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hi this is the weekly horoscope for
sagittarius for the week of october third 2016 Hello my Saggies if
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my Google+ as well for the daily horoscopes so this week you guys Jupiter sextiling
the ascendant in the first and eleventh house unusual events may have may help
you brought in your perspective and you make sure greater willingness to make
changes in certain areas of your life this is an excellent time for new
beginnings as whatever you start now tends to progress rapidly and
successfully but at this time i feel like you’re more thinking about it then
actually doing it if you do decide to do it this this business venture this idea
that you have this project we do decide to start it know that it will progress
rapidly and it will be successful ok this energy brings out sides of you
that you normally don’t show to others ok Mars is in the second house is not
well aspected this week difficulties with career can happen thanks consider
slowing down a bit or with business it can slow down I’m so
Delve more into faith and certainty because you are the because that because
Jupiter is your ruler so you have to try not to be more in your emotional self
during this time . but allow yourself to try to delve more into faith in
certainty that things will work themselves out ok it’s time to make changes in your
life with this energy for some of you is the straw that broke the camel’s back is
what’s going to perpetuate these these changes i feel obstacles that are in
your life can be over overcome because you’re going to go in a different route
on your honest assessment quadrate the ascendant in the fifth and tenth house
this can serve as a breakthrough . where you see yourself in your goals with a
greater clarity than before this is an excellent time to initiate
steps to free yourself from any unfulfilled ipath and redirect your aim
toward what truly makes you happy you have an intense need for personal
freedom and independence and you can make sudden breakthroughs during this
time and also you may break away from restrictive situations or environments
Mars is semi-sextile in the ascendant in the first and second house I feel this
energy may feel more motivated at this time to follow your passions if you
choose to if you put if you get off your butt and do it okay at this time certain people in your
life may motivate you to get get it put the fire under your butt and do
something ok on the reason why i say if because
when i’ll give you a little astrology lesson but when a plant when something
aspect Sextiling is just an opportunity is something that you’re thinking about
okay so the astrology lesson usually work but yes that’s what that means the
first gotta come up with the Empress card to focus on mother this week and
also nurturing your relationships for some of you may be obsessed about a
certain situation going on your life or obsessed about a certain person new life
with this energy as well the judgment card major decisions are coming up this
week as well this could be in regards to mother things are up and the air in regards to what you want to
do at this time the chariot card I feel like situations are going to go your way
you will get your way in certain situations ideal also your self-esteem
is up your bit more motivated to do things during this time as well the king of Wands I feel like you need
to learn to trust others they’ll get the job done I feel also with this energy
that you’re more in a leadership energy I’m during this time period and that
you’re more in control of your situations that are going on but also
you like to work more by yourself alright so relying on others kind of
kind of kind of makes it goes like that and then if there’s a date goes yeah you
know because you rather be doing it by yourself but try to get the help when it
comes to your endeavors the 10 of sorts i feel with the 10 of swords and the
judgment card at this time I field that you know what ever thought that you’re
thinking about at this time the card is letting you know that this is a good
decision that you’re making and that when you decide to go ahead and do it
you should stick to it and see it all the way through ok the temperance card at this time
staying on a saner path i’m not trying to start stuff with people with this
energy and I just feel for some of you quitting working on yourself and having
a bit more willpower the eight of wands does talk of travel this week for some
of you also good news coming your way at this time but I feel like with this
energy that this is an opportunity here or things in your life at this time are
going to start to turn around for you for the better I feel like some self
realizations are going to be made and for some of you this is helping you to
remove certain areas of your life like pass habits and how you got yourself
stuck in this situation and now you’re realizing that all this time you had
this opportunity to remove yourself out of the situation and you could have had
this like a few months of them but you did you know it’s going to be like
something like that was going to pitney of your situation and where you are at
with your situation the six of cups is the beautiful card here with the chariot
card because this is David and Goliath and you’re David and you’re going to
conquer the Goliath so whoever has if this person has more money than you or
is more powerful than you you’re gonna conquer this person the page of Wands I
feel with this energy in regards to relationships or in regards to certain
people in your life that there’s an immaturity gap or there is a mature way
of thinking okay so make you might have a difficult time getting through to this
person also with this energy the focus is on children this week and also bring
out your inner child so you may be a bit more playful with this energy for some
of you the Justice card let me see let me see let me see let me see the Justice
card just discard at this time I feel like I feel with this energy here that I
feel that certain issues that have happened we’re going to kind of resolve
themselves during this time I feel with this energy here that you need to go
more with the flow as well I i feel that this is going to be a time where you
definitely need to follow your own to wish your own intuition with this energy
I feel also with this energy that dreams are coming true for some of you this
week as well and there’s a really a great time for you know again delving
into faith with this energy and tapping into the this energy you have like a lot
of arcane cards here just a lot of positive changes happening for some of
you this is dealing with core and custody battles with court with children
are involved with this energy the eighth of coins i feel with this energy when it
comes to career I feel that you may be a bit of a perfectionist or you may be a
bit of a perfectionist in general in everything that you do also you may be you know you may be a
bit more organizing your home during this time focusing more cleaning your home the nine of wands
dealing with your insecurities and your hangups and your trust issues at this
time for some of you I feel for others of you on at this time if you’ve been
having problems with on creative projects or creative endeavors I feel that the blockages maybe remove
this week and that is going to be very successful during this time and the six
coins see I feel with this energy I feel that is telling me that your lover may
be out of town for the next two weeks is what i’m seeing with this energy this is
definitely a beautiful energy week for you with the cards i would definitely
tap more into your true potential g to help you get what you want okay i love
you my satis please make sure to like subscribe and share kisses mwah


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