SAGITTARIUS LOVE JANUARY 2017 IN-DEPTH TAROT. Subtitles in several languages.

By | October 21, 2019

Hello Sagittarius! Welcome to your love reading for the month of January 2017. So, the first month of the new year. Exciting! Let’s see what it has to bring you, when it comes to relationships and love. Sagittarius love January 2017 Ok, there we go. Ok Sagittarius, in the overall energy I have you, the queen of wands. So this is you Sagittarius, and you are here, straightaway, in the overall energy for this reading for the month of January. So we are definitely talking about you, how you feel, your thoughts, your wishes. So that is in focus. That is your focus, Sagittarius. You’re thinking about yourself in the month of January. And since I have the six of cups next to it, we could be talking about you thinking about making old things new again. Something that you felt good about in the past. This could be a person, or it could be a situation. But something you felt good about in the past, you want to make that new again. You want to feel like that again. So that is what I’m getting for you Sagittarius.A nd with the two of cups, this has to do with relationships, or with someone special that you are connected to in some way. It could be that you are a couple right now, or that you have been a couple. Or this could be someone you have met in the past. Maybe you were together with this person in a relationship in the past, and you went separate ways. But you still have very warm feelings towards this person. And when you think about your relationship in the past, you want to make that new again. So it could be that you want to be with someone again, from your past. Since I have the nine or swords underneath, you want this, but you are not sure that it will happen. You’re definitely not sure that it will happen, because you worry about it. Maybe you worry how this person feels about you now, because of things that happen in the past. Or if you are in a relationship with this person right now, you could be worrying about how your relationship is developing. If you will continue to be with each other, or if there will be a break up here. There’s something you’re worrying about. If you’re single, you could have met this person in the past. It seems like this is someone you already know, it’s not someone new. So maybe you met this person some time ago, and you had a good connection, and you had a bond between you. But it didn’t manifest in anything. And now you’re thinking about this person, and you want to maybe reconnect. But you’re very unsure about what this person does today. If he or she is in a new relationship with someone, or if they are single, and such things. So there are things that you’re wondering and worry about. And I also have the devil card here. So for some of you, this is definitely about you worrying about a current relationship. If it will end or not. It doesn’t really matter, it could be a current relationship, but it could be all of those other things also. You being single, or you thinking about someone from your past. Because the devil card is about not having… You don’t have anything to say about this really. You can’t do anything to change things. You can’t do anything to change how the other person thinks about you, feels about you. So it’s like you can just wait and see what happens. But you’re not in control of your situation. You’re definitely not in control of your situation, and that is why you are worrying also. The knight of pentacles, you want to have more security in your life. More stability with a partner, or within a relationship, or with a person. You want to have more stability, and security. And you want that to come in to your life. But you’re not quite there yet, since I have the devil card underneath. Bbut this knight of pentacles, and two cups, are next to each other. So we’re talking about a relationship, a partnership, that you feel very safe and secure with. But since I have the nine of swords and the devil card underneath, you don’t have control over this situation, or this relationship. You’re worrying about how things will be. But I also have the seven of wands here, so I think that you will come to an understanding. You will understand how to move ahead with this, whatever it is for you. If it is you being single, thinking about someone from your past, maybe you will decide to contact him or her, and see how they are today. And if they are in a relationship today with someone else. If this is someone you have been with before in a relationship, and you want that person to come back into your life, the seven of wands is the kind of energy when you decide to take action, and you decide to go ahead and contact that person. Even if you may have to defend yourself by doing so. Maybe you’re afraid that this person are angry with you, because of what happened earlier. And if you contact him or her you must be prepared of defending yourself, of what you did in the past. What you said, what you did, and all of that. But it’s like you are you’re prepared to do so. You’re prepared to do so. If you are in a current relationship and you’re not certain about how things will end up between you, if you will be together or not, it’s the same with the seven of wands here. You will understand what to do, and you will be ready to defend how you feel about it. And it could be either way, either you decide to stay and then that’s it. You will… do what it takes to manage your relationship, and make it work. If you decide to leave, you will do that. And you are prepared to defend why you feel like you don’t want to stay anymore. So you will come to an understanding, and you are prepared to go ahead with that. With what you feel is right, whatever it is. The eight of pentacles. I do believe that the start of all this, could be through internet. Connecting through internet, if it is an old acquaintance, or if it is an old love your contacting. I think you would do it over internet at first. So I don’t see you calling or going to that other person face-to-face, I see you doing it over internet. If this is you in a current relationship, this is you doing some research on the internet, so you can make that decision, should I stay or should I go. I think that you are researching your options. If you are going, then you’re researching your options to find a new home, and so on.There are things that you need to look into. And if you’re staying, this could be you doing some research on how to improve your relationship. Maybe you are looking after some guidance, and maybe you are even contacting some… if you’re going to some counselor, or something like that. You’re doing some research about that and I think that things will move forward. Whatever it is for you, if it is you contacting an old acquaintance, an old love, or if it is you leaving a relationship, or trying to mend a relationship, things will move along. That’s how it is in this world, things are moving along, even if we think that they do not. But you will see that, by you taking action, things will start to move along. So this is all because of the conclusion that you came to, and the action that you’re taking, because of that. That will lead you to see that things are moving forward, that things are happening. And with the fool here I think that you will feel good about it. You will feel like this is a new start, this is making old things new again, and you feel good about it. So making old feelings new again, or making old relationships new again, making old acquaintances new again, this is what’s happening. And that is because you are taking action. So I think that you will like this Sagittarius, it will be moving along in a positive direction, because you feel good about it. So this could also be you leaving of course. This could, if that is the case, this could be leaving. You decide to leave, and you do so. But you feel good about it, this is your new start. Because remember what I said in the beginning, this is about you. You are thinking about yourself, your feelings, your emotions, and making old feelings, old situations new again. So that is what you will be doing Sagittarius. So good luck with that, and I wish you all the best!

8 thoughts on “SAGITTARIUS LOVE JANUARY 2017 IN-DEPTH TAROT. Subtitles in several languages.

  1. Mary D. Post author

    My moon sign. Yes to what you're saying, its true, and yes to that, and that, and that too. ?

  2. Rina S. Post author

    Thank you❤ ? Everything resonates with me
    Need the strenght and courage to move forward with Love ❤

  3. Pamela Post author

    This reading so spoke to me. I was very hesitant to reconnect and still are but after watching this I'm more sure about my decision. Thank you.


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