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By | October 22, 2019

hey guys and welcome to Deku Tarot today
we’re gonna be talking about the sabbat of Samhain this is kind of the witch’s
new year it goes from October 30th through November first
it is the Sabbat that brings us into the portal to the dark half of the year the
power of this change continues throughout the month of November and all
the way to Yule so this is the witch’s new year like I said and it is a time to
give thanks for all we have and acknowledge and honor what we’ve lost it
is also a time to make our magical blueprints for the next year ahead magically if you design your entire Samhain ritual celebration are on a magical goal a vision of how you would like
things to be throughout the coming year you can project a clear and powerful
intention in essence if you are seeking prosperity in the coming year
all decor costumes ritual accessories should be focus away from spooky Engram
and more towards the joyful and elegant so gold and silver some play money to
put on your on your altar pumpkins with magical symbols glittery shiny candles
favorite foods anything that has a prosperous in joyous feel to it are good
things to include in your ritual not so much you know Friday the 13th or
Halloween like horror things or murderer things or anything scary or spooky
anything that elicits fear and horror I would try to keep away from it even like
I wouldn’t say you know I mean I think you can use like cute bats and stuff
though or like a cute skull if it’s not like doesn’t give you the presence and
energy of death and horrible things so now have some colors to wear on Samhain obviously the first is black it’s the most obvious color to wear on Samhain
and probably the most used black is great for neutralizing outside energies
it’s the color of psychic protection and it’s also a very stabilizing color
associated with divination which might come in handy in your wardrobe when the
veil between these worlds is very thin grey is a really ghostly color but it’s
also associated with the spirit realm so if you want to you can wear grey to
enhance the balanced visions and dreams as well as your connection with spirits
Orange in all of its wonderful shades as the colour of harvest
if you don’t look really great in the bright orange try more of a golden or
deep pumpkin shade or are you just in a you know an orange or goldish accessory
okay it’s a color that breaks down barriers represents happiness and
strength and we really need it to build up and see through to the winter months
okay purple is a color that is sometimes associated or has more recently become
associated with saw when it’s more of a um than the secular celebration of it
but it is known for spiritual protection psychic powers and it’s been known for
that for the ages so you can really help to heal emotional wounds as well by
wearing purple on Samhain so let’s talk about how to bless your
costume or outfit for Samhain so first choose your outfit choose your costume
that fits your intentions for the year place the outfit on an altar hold your
hands over it and visualize the end result of your intention if used as much
intention emotion into this visualization as you can
visualizing the way you want to feel when your goal is achieved and the
mentally willing this power to flow down through your arms and hands into the
costume fix in your mind that this energy will stay in the elephant until
you choose to release it in the ritual and also that the energy will remain
intact unaffected by any others so this way it can be working a Kesari can be
worn out in the world without worry of its power being diminished
try not to compartmentalize your magical and regular life allow them to you know
work hand in hand and be ok if things change you know there’s Halloween people
want to go to parties do other things you know try to make time for the ritual
but know that you have from October you know at 31st sorry October 30th through
November 1st so you have a few days and if you know things come up you know
family friends etc things come up that you can’t really control it’s ok do not
freak out so before I get into the tips and
rituals for saw when I wanted to talk a little bit about the history of it just
a little tidbit of history because there is so much about it there’s so much to
be read and looked up and I highly recommend if you haven’t and you don’t
know much about the roots of Halloween Samhain, whatever it is that you like to
call it I mean I’m talking about it as Samhain and the witch’s holiday but
there’s a lot of information on it there’s a lot of there’s a lot combining
it from different parts of the world as we know Day of the Dead from Mexico and
South America you can check out a lot of information on that there’s a lot of
great movies on it Coco came out a few years ago and that’s just a cute
animated movie having to do with day with the Day of the Dead but there is a
lot of Dia de los Muertos up in up in the the mixing pot of saw wine so you
can check that out as well I’m just gonna read a couple little things a
couple little notes that I kind of took down that we’re interesting about the UK
and Scotland and if you haven’t looked into the history of witchcraft the
history of especially witch hunts in Scotland especially I highly recommend
going and looking it up there’s some great lore podcasts on it as well it’s
just crazy it’s insanely bloody if you think that the Salem witch trials were
bad I mean it is it compares it is nothing it was just it’s nothing
compared to what happened in Scotland several times so I thought I would talk
a little bit about the UK history with Samhain their Halloween All Hallows Eve
All Souls Day whatever you want to call it and whatever it has been called it’s
been called a lot of things and has a lot of names including cabbage night
which I will get to in a second so in the UK it was more understated there
were bonfires for the dead that a lot of you know Catholic and you know Christian
people would would put up and you know silently kind of feed it wasn’t like a
crazy thing or anything but souling was a prom was a practice that a lot of
children actually did and it was not necessarily allowed under the jacobi in
Church of England but children would wander around still in hopes of
receiving soul cakes to pray for the souls trapped in purgatory so it’s kind
of where we get that whole you know going around local
candy that combined with some of the practices and in dia de los muertos but
let’s go on to Scotland here in Scotland the fires are burned on Halloween we’re
literally to burn the witches big surprise right along with some really
intense chanting that they did with it they would also throw some blazing fur
candles in it to keep the fairies away the smoke they believed to be very
clearing very common to bring blessings the children though would take the soot
from the fires put it all over their faces and run around you know wreaking
havoc at night and taking people’s cabbages I don’t know why this became a
practice they would take the cabbages and they would throw them outdoors and
it became known as cabbage night so just a little interesting tidbit and again
there’s so much history on it I could I feel like you could go on for hours
about the history of saw one so I just wanted to bring up a couple little
things but I highly recommend looking more into it I highly recommend you know
checking out what the History Channel especially has thought in terms of docks
and other things there’s a lot of information about it out there that’s
extremely interesting let’s move on to some go-to tips now
okay so if you work in an office or a place where you can bring flowers I
would recommend bringing marigolds or rosemary or even both I am putting them
on your desk or you know just bring them into your home no matter where you are
if you can bring flowers with you those are great flowers to have it gives you
know the message to your spirits of loved ones who cross over to let them
know that you’re thinking of them on Solway you can also bring some pump I
mean pomegranates are great to have during this holiday I highly recommend
putting it on your altar if you don’t know the story of the Persephone going
into hell with Hades and the host all the story you know on the lore and
interesting all the interesting spiritual significance that is the
pomegranate I would recommend looking it up but if you can bring a snack or have
a pomegranate you know have those pomegranate seeds and pumpkin seeds
along on your daily travels on saw one or around the days they’re both
connected to the underworld and also represent fertility and love the pumpkin
seeds are full of abundance magic as well so focus on the problem these
properties while you enjoy these delicious snacks they’re okay where any
of you know these types of oils today frankincense patchouli rosemary oil or a
drop of each all oils are perfect first all when due to their ability to purify
protect and impart their high spiritual vibrations assuming only positive
experience with roaming spirits as well as any good look for the coming year I
would also recommend carrying a charm bag for a good look you know you can use
you know pumpkin seeds some crushed eggshell a coin a crescent moon charm a
small piece of broom straw Jasper carnelian star anis cinnamon cloves
obsidian keep in mind that in a charm bag a little of each goes a long way
police all of your items in the middle of this one inch square piece of fabric
gather it up in a bottle and tie it with a twine or ribbon it doesn’t have to be
one inch now but I say that out loud I realized that I think I overestimated
how large an inch is but you don’t have like one little bag and I don’t have all
I do have one over here hold on if you have a good bag like this or sometimes
are those see-through bags that’s what they mean by turn bag
or you can tie it up like it said like I had said in the notes here okay so another ritual you can do if you have
a tarot deck specifically is you can get you out your death card here this is a
death and rebirth tarot card spell so get your death card or your favorite
death card if you have multiple Tarot decks it is the card of Scorpio is the
card of death and rebirth it clears out the old makes way for the new it really
is a card of absolute cleansing you know burning down to the ashes that we may
have regeneration rebirth here so all you need is the card and you need either
some you know wax paper card stock paper or a plastic casing that you can maybe
get at a baseball card store to protect the card and you’re gonna be putting
this in your wallet or carrying it around with you and whatever way that
you can throughout you know the day of saw one or the day surrounding it so
what you need to do it then after you have it you know in case in its little
casing of paper plastic you get a little piece of paper and you can write three
things that you want to banish from your life and what you would like to replace
them with so you can say I banish you know I banish anger replace it with
understanding I banish stress replace it with peace I banish jealousy and replace
it with acceptance whatever it works for you would you know just write those
three things and then put it in with the you know in the tarot card pack that you
have now the little pocket that you have for it and carry it around with you all
day on saw when and you know you can do it also the day before and carry it all
the way through you know the 30th through the November 1st if you want
it’s just a nice little simple little spell ritual thing you can do and first stones first saw when let’s
talk about some of the stones and some of the jewelry that you can wear skull
jewelry is great because it reminds us that life is beautiful yet impermanent
and you know can be a really great talisman for that type of remembrance
okay and type of reminder so if you can you know get if you have skull jewelry
you can you know wait but there’s some incense we have it through some sage or
Palo Santo to kind of cleanse it and bring that wonderful energy in and some
of the stones again that you can use here are carnelian jet moonstone Jasper
bloodstone obsidian onyx or any type of fossil stones like ammonites are really
great and you should wear them or carry them around with you on that day
preferably having them touch your skin and if you want to bring in that energy
wear it on the left side if you want to be putting out that energy try to wear
it on the right side so that is my little bit of everything for Samhain if
you want a more in depth ritual if you’re looking for a ritual to go
through I can send you it please email me I’m going to be you know kind of
having my typed out big ritual selling for like $4.99 so if you want to PayPal
me $4.99 I will send you that just please email me first and let me know
that that is what you were looking to get also guys again if you want to get
20% off of any teespring order use the code which Tober I have some I have a
new little witchy design I’m going to try to make some more it’s just been
really busy guys life gets in the way this isn’t the only thing I do so it
gets kind of crazy sometimes and I can’t keep up with everything so that I want
to say thank you to all my subscribers and those of you who check in on the
dailies and check in on the monthlies and yeah guys if you want to see more
content on sue bots and more in terms of you know witchcraft wake up Hagan ISM
please let me know and let me know some of the questions that you have I’ll take
that into consideration when I make more videos okay so thank you so much have a
wonderful and blessed saw when and do go check out my Instagram for other daily
readings as well as pick a card stuff for the end of October messages okay so
thank you guys so much have a wonderful and
sidsall when namaste

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    Irish person here. Samhain is pronounced S-OW-in (sss then ow [like the sound you'd make if you got hurt] and in) Halloween is oiche shamhna.


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