Rare Mystic Cross Or Letter X On Your Palm?-Palmistry

By | August 24, 2019

Welcome to another video on palmistry
guys.This video is the extension of my previous video on letter X found on the
person’s hand where I saw a lot of people have misinterpreted this sign.
There are comments saying they have got 2X,3X and lots of cross sign on both of
the palms and some people claimed that they have got letter X on their hands
but still struggling for livelihood and are jobless,unemployed.This is just
ridiculous No sign on the hand guarantee a job
unless you work hard for it.Let me show you the cases where the X sign get
formed with the help of two confused lines but does not hold any relevance. Consider the fate line is going to the mount of Saturn.Quadrangle is the area found between the heart line and the head
line.Whenever lines from either the heart line or the head line crosses the
fate line a cross like formation takes place which most of the people consider
it as letter X or mystic cross.It only indicates that during that particular
age disappointments in relationship or strain on the brain has affected the
career in some way or another.Similarly, two lines from heart line and head line
crossing and touching each other completely or the individual lines from
either the head line or heart line crossing each other as shown are not
considered as letter X.This is one of the reasons why people tend to believe
they have got this sign when they actually don’t.Real mystic cross is
found isolated in the quadrangle not touching the fate line,the head line or
the heart line.It increases the intuitive and psychic abilities of the
person.Also the branch from either the head line or the heart line and another
independent line crossing this line without touching the line is also
considered as letter X or mystic cross. However,its effect will not be the same
as an independent cross found in the quadrangle.These are some of the
misconceptions I wanted to share in this video.I would advise the viewers to
watch my previous video so that you can easily understand what I wanted to
convey through this video.I have provided the link in the video
description.Hope you guys are having an awesome day. guys if you liked the video please hit the subscribe button and turn on the
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28 thoughts on “Rare Mystic Cross Or Letter X On Your Palm?-Palmistry

  1. Fun Channel Post author


  2. Kenath Warnarathne Post author

    I'm from sri lanka thank you very much for the information.

  3. Pepot Cervantes Post author

    i have a letter x formed by a line that goes up to my index finger from my life line and a small line that connects my life line and head line. (my life line and head line is not connected ) what does it mean? thanks in advance

  4. Bianca Harry Post author

    Tell you the truth I see x on my both hands and foot bottom.

  5. James Anderson Post author

    Thank you for the information. There was a confusion for me as my both hands has x symbols touching both lines.

  6. Unknxwn_Kxrma Post author

    I have an "X" on both of my hands… but I'm still confused about what it means though

  7. princess georgina Post author

    I have the letter x on both palms these are the mystic cross i do have the x crossing on the fate line yes i am a spiritual medium and im also an energy healer im very blessed

  8. Chris Yang Post author

    I have 4 xes on the right and 1 on my left. are they really mean something; I stay broke for years and never reach my goal yet. Will I be a successful business person? I feel I need a lot more education but I'm already over 60, ya.

  9. The Random Man Post author

    i got 1 on each, but mine are just about the middle of my palms

  10. Eric L Krepps Sr Post author

    What if you had two a very long time an one hand changes?

  11. Charles Schwartz Post author

    I see the letter M for Mary, the Blessed Mother.

  12. emmy malm Post author

    My hands is both filled with so much crosses, lines and more lines,

  13. Blood Saper Post author

    I have a cross sign in palmistry under and bilow


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