Rahu is you know, Rahu is very passionate. Rahu brings about the change, okay. So these are the radical change agents. One of the things signified
by Rahu, Rahu is foreign. Those who have explored other countries (modern electric music) Those who have explored foreign
countries, those who have invented foreign countries,
they used to be the sailors, they used to go out of their
country to explore the seas, these are the Rahu guys. They don’t even know if they’ll come back, yet they decided to sail. So foreign things are signified by Rahu. Rahu amplifies the things,
Rahu is very liberal. (car honks) Rahu will make you do the
things out of your culture. Which is taboo in your culture. Compulsive behavior, like
addiction, is also very much comes under the signification of Rahu. Rahu is liberal, forward, is doing things out of the culture. He is very much worldly planet. He is very outward, He’s
outspoken, liberal, forward. These are the significations of Rahu. What are the rushes for the Rahu? Rahu gives good result in Taurus,
it gets exulted in Taurus. Its (mumbles) in Gemini, and its own house is in Aquarius. What are the houses Rahu
gives best results in? (upbeat music) Rahu is a malefic planet,
it gives best results when it is in the upper three houses, that is three, six, 10 and 11. Already matured there further. Rahu, also the other three
quarters of houses is very much favorable for Rahu. Okay so lets summarize Rahu. Rahu is outward planet,
it is a loud planet, it is a forward planet, it
makes you bigger it makes the signification associated with, bigger. It amplifies the thing, it is
a rebel, it will make you… (concentrating) do the things out of culture. Rahu is your future, where ever
Rahu is placed is the place you lake control, is where
you’re passionate about, where your desire lies. If you don’t know where your
Rahu is placed go to my website get your free ayurvedic horoscope and check out the Rahu placement. What are the areas of
life you lack control? The passionate about, I think
you want to know that right? Go to my website and
check that Rahu placement. I’m going to put a link
into the description section also, I’m going to put a link
in the description section for a PDF document that
will help you understand Rahu even better. So this was Rahu as much
as I could grasp whole, share and deliver with you guys. If you are new to my channel,
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astrology videos just like this one. Otherwise we’ll see you in the
next video, love and peace. (dramatic music)

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  1. Pramanik Astrology Channel (PRA) Post author

    Vibrate HIgher Become your True self

    Love and Peace

  2. Pramanik Astrology Channel (PRA) Post author

    Rahu is the Head of the Dragon/snake.. ketu is the tail of the dragon/snake…

  3. Pramanik Astrology Channel (PRA) Post author

    So Rahu Has Mouth but doesnt have the Stomach.. So he is never satisfied and always want it more…

  4. MD MUSTAK Post author

    Great Video… Rahu is Extrovert, Diplomatic, Sharp, Anomic and Cruel…Am I Right ?

  5. Dinakar Reddy Post author

    Rahu in 8th house lagna chart is it the worst placement or any good results are there? Please reply sir

  6. vlad_the_implae_her Cunnilugis master Post author

    My rahu is at 18degress in the 1st house in hasta. Aspects Venus(18degress) in rohini in 9th house from it's 9th aspect. My question is if rahu is at the same degress as Venus is this like a conjunction?! ?. Since these two planets conjucted in d9 in gemini…?

  7. Dave man Post author

    how is having Rahu in the 5th House conjunct w/ Uranus in the sign of Libra, Ven (lord of 5th) in the 8th House? does that mean if I have a child it will die early?

  8. ramya sri Post author

    Hi frnd it is general doubt…
    When consider a couple chart both of hus and wife have a short life for depending our horoscope….. But at the same time the couple's children horoscope give good long life for mother and father ..so it cause the father and mother can be save ?

  9. ramya sri Post author

    Sukran Rahu in 3r house for gemini asc .also sun in 3rd house in degree 21 and rhau in4 degree .is it good or bad

  10. Panesar aman Post author

    In my birth chart rahu conjunct Venus,mercury and moon in the sign of leo in 7th house where ketu is in Aquarius in 1st house.

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    Sorry but not able to get free horoscope section on your website

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    Sir,, I have rahu in my 1st house in capricorn ,, mars is aspecting it from the 10th house.. Is it a good sign, please reply

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    I'm a bit distracted with your cute looking ? my apologies ?.. Have rahu in 4th house in natal chart.it create issue in home environment and 4th lord is in a bad condition .. rahu here aspecting my lagna lord (moon) in 12th house what effect it can brings to me??


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