Real Things White People Have Said to Me

By | October 7, 2019

– Now don’t get your
panties all in a bunch. (horse neighing) What up everyone, it’s
your girl Superwoman, and a lot of people ask me if I’ve ever suffered any extreme cases of racism and to be honest, no. I’m fortunate enough
to say that I haven’t, but since moving to LA I have definitely had some people say some
ridiculous things to me. But here’s the thing, I
find it F-in hilarious. Here are real things that
white people have said to me. My dad’s name is Sukhwinder. – Sukwinder? Sukwander? I’ll just call your dad Sam. – Oh my God you’re Indian. I loved Slumdog Millionaire. – So your last name’s Singh, are you related to Ranveer Singh? – You know, one of my
co-workers is Indian. What a small world. – So I went to like an
Indian wedding once, and I wore the full
costume and everything. – Your parents must be really strict. – Did they expect you
to get married at 23? – I even belly danced to Bollywood music and I wore that little dot on my forehead. – So why aren’t you a doctor or a lawyer? – Are you allowed to have a boyfriend? – I went to Little India once and I got the best tandoori chicken. – Do you speak Indian at home? – Are you a very strict Hindi? – So is your real name Lilly? Stop lying, I’ve never
met a real Indian Lilly. – Do you know Priyanka Chopra? She’s Indian too, right? – It’s so terrible everything
you see in movies about India. – You probably want
something spicy, right? – You know who you look like? Mindy Kaling. – You look so exotic. I thought you were from
Brazil or something. – You know I’ve always
wanted to visit Dehli. – My friend went to India last
year, it changed his life. – So where are your parents from? – They’re from Punjab. – Oh, that’s in the Middle East, right? – I will take the veggie burger, please. – Is that because you’re Islam? – Do you have to get an arranged marriage? – Did you experience a
lot of racism growing up? – So you’re not allowed to have
sex before marriage, right? That’s crazy. – Here’s the thing though,
right, I don’t believe that every person who
says something ignorant is trying to offend me. I think they don’t know any better and no one has schooled them. So this is my attempt
to make you understand. Here’s what the reverse would sound like, if I spoke to white people
how they spoke to me. – Yeah, my dad’s name is Peter. – Pa-tah? Pa-tad? I’ll just call him Brubjub. Wait, are you white? Oh my God, I love Taylor Swift! ♫ Shake it off, shake it off – Wait, Smith, are you
related to Derek Smith? He’s also from America. Oh my God, the girl who served me a latte at Starbucks this morning was also white, so I totally get you. I went to a white wedding once, beautiful, but it was so short, and
your families are so tiny. You probably tell your mom
to shut up all the time. I even did the chicken dance and wore a tie around my
forehead, it was so cultured. Wait, so you’re not a country singer? Are you allowed to be a virgin? I went to Burger King
once, and I loved it! Wait so do you speak fluent
American at home, or British? Or Scottish? Irish. Are you a strict English? So is your real name Sarah? – Yeah. – Oh my God, I know
like nine white Sarahs. Do you know Ellen? She’s also white. Love her. (sighs) It’s so terrible everything you see in history books about white people. You probably want something
with no flavor, right? You look exactly like Jimmy Fallon. Yeah, like the features, everything. Wow. You look so… common. I’ve always wanted to visit Utah, so cool. My friend went to Ohio last year, and he said his life was exactly the same. And you’re from Chicago, right? – Mhm. – That’s in Europe, right? – I’ll take the steak and potatoes. – Is that because your Christianity? So will your parents
force you to fall in love, or are you allowed to get arranged? So do you have a super hard
time recognizing your privilege, or are you aware of it now? – Oh I don’t have any privilege. – Okay, so you’re not. Is it hard to have so many options when you’re shopping for foundation? Crap, they don’t have
any egg nog on the menu. Do you drink anything else? Look at your hair, can I touch it? Do you mind? Wow, that is so soft, is that natural? – Yeah. – It’s beautiful, look
at his hair, look at it. Yeah, touch it. So what’s the religious
symbolism of the hat? Wait, so let me get this straight, you actually turn red in the
sun, like you change color? That’s crazy. I watched a documentary about your people, called Supersize Me, so sad. So did they like expect you
to be pregnant by sixteen? And there you have it,
it’s not meant to be offensive or anything it just… – Wait, wait, wait. Aren’t you actually related
to someone named Runveer? – Okay but that doesn’t…
– And didn’t your parents actually want you to get married at a really young age? – Shouldn’t y’all be doing
the YMCA or something? Get the F out of here,
get out my frame, get out. It’s all about one love,
thanks for watching! We’re all friends, this
wasn’t meant to offend anyone just a lighthearted video. If you enjoyed it give it a big thumbs up and check out my last
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every Monday and Thursday. One love, Superwoman that is a wrap and… ♫ YMCA – She tricked us.

100 thoughts on “Real Things White People Have Said to Me

  1. IISuperwomanII Post author

    Hey #TeamSuper! This video is all fun and games and tbh, I cannot stop laughing LOL! It ain't that serious! But you know what is serious?! THE #SuperSixty THAT'S ABOUT TO GO DOWN! I'll be responding to comments for the next hour. And GO! xo

  2. Joseph W. Post author

    This is the 5th video of lilly's I've seen. Are these supposed to be funny?

  3. pink sheep Post author

    im white and i had someone come to me and ask if i was white or russian…EVERYONE GETS SURPRISED WHEN I TELL THEM MY ETHNIC BACKROUND

  4. Maryam Alsaffar Post author

    "Is that because you're Islam"
    Literally have a holiday about killing a goat?

  5. audrey smith Post author

    “ my friend went to Ohio and he said his life was exactly the same “ love that

  6. Levi Graziano Post author

    God forbid white people try to get to know you. It’s funny that none of the little digs in your roles reversed skit would have offended me. Maybe that’s the difference, white people don’t have a chip on their shoulder and expect special treatment and protections.

  7. Deepa Kulkarni Post author

    Oh, you're Indian? So, can you speak Indian? me internally screaming

  8. Crazy Gamer. Post author

    Theres two types of whites

    Raciest ones
    And Unemployed Whites

  9. Perfectblogsbycami Flor Post author

    “But Your Mexican how do you not like cheese” ?bruh I’m lactose in tolerant

  10. Little Body Post author

    "Oh so you are mexican?! taco bell is my favorite!!!" -_-

  11. Juliana Piper Post author

    I am not white I’m Mexican but what is the dot on that some Indian people put on your forehead?

  12. ATTERO DOMINATUS Post author

    well this girl doesn't know that she is more related to ''white'' people than to some group of people from india.

  13. Rose-grace marrie Post author

    "ur from Chicago,that's in Europe right" XD i died of laughter Chicago is in The USA XD

  14. Purple Princess Post author

    People always ask me are you japanese or are you chinese. IM KOREAN and Russian!!!!!! People never ask me if I am Korean or Russian.

  15. Eseercam Post author

    I've gotten "Have you ever thought about wearing dreadlocks?"???

  16. Bandom Trash.Treasure Post author

    My hair is ombré and stuff and someone came up to me and said:

    “Is that your natural hair color?”

  17. ThatOneGayKid InBlack Post author

    "My friend went to Ohio last year, he said his life was EXACTLY the same." As an Ohioan, I can say that his life wouldn't be nearly the same, It would be way more boring.

  18. Tahseen Uddin Post author

    Once this eighth grader asked me if I speak asian…

  19. Chocolxte_ Bübble_Teã Post author

    I'm tamil and everyone says when they don't know me after I introduce myself THEY ASK ARE U INDIAN

  20. glenn Sarka Post author

    Real things white people say to me:
    Your white (I am)

  21. Alisha Post author

    when you said your from punjab and then the guy say " thats in middle east right" that was hilarrrrriiioooussss

  22. orangegirl Post author

    They are white people who've spent their entire lives in a predominantly white country which was shaped mainly by European influences. Hence, it is not surprising that they don't know much about various Asian and African cultures. If they were American migrants to India, and still talked like this, you might have a point.

  23. Anxo Fernandez Post author

    American culture and identity is kinda generic. Maybe that's why so many white people identify as Italian, Greek, German, Irish, Scottish, Dutch, Polish and so on. People need roots, people need an identity. When whites talk to people with a different cultural background they often use stereotypes but in most cases it's not with the intention of being offensive.

  24. are you kirring mi irrriya?? Post author

    one time one of my friend’s blonde classmate said she loved sushi
    me : meh i kinda like it
    her : HOW? you’re chinese you S H O U L D love sushi lol

  25. Ben Chang Post author

    I a white man asked "are you going to get an arranged marriage?'

    I got chewed out hard.

    Until I explained that my last girlfriend was secretly dating me because she was expected to get arranged Married… Stop jumping to get offended

  26. Stipe Radda Radda Radda Miocic Post author

    Racism isnt the problem the problem is your ears StupidWoman

  27. Zylo gaming Post author

    This kid came up to me and said. And I qoute "ArE THeRE LiOnS ANd TiGErs ThaT RuN AroUnd iN AfRicA?"

    I walked away and said "The generic white dude aye

  28. Kwami Central Post author


  29. Kpop BTS EXO GOT7 SUJU SHINee trash Post author

    I mean I don’t live in a country where I’m the only foreigner so…… but we do make fun of people that make fun of us(Asians) on the media

  30. Anonymous 1 Post author

    You know what these things are pathetic, im a white person and WHY DA FACKING STEREOTYPES ?

  31. 帥哥 Post author

    Ask a White person how many slaves his grandparents had .

  32. Eri Guano Post author

    I have come across a lot of white that like to eat things with no flavor especially upstate New York.

  33. toady Post author

    Are you sure this is LA? Because in LA, nobody really knows or cares too much about a person's ethnicity. Also, there are hardly any White Anglos remaining there.

  34. arin senninha Post author

    Me: I'm Indonesian
    Them: Never heard of it
    Me: Ever heard of Bali?
    Me: No

    If you know, you know.

  35. Ocean Falls Post author

    4:25 that guy was looking so uncomfortable during the reverse questions lol

  36. Iqra Saeed Post author

    OMG SO TRUE once someone came up to me and said do you speak muslim?

  37. thanks pete Post author

    (When I was around 11)
    White mom: no of course you can model
    Me: no, all of the models on those adds are white…
    White mom: no! You’re Asian! You have that EXOTIC beauty! You’re so exotic!!!!

  38. Witcher Crafts Post author

    Back when made fun of white people but wasn't being hateful about it.

  39. Emma Thomas Post author

    So I’m a Mexican girl with Very light skin, which somehow means that I am white. You don’t know how many freaking people have said, “how’d you get a 100 on your Spanish test Emma? It’s only halfway through the first semester of Spanish and I thought you were white.” That pisses me off. IF YOU HAVE LIGHT SKIN IT DOESN’T MEAN THAT YOU ARE WHITE!

    Has anyone from any different race and has light skin gone through the same thing so I know I’m not alone?

  40. Quetzaly Mx Post author

    Someone in school told me “do you speak Mexican” and I was like “??‍♀️”

  41. Bella The gachatuber and gamer girl! Post author

    I’m middle eastern and one time somebody was like “YOU LOOK EXACTLY LIKE ME……

    “Except the chocolate version”

  42. ᴄxᴛᴇ ᴊɪᴍɪɴɪᴇ._ Post author

    Random people I meet in the internet: So where are you from ?

    Me: Lebanon

    Random people i meet in the internet: oh that's cool, where do you live ?

    Me: oh ! I live in Los Angeles ?

    Random people i meet in the internet: OMG !! YOU ARE SOO RICH !! LUCKY YOU !! 🙁

    Me: ┻━┻ ︵ヽ(`Д´)ノ︵ ┻━┻

  43. -Sai Sai ùwù- Post author

    Class: shares the parents ages when they were born


  44. Peter Hedlöf Post author

    It must be great for you that No other etnic,religion,Creed has Said it done anything other than White folks. Maybe USA should coincider coulor change next door to nose jobs when you all Will be happy equal Good Divine. It must just be great to be holy & divine like you with No faults no failures just a perfect human being

  45. Rayna Hasham Post author

    I told my friend that I was Asian. She told me “No, your Indian” ?

  46. mark o'shea Post author

    Things that never happened.

  47. Not_Angiee Post author

    – “Wait so your last names Singh? Are you like related with Ranveer Singh?”
    Yo I can relate my last names khan and people think my dad is shahrukh khan, like seriously? ?

  48. Nirad802 Post author

    Es schaun als Hakenkreuz voll Hoffnung schon millionen

  49. Blue Plague Post author

    I- please post videos roasting us. That supersize me line was so genius, I am crying tears of joy xD

  50. Hanad Ilmi Post author

    Nobody has ever mistaken if I was from another country. Because I have a british accent so they can tell I’m british ;-;

    Buuuuut I’m half French so <:

  51. saurabh sharma Post author

    Do you speak Indian at home.
    – No, she speaks chinese at home.

    I went to india once and I got the best tandoori chicken.
    – Ok out of hundred varieties of food in india, they only found tandoori chicken.

    So you are not allow to have se* before marriage life.
    – Really??? Dont forget that KamaSutra was invented by india.

  52. divydumdrop hello Post author

    Lolll..I loved how u flipped it around. Was not expecting it and it was so HILARIOUS

  53. Paul Hilburger Post author

    These are almost as bad as being beheaded like what happened to those two white European girls who went to vacation in Morocco. Almost.

  54. Rajini Prasad Post author

    No way! Apparently I look like Mindy Kaling too lol

  55. BANGTAN_Cult Post author

    I'm Sri Lankan. I'm not even dark and this person explained to me what sun screen was. Smh

  56. Noor Zaman Post author

    I'm Indian and I was born in Utah… we don't live there anymore…

    it wasn't "diverse"

  57. Stephenny Ebele Post author

    Lilly: I'll have veggie burger
    White guy: Is that because you're Islam

    White guy: I'd take the stakes and potatoes
    Lilly: Is that because you're Christian
    Like what??? ??


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