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By | January 4, 2020

Hi Sagittarians this is Reverend Renee here
with your March 2019 reading which i think is going to be pretty hot as at
this point I’m not sure if it’s gonna turn out to be a love reading or money
reading career focus but we are going to put the cards down and I’m gonna ask you
to at a certain point after I do my initial spill or shpeel l I’m going to ask
you to focus with me no matter when you’re watching because there’s no time
or distance in the spirit so subscribe and share the video on social media hit
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using the horoscope app that we have in the description box now you’ve got
special numbers 9 11 21 44 and 54 that’s five four with a special date and
time of March 21st 10 a.m. Eastern now you guys have a powerful entry into your
sign they’re challenging the status quo inside of you you’re full there’s a lot
of Drive a lot of creativity however there are three questions I want to ask
you I want to ask you if you would please think about why you want what you
want how is it gonna affect those closest to you the ones you care about
and how it will affect your future these are three questions you got to ask
yourself whether you’re a regular individual you consider yourself to be
the average person you’re a CEO of a company or the head of a country now
focus with me what is it that we need to hear for Sagittarians for the month of
March 2019 I know you’re a busy we’re not gonna take up too much of your time
I’m getting this chariot lots of thinking going on okay temperance
you got some major arcana cars here oh alright so let’s look at your overall
energies nine of Wands sometimes this is about hurt feelings you know you’re
going through a tough time there’s so many situations that could be happening
situations with family extra responsibilities that you have that you
have to take care of that affects those around you affects you and it appears to
be affecting the home a lot of times you can have the money flowing in but if
you’re being pulled in too many directions it pulls you away from those
things or people that need you the most we have a transition going on and
temperance okay I’m gonna put a clarifier out for this deaf cart to see
what we’re dealing with perhaps you’re dealing with an aging
family member that you are now responsible for perhaps there’s
something else going on you’re having to take on some more responsibility here
ace of Pentacles is what we’re dealing with so there could be something going
on with your job something going on with your business and you have the you’re
having to kind of wheel and deal get some things going get online to get some
communicate with some people talk with some people maybe there
that’s a bank that’s going to help you to focus on the next direction I’m gonna
put a clarifier card on top of these two what are we talking about and I see
we’re talking to some people about something but what is this about it’s
about new opportunity this could be also with regard to something going on with
your marriage I say that because of the chariot cart the chariot cart and the
happy home that we have here looks like this is still your center is
still very important to you but we’ve got something going on with the little
hooded person coming in to kind of reconnect from the past and there’s some
thought going into this from a career standpoint this could be a new
opportunity that you have to leave a current situation and move to another
one from a loved opportunity or love reading this could be a situation where
somebody from your past is coming back to challenge this happy home so one
thing I will say to you once again there are three questions you want to ask
yourself why do you want to do this why do you want to do this how will it
affect those closest to you and how will it affect your future you can answer
those questions to your own satisfaction then go for it all right love you
Sagittarians take care bye-bye

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