Sagittarius, Your Awesome 2019, Starts November 2018 * Subtítulos En Español

By | August 14, 2019

Hello! Hello! My beautiful Sagittarius.
How are you my gorgeous ones? We have a special month going on. This month
we have such an active sky. But the biggest thing for you guys is
Jupiter. Which is your ruling planet. It’s going to move into your house for the
next year. We have a whole bunch of other planets moving and changing signs. We
have the nodes changing signs. We’ll talk a little bit about that. With this
energy you’re going to feel.. It’s going to be a big shift. It’s going to be much different
than you’ve been feeling. All that faith. All that feeling, ‘I know it’s going to be
true. I know it’s going to be true’. That’s all going. It has happened to some of you
already. But you’re going to see more of it. With Jupiter moving into your
sign, it’s going to behave very, very, differently than it had in Scorpio.
Welcome. Welcome, everyone. For those of you that don’t know me. My name is Cindy.
I am the modern-day spiritual advisor. I use multiple modalities including
Astrology, Tarot, Spirit medium. All kinds of stuff to help you on your path.
My gorgeous ones let’s get started. I’m not going to go too deep into
anything because we have so many things happening this month. But this is all in
changing that energy of this hard work we’ve been doing. With all these
retrogrades that had happened. All the retrogrades that have happened
over the summer. Some of it starting in the spring. That’s all changing. We’re all
moving forward. Yes. We do have a couple of signs in retrograde. They’re going
to be in retrograde. We have Venus is retrograde. It is going to come out of
retrograde on the 16th. I’ll talk a little bit more about that. I am going to do
the Venus retrograde series so you guys know. We talked about Pluto in
October. I’m going to do the Pluto series. Let’s get started. On the first of
November. Oh, then I’m going to pull some cards. From tarot cards. On the first
of November it starts off with a bang. We have Venus in retrograde, in your in
your 11th house. This is right now Venus retrograde.
Venus is about love, luck, money, relationships. Things like that. So, things
are changing for you with groups. With the thing you’ve… the thing which
supports your 10th house. The 11th house supports your 10th house. In groups. In
maybe influential people. Maybe some of you met some influential people. Somebody who helps you. Or, can help you to the next level. With your projects.
Your career. Your life purpose. Somebody may have come and done
that for you. For others it could be you
know you’re getting that position. Something’s coming. You’re maybe
renegotiating something? Venus retrograde has to do with amending,
reworking, revising. Correct? Whenever a planet is retrograde. That’s what
you’re dealing with. There’s relationships whether they’re in…
Most likely it’s in to work. But, it could have to do with money. It could have to
do with…all of a sudden I’m at the luckiest place! You know and receive
these blessings. Correct? But, I’m having to adjust in order to get this
blessing. I have to rework something over here. This could be happening for
you guys in the eleventh house. Then, also, on the first we have mercury
moving into your sign. You’re a very, very optimistic sign. You like to see the
best in everything. You see the lighter side in everything. It’s not
that you don’t know the serious, deeper side. It’s that you understand on a
bigger level Sagittarius. We’re much more than just this life. Just this body.
You have this connection. I’ve talked to you about this before. You have
this connection. You just know. Correct? You can see the
lighter side of things. You can be very optimistic, because you guys
know. Probably more than any other signs. You know, it’s all going to be okay in the end anyway. Correct? That’s a hard thing to know. People think. Well, that’s easy.
It’s not an easy thing to know. When you understand it’s going to be okay
anyway! You know there are some things in life where you have to be….Well if it’s going to be okay anyway? I don’t want to get too deep into that. So, mercury
goes into your sign. Mercury brings messages. I have a feeling because…if
you look here. Mercury is going to be conjunct to Jupiter. Which, is your sign.
Which is your ruling planet. It is in Scorpio now. It’s going to be leaving Scorpio and coming into your house. But, for right now…I feel like this is where Jupiter
gifts you in that 12 house of completion. For many of you. This is what I’m
feeling. I just got this. Thank you. That completion is, you
completing that area of life. That time of life where you had to struggle.
Where you had to understand. Where you had to put some boundaries down. Where
you had to learn what you wanted to learn in this life. Learning. Even though, I
know everything’s going to work out in the end. I still feel these things. Correct?
Now, in the present. That make sense? That’s what I’m feeling. I
feeling for many of you there’s going to be this gifting of.. it’s
physical. I feel it for many of you. It’s a physical gift. It could be money.
It could be a better position. It could be a higher calling. It’s something
bigger. I do feel it’s some of a material, physical. I’m
feeling physical so it could be whatever you were working through in
this 12 house. This clearing up. These dreams you’ve been having. These
deep, deep dreams that you’ve been having. Even in your subconscious when
you’re dreaming. You’re finishing out things from your other
lives or in-between lives. Finishing these things. Completing them. I
feel Jupiter comes gifts you. It’s going to gift you. And Mercury brings
this message. I feel it’s going to gift you. You know, I don’t know how to say
this because you already know. You already know it’s going
to be okay. You see, that it’s going to be
okay. Does that make sense? You actually see it’s going to
be okay. You know it’s going to be okay.
Yes, but knowing, To actually see it! Because you have such faith. That makes
sense? Hope that makes sense? that’s on the first. So, you
got Venus retrograde already. Yes, mercury going into your sign. Then, on the sixth
is a big thing! On the sixth we have the Nodes changing signs. Wherever
the North node is… the South node is always opposite. Here’s the North node.
The North node is going into cancer. Which means the South node is going into
Capricorn. Correct? They’re changing signs which means it’s going to be a
very different year for you guys. For everybody. The South node is
where you, for me, the way I understand it. The South node is probably many, many
lives that you’ve lived and you’ve already mastered it. But, you brought
that in because you needed or wanted to be able to have that part to help you
through your path. Correct? It’s the place…when we get tired, Or, we
don’t know what to do. Or, we’re wanting to feel comfortable. It’s the
place we go to that’s where it is in your birth chart. Correct? But! When it’s
transiting it’s a different thing. What happens is wherever the South Node
…I’m sorry. The North node is where you’re headed, Where you want to
grow into. What you want to grow more. Correct. Your path. The South
node. When it’s transiting and the north node, when it’s transiting would mean
whatever you’d been focused on last year. Because it’s gonna be here for over
a year and a half. So, whatever you’ve been focused on in this house. It’s going to
be harder to get to. Where you’re going to be easily or easier focused on.
Your path is moving that way the energy. Things that come up.
An opportunity is the North node. With that being in your second house. For
the South node. This means, Sagittarius, for a lot of you… this is what I’m feeling.
You’ve been so focused on the finances and making yourself stable. Making
yourself the money that you earn. Making
yourself valuable. You know. Really working on that with Saturn and Pluto.
With all of that here. I feel it’s not going to be such a hard time.
Now I feel with the South node is going to take care of it.
You’ve already done the work. Correct? The North node is where you’re
going to be focused. The North node. Excuse me. The North node is going to be
in your eighth house. Other people’s money. The North node is what you’re
going to be expanding. Growing. Understanding. This could mean some
of you are on that road or path to getting married. There’s shared resources. That’s
that 8th house. Some of your businesses are getting better. Your
clients are going to be more. Some of you are getting that bigger position. Where
you’re working more. But, it’s more money. It’s more stability. Some of you it’s
getting that house. It’s that loan. It’s that grant. It’s that something. Correct?
It’s other people’s money. This is where you’ll be focused. For the next year
and a half. All this work you’ve been doing. Where your south node is now
gonna be placed. All that is not going to be on the forefront like it had been.
Because you’ve been working it. Now you still have to do some work with Saturn
in there. There is going be some delays but I don’t feel it’s, I feel
you’re going to be more focused on these opportunities that come to you.
Does that make sense? Which is a great thing Sagittarius. Because you already know it’s going to be okay. Now you’re going to see, it’s going to be okay. Correct?
Yes. There’s some fear in there. Spirits not judging you. Your
higher-self, your guides, God, Oneness, Source, they’re not judging
you. They know you’ve been through this thing. They know.
It’s gonna be easier for you this next year. You’ve got Jupiter in your
sign. That’s going on for the next year. The nodes go into Capricorn. Sorry.
The South node goes into Capricorn North node into Cancer for over a year
and a half. Correct? That happens on the sixth. Get ready because you have a
year coming. I said this to a lot of you. Everybody’s life is changing. What
it was, it’s not going to be. From the micro to the macro. As above so below.
What’s happening with you is also going be happening on a global scale. Then on the seventh… We’ve got a lot of planets….Then on the seventh.. we
have a new moon that’s going to be in Scorpio. Correct? This is in your
12th house. So, I feel with the new moon. You know that’s new beginnings.
You’ve got Jupiter in there. This, if you look. You have the new moon. Which is
where the Sun and the moon are together. The new moon. Then you have Jupiter. Correct? At the last degree you still have it, almost conjunct to mercury. I feel
you have messages. I feel you have some clarity. I feel with this
new moon there’s new beginnings. I feel because it’s in your 12th house
fate ,destiny, miracles step in. I don’t feel it’s just in your dream.
Just in your meditation. Just in that. I feel things come about. I
feel people come into your life. I feel opportunities come.
These new beginnings because it’s time Sagittarius .It’s time for you to move
into that direction. But on that day also. And this is why I feel that. I feel
miracles. I feel destiny. I feel yes. Like, miracles ,destiny, something.
The reason, also, because on that same day Uranus is moving into Aries. Which is
in your fifth house. Correct. Your fifth house is that thing that you’ve been
creating from your heart. It also has to do with love affairs. They could have to
do with your children as well. For many of you, I feel it’s that thing
that you’ve been creating from your heart. right that creativity that
business you brought forth that new position you brought forth that thing
that you were creating so with Uranus moving into Aries it’s going to be and
it’s retrograde so it’s going to be changing some things for you. You
know Uranus likes to shock and awe but it likes to shock and awe so that it can
liberate you so that you can feel better right
and so with this new moon and Uranus I feel like there’s some changes and it
squared the North node right so it squared the North node this is like
going to give you an indication of where you’re headed in this next year yes you
may have this shock where you have to like clear some stuff out but once
that’s gone you’re headed in that direction where abundance the things
that you see the things that you know to be true are gonna be becoming physical
okay so congratulations then on the 8th so we’ve got the first 6
7 8 so on the 8th is when Jupiter moves into your sign right so Jupiter gifting
you Jupiter is going to teach us Jupiter is the Guru Jupiter is your ruling planet
so Jupiter loves this house he loves you he loves this house so he’s
gonna feel very comfortable he’s also going to gift the most in this house
when he’s in his house he’s in your sign he’s going to gift the most the way that
he was behaving in Scorpio where all the lessons had to come through some sort of
tension or maybe some trauma or some changes that were uncomfortable or you
know maybe even a crisis for some of you for a lot of you maybe even a crisis for
a lot of you so where he was doing this in Scorpio he’s not going to do that
when he’s in your sign he is going to be optimistic it’s gonna be lighter the
lessons are gonna be like more positive you don’t have to go so deep to receive
the lesson does that make sense so Jupiter moves into your sign on the
8th it will be there for a year then on the 16th so on the 16th Mars moves into
your 4th house Mars is gonna be there the moon is gonna be then on that date
Neptune’s in there and Chiron is in there so this fourth house is really
really important to you guys right now so Mars moving into the fourth house
where it was an Aquarius is gonna behave very differently than it is in Neptune
right and I mean in Pisces and Pisces and Neptune are together in there so
remember Mars is about me, He’s the God of War he goes on and does and then
thinks about it later Neptune is about, we. Neptune is the
beautiful illusion Neptune feels like oh we can sort of fix it and make it look
good right but Neptune also wants to meld with everybody and have everybody
have theirs right but it’s about.. it can be about fame and fortunate and the
illusion and beauty and all of that right so with
Mars about me and Neptune about we they’re going to be speaking together
and there’s going to be this balance going on in this house in this fourth
house so this house is about where you come from your DNA the way that you see
things how you feel safe comfortable happy yeah safety comfort happy security
all of that so Mars is gonna make sure that you’re getting that Neptune
wants to sort of make peace with everything but Mars is gonna say no we
got to make sure that we’re this and so there’s gonna be this balance going on
when they speak they’re not speaking on the fourth I mean on the 16th but they
are but Mars is moving into that house so he’s got to work with Pisces which is
that illusionary that beauty of seeing it all but you’re Sagittarius you know
all that anyway so I feel like this is a good time I feel like for a lot of you
you’re going to be stable I know that’s hard to see because you don’t have it
little some of you don’t have it yet a lot of you do but some of you don’t have
it yet let me say this I can feel that some of you have it and you’re not ready
to breathe in it yet like you’re like it can be taken away I’m not sure yet
right this year is about relaxing in it living in it being in it! Being it right.
So Mars in there is going to help you get what you want as for our safety
security comfort and even luxury around you right understanding where you came
from why you do the things that you do all of that right so that’s on the 16th
and then Venus which had been in your 11th house right with your groups and
whatever is going on with that you readjusting and you dealing with it your
career and your public life if you have a public if your public image public
life and your life purpose groups of any kind maybe even on the internet so Venus
in their turns direct in Libra okay so it’s going to be turning direct on
that day and then beginning to move back but whatever’s
happened in that should begin to resolve you should begin to have the adjustment
you should begin to know what direction you’re going in and that’s what will
happen on 16th right so then on the 17th since Venus goes direct mercury is going
retrograde and Mercury’s going retrograde in your sign so I will
caution you Sagittarius, just because you’re Sagittarius and I know sometimes
remember my moon is in Sagittarius. We don’t have a filter sometimes especially
when mercury retrograde okay so when Mercury retrograde in
your house be very very careful about the words that you speak because they
can be misconstrued they can be taken in a different way to say that because some
people don’t understand my American slang so sometimes you can say something
during this retrograde mercury because he’s about the communicator he’s the
messenger he’s the processor remember I told you mercury has to do with the left
side I always think of mercury as the left side the right side of the brain
and he’s that tissue in the middle that connects things right so mercury being
retrograde there’s going to be some adjustment there’s going to be some
redoing there’s going to be some amending there’s gonna be some looking
at things I wouldn’t sign any new contracts during Mercury retrograde I
will do it I’ll try to do a Mercury retrograde I’ve done a video on Mercury
retrograde but I’ll try to do one that has to do specifically in Sagittarius so
there’s going to be amending revising yeah and some electronics could be
messing up some internet stuff could be messing up be sure not to sign any
contracts during this one so let me say this if you’ve been working on a
contract before this time and then mercury retrograde hits
if you can’t sign it before retrograde hits it’s okay to sign it during
retrograde if you’ve already been working on it just don’t start anything
new during the retrograde mercury retrograde
it’s not like you can’t it’s just if you do there is definitely going to be some
revisions amending revising reworking and sometimes they can fall through okay
so that’s how you work a retrograde but if you can sign a contract if you can
buy whatever you need to buy before the Mercury retrograde do it but if you
can’t because sometimes the schedule just doesn’t allow if you’ve
already been working on it like say you wanted to take a vacation right and
you’ve been planning on the vacation but then you actually can’t buy the tickets
and stuff until mercury retrograde well if you’ve already been planning for it
if you’ve already been doing the work then absolutely you can buy the tickets
and everything should be okay during the retrograde right just be sure to really
check things but if you’ve already been working through it then it should be
okay anything if you’ve been working through something it should be okay if
you do it during retrograde okay so that’s for the 17th Mercury turns
retrograde and then on the 19th let’s see in mercury will be retrograde until
December 7th sorry until December 7th and we’ll be in
shadow till the 19 okay so then on the 19th we have this
beautiful Grand trine there’s this grand trine so we have this beautiful
grand trine so if you look we have the Sun in Scorpio we have Chiron in Pisces
and we have the North node in cancer right and so this is going to be going
on in your 12th house in your 4th house and in your 8th house
so there’s something a lot of you are completing there’s gonna be an ending to
something because it has to do with the Sun clearing something up for you and
this Chiron about old wounds and I feel like a lot of you it’s a past life thing
that you had to finish up and this is not everybody but this is like what I’m
feeling it’s a past life thing that you had to finish up and that’s why this
Chiron is here and that’s where you’re moving into this North node right like
you’ve done the work you don’t realize that you’ve completed it and it’s going
to clear up for you it’s almost like okay I only wanted to give you an
example: I only wanted to know what it was like during this period of time like
the beginning of my year like maybe the first half of my life to be able to
understand this part but from this part on it needs
to be I’m going to have it be easier I’m going to have things come like I like I
understand them to be that makes sense I hope that makes sense because that’s
what I’m feeling I feeling like your last life you’re completing some of you
you’re completing this thing this growth and that has to do with this this Chiron
you got to check out my Chiron video to work through it but the Sun clears it
up and you’re moving towards the North node you’re moving towards that next
phase of your path that’s what I’m feeling okay and it has to do with other
people’s money your money in your your safety your security your comfort your
happiness in this fourth house and other people’s money maybe you’re having to
adjust but maybe the Sun clears it up where you just know you’re like no I did
I Know Who I can do this with and I know who I can’t like I just right that makes
sense I hope I’m making sense because I’m seeing a lot of things ok so then on
the 22nd then on the 22nd we have the full moon in Gemini that is your
opposing sign so so now you all know why how my brain goes because I’ve got Sagittarius moon Gemini Sun and then I got Aquarius over here talking. Hahaha! So, Gemini you’re gonna
have this full moon in Gemini some of us or 23rd some of you the 24th. 22nd
it kind of depends on where you’re in the world or the 24 22nd 23rd so this
new sorry full moon in Gemini is going to have the Sun in your sign and the
moon in Gemini sign right and so that has to do with your 7th house you having
the Sun the moon where’s your 7th house other people relationships boundaries
the mirroring the people the people that are in your life right there’s gonna be
something that’s going to be cleared up for you there is going to be something
that you’re gonna need to let go of to be able to move forward right this has
to do with relationships this has to do with boundaries so I always have my full
moon in New Moon videos I’ll explain more about that but
because it’s in the Sun’s going be in your sign this has to do with I feel
like actually letting something go letting a situation go letting a
relationship go letting a business partner go may be something you’re going
to have to clear up but it’s going to clear for you because the full moon is
about illumination it’s going to clear for you so that you can move to that
next level that’s on the 22nd 23rd for some of you and then on the 24th or 25th
depending on where you are in the world Neptune goes direct okay Neptune going
direct this is where they’re going to be speaking to each other and I talked
about this already they’re going to be speaking to each
other in this house that makes that wants to make you feel comfortable safe
secure happy understanding where you come from where you want to go like what
makes me feel happy what makes me feel safe what makes me feel secure this is
why I do the things that I do. Now I understand I can let that part go I
don’t have to be guilty or anxious or any of that like that’s this house and
Neptune is we Mars is me and they’re in the Piscean house right so Mars it’s
going to be I feel like it’s going to be really balanced as to something coming
in for you to help you feel better to help you feel safe secure happy a lot of
you to feel that real happiness because it’s hard to explain to other people who
are at Sagittarius that you you’re very optimistic but you have feelings too you
know like you have this I don’t know this deeper understanding I don’t know
how to explain this but that deeper feeling where you’re like okay maybe
it’s drawn the line maybe I’m getting close to the line I’m kind of a little
scared a little anxious a little… but I got this right
that space is gonna get calm happy comfort security that makes sense okay
so that rounds out the Month for November I’m really really excited for
you guys so let’s see I’m gonna pull a couple of
cards for you Sagtittarius and also I did want to mention I forgot to mention this
at the beginning of the video for those of you that have lasted this far for the
month of December I’m going to be watching the month of November videos
and the one the sign that has the most viewed videos so I would like share
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okay for December so it’ll be whoever is the most viewed video in November gets
that okay so you actually get like two videos and they’ll be in depth it’ll be
the extended reading we’ll go over these major aspects okay so let’s see Sagittarius
What do we have for you? What is going on with Sagittarius? I’m really really happy for
you this month I mean well this month just
kicks it off for 2019 I mean I know it’s not 2019 yep I’m telling you this month
kicks it off for you guys okay so where are you at? Yep! So you have a five of swords So, the five of swords. I see two ways I see sometimes this can be about secrets
being coming out that can no longer be hidden that and you didn’t have to do
anything but you win you get on here on top of it like like you can’t be touched
something comes out right some secrets come out but with this I feel like this
is more because I feel like you’ve had such integrity and you’ve done so
much work that I feel like some of the secrets that come out they’re not going
to be able to hurt you even if you think they sound bad they’re not going to hurt
you and you’re gonna come out on top and some of the secrets I feel like it’s to
get you to the next level so like I don’t know like the secret is that
somebody nominated you for something you know somebody nominated
you for something and then you get this big explosive career because of it or
big contract because that’s what I feel like for some of you and that’s going on
in the beginning of November but for some of you I feel like you’re gonna get
it like probably this week because I do feel like some of you get it before
November I feel like some of you your eyes are open something clears up some
something that was hidden comes out okay so what spirits advice on this I’m
telling y’all you’re going to the next level this is the Eight of Wands their
advice is what’s coming with this is you’re moving up you’re moving and I
mean like blasting up so like the next level is coming for others of you it’s
that trip it’s that travel it’s that thing that you were wanting and trying
to figure out how to do. I feel like that gets cleared up and you get to do it for
others so we’re talking long-distance travel for others of you I do feel like
you’re moving to the next level with your relationships and so you could be
moving in like something clears up maybe then maybe that person comes to you in your relationship that person comes and says you know I think it’s time that we move
in and let’s do this and let’s do this and you’re like okay like that’s what
you wanted right so I feel like whatever this is it’s moving fast and if it’s
travel that you were wanting and some of you don’t even realize that you’re gonna
be traveling but you’re gonna be traveling okay so how do we end this out
you have the Nine of Swords, excuse me..the Nine of Wands. So the Nine of Wands is about
resting so Nine of Wands is about keeping your boundaries also the Nine of
Wands is.. by the end of the month you’re going to feel very confident you’re
gonna feel better you’re gonna feel like you’re standing in your conviction I
feel like you don’t have to move on your issues I feel like you’ve sort of laid
it out and people are just gonna go by that is if they want to be in your life I
feel like that I do feel like some of you are tired and don’t have to do as
much work by the end of the month I feel like you
you feel like okay it’s time to rest okay I can have this vacation okay I’ve
worked really really hard and I see all these blessings coming like that’s what
I feel so congratulations Sagittarius, I love you
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astrological love you love you love you BYE

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  10. Lemi Bailey Post author

    I'm a Sag sun/ Virgo rising & I've been releasing a childhood “catalyst twin” during the slow 4yr transition of being ready enough to see my twin flame face to face. The childhood twin has been emotionally unavailable all year because everything reached a plateau years ago when I chose to wait around for the one who said she was coming in. Since the saturn transit forced me to transform things just haven't been the same & I can't seem to get across to anybody lately, my vibration is completely foreign to everyone who knew me before except for my new twin who is overseas & dealing with divorce issues/ spending time with her girlfriend. I'm taking a flight to see her in December but since September I've been meditating & dreaming of the 7 past lives that the catalyst & I shared during the release process, Many of which were similar & tragic or animal embodiments where the love was unconditional. I had no idea that 3-6months later during the venus transit I'd feel the full weight of rejection. I apologized, thanked her for all that she had taught me & even thought of a thousand ways how I could get back to the previous catalyst love & take it to the next level with her instead of waiting but I'm getting the message loud & clear.

  11. Nabil Maamari Post author

    Can't wait for all the good things to come in. I need them badly !!

  12. Champ Morgan Post author

    Love you, Cindy. You always give a great presentation of your content.

  13. Amber Jam Post author

    wonderful horoscope for us Sagittarius people out here who like I had a hard life all they life

  14. Amber Jam Post author

    what do you mean by we already know cuz we are Sagittarius…. I mean I always felt it but now you are validating my thoughts

  15. Sam H Post author

    everyone said my october would be a winning month…i did not get 2 jobs! i am optimistic alright..but reality is very harsh. No I don't already know that things are going to be better…i am working 24/7 no breaks no lunches …and everyone keep saying divine energy is coming your way…not sure about that

  16. Dee dee Post author

    Been working on starting my own business but just seem to be stuck in mud at moment. Just want to be in work making money helping people and fulfilling my purpose. Praying Jupiter helps bring that about. Actually trying to rebuild my life but work would be a start. Thank you ?

  17. Jen Post author

    Even though I’m both Sag Sun and Ascendent, does this only pertain to Sag Ascendent since Jupiter is our chart ruler?

  18. Michael Hensley Post author

    I hope it happens. When I started my social media marketing business it was going great then it slowed down during these retrogrades. I hope it really picks up because I want money not for me but to take care of my parents medical bills. Praying on it.

    Love doesn’t concern me. Been single 8 years and I don’t see that changing. I hope I can get that connection but i doubt it.

    I need a miracle to take care of my parents. Been working so hard at it and, as it has been for years, the craziest circumstances happen and kinda puts rain on things.

    Seriously, the craziest circumstances just pop up and it has me like “wtf world!?!?”

  19. Aatif Azio Post author

    Happy Jupiter year dear Sagis 🙂
    Uranus 1Degree, Juno 13deg, Vesta13deg, Lilith 13deg, Sun 21deg, Mercury 23 Degrees & Neptune 24 degrees all in Sagittarius. 3rd and 4th House.
    Transiting Jupiter in late Scorpion Degrees has just started to make Conjunction to my natal URANUS 1 Degrees Sag. So far its been good with some windfalls but i have no control on my monthly expenses. (So watch out for this guys and control your savings).
    King Tr-Jupiter has been making SEXTILE to my natal MARS in Virgo and TRINE to my Natal MOON in CANCER.

  20. mehrnaz zarrieneh Post author

    I heard from another reader that Jupiter will retrograde from Jan to may 2019.  I have sag sun.

  21. Stanley Gordon Post author

    Holy shit bi can't wait .. thank you so much for your time and Information. I love you. Thank you so much universe in advance I've been waiting for you to come.

  22. I'sa Saine Post author

    How excited I am Jupiter comes back home, am having hope even if am Sag sun and Jupiter in Taurus ?. ??

  23. Bernie Sagittarius Post author

    I love it so far, somethings that were mentioned are interesting concerning my hidden desires!

  24. Light of Life Post author

    You have good information but the delivery is so overly complicated.


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