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  2. Ayushman Srivastava Post author

    Actually, it helped me to brush up ?

  3. Manoj Tandon Post author

    Rahu in 4th house, u said only things related to his/her sleep problem,… there are more than 100 things (even u didnt covered 10 out of 100) whose Rahu is in 4th house

  4. Fly High Post author

    what if rahu goes chalit from 1 to 12 th house

  5. Roy Animesh Post author

    I got it in 2nd house but in 3rd in bhava chalit chart

  6. Su310879 Post author

    my dear sunileeji you are so sweet…..thanks for all your videos.

  7. Suman Rahaman SRM Post author

    thank you mam…

    rahu in 7th house could give unconventional marriage??

  8. Shree Patel Post author

    Very Nice Series.. Every house judgement is Truely appriciable. .. I know some of my friend having Rahu in 1st 2nd 4th 10th 5th house they all so similar what mam said in Video..
    Thank you Mam for making this Video

  9. Radha Chavali Post author

    how can we see the purity of rahu.my rahu is in scorpio 2 nd house libra lagna.rahu in jeyesta Nakshatra pada3

  10. kumar samyappan Post author

    If you have time please make an video on pushkar Lagna and its effects on mahadashas

  11. Amrit Kadel Post author

    Rahu in 3rd house and ascendant lord is also rahu being swati nakshatra

  12. Rini Royal Post author

    Nice analysis mam.. I have Rahu in first house. Whatever u said is so accurate. Thank You.

  13. Arelisms Post author

    which house system? rahu in 3rd house in whole house system,,,, placidus rahus is in 2nd house…. i dont knw which one i shld read

  14. neha sharma Post author

    nice video mam.. I have 6 th house ketu… I have stomach problem for many years.. n yes I am a spiritual person but does this Rahu help in achieving spiritual aim of life too? mam please do detail video of Rahu ketu in each house…

  15. Hansi G Post author

    Sunilee Mam – Many thanks for your knowledge sharing. One request — Please do not shorten your expert knowledge as you go towards the end of the video. you usually elaborate and give many points upto TOP five houses or five rashis but then you make it shorter and shorter as the houses or bhavas go to 12th.

  16. occult Post author

    Maam u mentioned that rahu and Ketu give instant fruits of our karma. So wanted to ask you is it instant fruits or are they planets of past karma. ?

  17. Bhavesh Rathod Post author

    Please do video on Bhav Chalit Chart and it's importance

  18. The Maayaa Post author

    mam 3rd house rahu in scorpio… get angry soon but gundatype or abusive language a big no. jupiter saturn in trine to it…result varies?

  19. Denice Zenna Post author

    sunilee ji , can you please explain what you meant by rahu in 2nd bhava means rebirth of uncle , so you mean either one of grandparents brother ,this would mean one who was passed away before person with rahu in 2nd house birth , correct ?

  20. shyam sunder Post author

    Hi madam,

    I am ur follower u didn't explain much about kethu in 6th Bhava

  21. lakhbir SINGH Post author

    verry nice short and perfect explanation

  22. ramlaltransformer Post author

    so very rite kept in 12th not always gives mokasha how is rahu Neptune Uranus conjunction in 8th

  23. ananta valli varanasi Post author

    It's a good eye opener about different bhavas and rajugaru affect mam

  24. Amarjeet Singh Post author

    Rahu is fear n ketu is fearlessndispositorsrs r cause of our rise

  25. Santosh Mohapatra Post author

    As ketu is a headless planet, how it can have aspect??

  26. Ajay Singh Rawat Post author

    My son has neech rahu in brischk lagan he left his graduation in between n buri sangat burey khaanpaan m h

  27. Ajay Singh Rawat Post author

    U said very true about ketu s position in 12th house i have it

  28. Manisha Sarda Post author

    Rahu in 4th house in Pisces sign ever since childhood i had sleep disorder.. but at time my rahu mahadasha started im having better sleep. How to see this.

  29. Daanish Qanoongo Post author

    Thank u so much mam for such Astro gyan.I am learning from u mam.So once again thanks a lot.l have a query mam if rahu in 1st house and ketu in 12th house in Navmansh chart….then wt will be the result.

  30. Amit Sadhukhan Post author

    Rahu in 12 house with venus what happened if it has scorpion ascendant.

  31. 666 XC soul Post author

    Rahu in gemni in punarvasu nakshathra in 7th house is effective or not effective and kethu in sagitarious in 1st house

  32. Nimmi Post author

    Thanks for a wonderfully enriching video ma'am.
    Who has seen moksha?–This question is intriguing and thought of sharing my views…

    Moksha–now, if someone see's this,why would they come back?:-)
    Moksha is a state of being of the soul wherein your soul is so evolved that when you go to the 6 different planes in swarga loka, no one is able to send you back or is able to force you to have a re-birth, in other words you have a zero balance of good and bad karmas and you can call yourself a soul!

    Now,if Lord Ketu is positioned in here,it just means that you have come pre-programmed with good enough karma's and abilities to achieve this state, but, its not by default and in the present life the efforts has to continue which will yield faster results as compared to other positions of Lord Ketu in a chart.

    By the way,I have him in his nakshatra(ashwini)-12th house:-)

  33. tatti salles Post author

    17:41 Rahu in the 5th house in aquarius. Satasbhishek Nakshatra. Saturn in the 3rd house.

  34. Niharika Sharma Post author

    Sunilee ji I’m confused, I thought rahu is obsession, the house it is placed in gives obsessions pertaining to that house. And ketu is disassociation.

  35. C B Post author

    What ever planets in 8th house.,8th house doesnt give good reaults.


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