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Hi Sagittarius Sun Moon and rising this is your 20/20 reading Per month from January through to December with Amira Celonmediumship Academy you’re most welcome to join my Academy at any time and be a a student of the esoteric arts and mediumship training and All the links are here below to do that or to book a personal session with me I am offering the 20/20 readings or the yearly readings at any point in time for only $49 you’ll get a 12 Card spread with the Tarot as well as a mirrors love oracle cards and a personal download for you Audio download interpreting and channeling the messages for you through the cards So, you’re welcome to book that just check my website and the offer And the reading booking will be the $49 reading booking if you’d like to do that and just saying in the comment Section you want the 20/20 reading or the 12-month reading? You can also book the twelfth month reading once the year has already started so Just depending on where we’re up to. All right, Sagittarius Let’s have a look at February. Sorry January through December What’s what is it with February something really interesting? I think it’s going to pop up for you in February. That was a Freudian slip So, let’s have a look at the spread 2020 Sagittarius Okay All right starting off in January you’ve got your hands tied you feel somehow Bound by something bound It could be but your bitch between a rock and a hard place. I feel sad. It’s like You can’t see a way out and you’re gonna work a way out of it You’re gonna work a way out of it because you’re getting out of it in February. So that’s what February was about It’s getting yourself out of Dodge So you’re going to be releasing yourself from a situation? Taking off leaving what you’ve built up behind you. It’s not like you’re gonna care about it It’s like okay what it is done done. I don’t really care I’m going off with my red cape and the fight and the aid of cups are behind me and I don’t really care. It could be also that You know, there’s an eclipse feeling here as well there’s a bit of an eclipse doubt feeling so It could be that you want to eclipse out of a situation or the eclipses are going to have an impact on you in February And that’s when you’re going to say no. I’ve had enough of that. I’m leaving I’m going You know, you could be leaving a relationship leaving a country a house an apartment a job Leaving some sort of situation that you’ve you’ve been looking you’ve been in for some time. That’s what I feel then we’ve got March the page of pinnacles so Kind of reflecting on your finances looking back over your finances reflecting on your finances Receiving more money or getting money back from something because the page is looking backwards so looking back at Where you can actually get some money back from so there could be some people that owe your money or you need to get a Some sort of a dividend or a payout or a refund or something can also be a pay You know a young person a person under the sign of Taurus Virgo Capricorn that is coming into your life or showing up You might already know them They could also be family member a son a daughter a family member that you’re focusing on as well in March Then in April, we’ve got the moon there could be a Piscean person coming in around you. There could be some sort of illusion self-deception disillusion you might be disillusioned with a lot of things sage and because you do often dig deep and You know like contemplate things delve into things Think very long and hard and Philosophically about a lot of subjects. You could be thinking you know, what is this all about? You know is all about what is the essence of this? Existence for me. What is it that I’m doing here? What is my purpose? There could also be some deception around you There could be some sort of depression around you as well From somebody or within yourself so you could be just going through a bit of a phase where you’re kind of Contemplating and trying to work something out then we have the five of Wands for May and that feels to me like this is where you’re kind of going to emerge in the year This is where you’re going to pop out you’re going to get your energy back This is where you’re going to feel like you’ve got vim and vigor you could be very attracted to somebody a sort of sexual tension and Attraction a physical attraction there’s competition healthy competition it’s like you’re ready to You know go for something you’re ready to set something on fire and the ones are fire So a fire element, so this is you Sagittarius. This is you Getting back your mojo. Your mojo is getting back on in in May and in June You’ve got the lovers so the lover might show up in May and it’s like this attraction You could already be in a relationship by June and you’re in a business partnership in a really nice Balanced partnership where you just feel like everything’s beautiful These lilies are really jumping out at me. So it’s sort of like everything is charming and Perfumes in the air and it’s the right scent. It’s the right magic. It’s the right ambience Attracting in a new partner for this year for you If it does happen and when it does happen it’s going to be quite magical and it’s going to feel right and it’s going to feel balanced and it’s going to have I’m just picking up a lot of beautiful scents It’s going to be the right perfume. So whatever that means to you There is a message in that so whatever that means to you. So two Terriers Then in July we have the four of Wands So that can be that you’re moving in with somebody you’re creating a home you’re redecorating the home You’re living somewhere where you want to be and you’re happy in your home with this person You’re happy and in your home with your family You’re happy in your home wherever you may be and whatever you may be doing You could also be purchasing a home building a home or renovating a home or redecorating Then we have for August the temperance card, so this can be you know, weighing up the pros and cons Contemplating life this can be, you know learning something Feeling like you’ve achieved you know like a learning Accreditation so this could be that you’ve been waiting to get accredited in something or waiting to Receive a degree or pass an exam and this is when it’s going to happen in September October Oh, sorry. That’s August September Is the page of Rods so this is looking further afield going on a new adventure I do feel you’re going to have something to do with warm climates looking at Mediterranean sort of style climates This can also be used Sagittarius the page of Rods male or female So it’s feeling like you’re in your energy you’re moving forward with your life you’ve got a plan a plan of action or it could be somebody under a fire sign coming into your life if They’re not already there. So Aries Aries Leo and Sagittarius Then we had the queen of swords She’s very sharp. She knows what she wants. She’s a quick thinker She could be a Gemini Libra Aquarius female coming into your life if you’re looking for a female or have somebody like that around you who’s an Influence in your life somebody who’s helping you make decisions as well She could also be a lawyer somebody that you’re consulting. She could be a mother figure somebody in authority Somebody who has a very sharp mind She could be somebody who is teaching you something. It could be a mentor a teacher a professor and instructor Then in November, you’ve got the two of swords so the two of swords very much is about you know, contemplating a decision Contemplating the next move being in two minds about something needing to take the blindfold off but not until you’ve actually had a think about it and really you know consulted the people that are important to you or the people who may have answers to help you or Ideas to help you the queen of swords is a very good one for ideas And then you’re going to sort of sort out in your mind in November the best idea for you December finishing off with the world another major arcana. So you’ve got the major arcana. You’ve got the world the lovers the moon and the temperance card So finishing off in December with this beautiful world card So this is very much you Sagittarius, you love travel you love the world. You love cultures. This is coming full circle This is completing a big cycle in your life Coming full circle. You might also be going through a year number so, you know being cycle like the end of a nine year cycle and going into a one or something like that as well and I might actually put you know post a video about that that I did it on another year About the Year numbers. Yeah that year cycles So this is this is really really nice a nice way to end the year You might be going on an international trip you might decide to take off on on a world adventure in some way or you might have finished a situation and completed a story and Finished something uncomfortable circle so it could be a course of study it could be You know, you’re finished living in one particular country and you’re ready to go somewhere else or you’ve just come You know into a situation where you feel content about a cycle that is being completed So that’s a nice one Sagittarius. You’ve got great. Love great. Love Great energy for relationship for home family love and the world so the world is yours edge take it within both hands and enjoy and All the links are here below. Thank you for subscribing watching and sharing and until next time ciao for now


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    Thank you Amira?♐♥️ Wishing you a very happy 2020???

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    Thank you for the 12 month personal reading for 2020..Thank you so much Amira! It was great! Have a great Holiday!! ?


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