“Replicas” Star Alice Eve Reads Rachael’s Astrology Chart

By | September 5, 2019

You’re really into astrology, I heard, as well. So I did just read your stuff. Oh, yeah, you did? You’re very nice. 7:11 a.m., August 25th I gave her my stuff. I just read it. You’re very Virgo. I’m very Virgo. Very grounded. Very list oriented, too. Very list oriented, very practical, also very generous. You have your son in the 12th house, it’s like I invented it. No, I just read you’re generous. No, this is just, it fascinates me because this used to be so big when I was a kid. Everybody was into astrology and astronomy. My mom used to go to a guy called The Cosmic Muffin who had a radio show and get her charts– What a unique name. I know, right. She’d get her charts read, his name was Darrell something. How long have you been into this and why’d you get into it? I don’t know why I got into it. It’s like in the traits of my sign, which is Aquarius, to be into it but I don’t know why I got into it. But it’s just like it’s the second most Googled thing after porn. Really? So it’s, I’m not into porn. I’m into astrology. What can I tell you? In this case it’s okay to be number two. In this case it’s better to be number two. So it’s obviously a pastime, a hobby for a lot of people. It’s definitely my hobby. Do you do charts and stuff for your friends? Yes, I do. Oh, I love that. I know, me too, I love it. This is so exciting. You go over to your friedns house a bottle of wine, you got the little charts. Totally. So fun. It’s really fun and you know it’s less about predicting the future because I’m not sure any of us can do that. It’s more about learning what the person is like ’cause you did have a very strong generous streak in your chart and nice and not everyone does have that kind of chart. Some people have little more edge. Whew. (audience cheering and clapping)

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  1. Jo Montanee Post author

    Aquarius and Uranus is the energy of Astrology and Alice is Aquarius.


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