SCARIEST Dive Yet – Midnight ocean SCUBA in 5,000 ft of water! Sailing Vessel Delos Ep. 223

By | August 14, 2019

Solomon Island people see, we people styles
originally from my homeland. Like my old man say,
there’s nothing impossible. So we have to bring this
message to my brother lyrical, straight from the crew. Previously on Delos. We get our first
free diving lessons, and experience firsthand
the majestic beauty of the sperm whale. Do you know what today is? I know. Do you know? I just found out. It’s our first day going
underwater around the nature island of Dominique. Dominique? Sounds like [? Blue’s ?] doing
something kinky back here. [SQUEAKING] Pumping away. My morning ritual. It seals the vacuum
on my housing. Saturday morning scuba dive. Yeah, I’m stoked. It’s our first dive on Dominica. I don’t know what to expect. Is it going to be macro. Is it going to be wide scale? There’s quite a lot of variety
here depending on what site we go to. I think we’re better chances
of getting different shots. But in general, there is
a lot of really cool macro life, which is awesome. That’s my favorite to shoot. But there are some
beautiful topography and some like larger
animals and stuff that we have chances of seeing. So it’s really a
grab bag, right? Like you don’t know what
you’re going to get down there. Grab bag. Let me show you
my grab bag setup. This is the grab bag setup. This is the GoPro to
handle the wide shots, and this is the Olympus TG5
to handle the macro shots. We were pretty
excited to check out the underwater
world of Dominica, as it’s quite
unique in comparison to other flatter
Caribbean islands. She’s actually the
youngest island in the chain, created
about 26 million years ago. Because of her young
age, the landmass is still steep where the
water meets the coastline. This means massive drop offs,
diverse flora and fauna, and extremely deep water to
witness the world’s largest daily migration. But more on that later. First we had to satisfy
our urge to submerge. Welcome aboard. Welcome to the services
of Dive Dominica. Welcome aboard the MV Arian. My name is in Emron. This morning, the site
we have brought you to is called Witches Point,
Caribes Leap, or La Sorciere. Three different names,
three different stories. The most famous was
that back in the day the native men will have
a lot more ten wives. And if they found any one of
the wives being unfaithful, take them up the to the lave
rock, kiss them goodbye. They come crashing down. No paperwork, no
lawyers, no alimony. That’s how things were done. In this day and age,
the women are the ones who are tossing the guys over. And we are about to dive
a cycle a Witches Point. It gets super deep, and we’re
looking for some awesome macro stuff. And it is a beautiful
day out on the water. We’re right in front
of [INAUDIBLE].. So let’s do it. As soon as you hit
the water and are OK, and you have your buddy,
we are gonna descend. Please pay close
attention to your depth. The formation goes way past
our maximum quite easily. The whole bay is a
submerged volcanic crater, and we’re diving off the edge. We are all
professionals out here. Take your time,
go nice and slow. Let’s have some fun. And you have the
urge to submerge. Yeah. Woo-hoo. We can’t be more than 50
feet from the shoreline and we’re on the
edge of this wall. It looks like it
goes down forever. This is such a crazy
type of topography. It looks so different
from everything else we’ve seen in the Caribbean so far. This wall is completely covered
in these curly wire corals. And it looks kinds
like an armpit with black and yellow hairs
sticking out everywhere. Holy shit, it’s huge! Wow, that was one amazing dive! But unfortunately, it’s
time for us to go up. What a wall, huh? Yeah. That wall was crazy, man. I went down to, I don’t
know, about 80, 85 feet, and I couldn’t see
the bottom, it just kept on going down,
down, down, down. [MUSIC – LAIKIPIA, “DOWN DOWN”] (SINGING) Down, down,
deeper and down. I’m feeling just fine and
ready for dive number two. (SINGING) So did her vow that
she wouldn’t let this down. We are at the site called
Scott’s Head Drop Off, named after an English Admiral named
George Scott who was captured by the French, had his
head chopped off and thrown somewhere in the bay. We’re still looking
for that as a reward. Well, I think this
is Champagne Reef. Because the bubbles
bubble up from below, and if you dig your feet
into the sand, it’s like hot. So there’s definitely a lot
of thermal action going on. Ahh, here they come again. Let’s get ’em. Usually when you see a
school of barracudas, they are the smaller variety. But those guys were all massive! It was really,
really cool to see. There’s like 100
lobsters in there, and the mac daddy
of all lion fish. Woo-hoo! That was an incredible dive. That was just our first taste
of what Dominica has to offer, and I cannot wait to see what’s
gonna come in the next few days. How was that dive, boss? It was good. Yeah? Fricking slayed. Like we went into a cave. What were you slaying? I followed you into a cave,
and there was probably at least a dozen big lion fish in there. Just knocking them
dead on that dive. Eat them up. Eat them to beat them. Look at that. Look at that catch. Eat them, beat them. This is the one that
came out of that cave. Pretty good size. Be a good fillet, I got
a good lion fish burger. That’s exactly why. That tiny lion fish is
snatching fish like that. How many did you get? About eight. Eight? Only eight. Have you ever been
stung by a lion fish? Seven times. Catch a lot of lion
fish here all the time. Well, I normally catch
it on my days off. When I’m off I go hunting. Nice. Very good fish. Very, very good. Yeah, we eat them. That’s my favorite
fish right now. It’s your favorite fish? That’s a big statement. Yeah. Favorite fish. Nice. Especially with ceviche. Yeah. [INAUDIBLE] fish ceviche. That’s one of the best. All right. This is– yeah. Welcome to our dive site. It’s 8 o’clock at
night on a Saturday. We’re getting read to do
some underwater partying. We’re going to attempt to do
a dive that Nate and I have done quite a bit in Kona. And it’s referred to
as black water dive. This is a very unique dive,
and it’s a dive that you really cannot do in very many
places in the world. And people are going nuts
for this dive right now. And basically you go out
over super deep water, like water that is
thousands of feet deep, and you dangle from the
boat in, you know maybe like 50 to 60 feet of
water, and you shine lights and you hope that you
can see some really crazy pelagic small
tiny little sea animals. I’m stoked. This is a first for me. I’ve never done
anything like this. So I hope we see something cool. I think we got the right gear. And I think we got
the right expertise. So I’m feeling
comfortable with it. Why do we have to be
on 5,000 feet of water? Every night there is the world’s
largest migration of animals, and it’s right
here in the ocean. Every night all like the
little pelagic creatures come up from the depths. Every night close
to the surface. They do that to feed on
plankton and who knows. As you guys probably know,
when an island grows, it pops out of the water and
then it slowly sinks back in. Dominica has a
very fast drop off. It’s really cool, because no
one’s ever really tried to dive like this here in Dominica. OK, so we should have
60, 65 foot lines, and they need to be on
the outside of the boat. So– Basic idea of the setup
here is that we’re going to all be kind of hanging
from lines from the boat in the event that something
crazy happens, and you were to lose consciousness
or whatever, you want to be
attached the boat, because if you sink to
the bottom, she gone. We’re getting a
line system set up where basically there’s going
to be six lines for six divers. How’s it looking over here? It’s good. We’ve got– what is it?– 65, feet or 60 feet of
this black poly line. That’s going to at three points. And each person is going to clip
onto that with their own six foot tether. So you kind of have
quite a bit of room to move around if you want to. That’s going to be attached
to the end of this. Because each one
of these is going to have a weight on the
bottom that sinks it down. And you’re going
to be on that line. So you can go up and down you go
with the carabiner, up and down this line, so that
way you can’t lose it. Very excited for this thing. Oh. Adrenaline rush. Adrenaline, yeah. [INAUDIBLE] lots of creatures
that I haven’t seen before. Right now I feel fine. But I’ve been feeling a
little bit nervous about this. And I’m sure that once
we actually descend, it’s going to be very scary. I mean, at least when
you go on a night dive, it’s always a
little bit like ooh. But you’re with other people. And this we’re going
to be hanging off our own individual
lines off the boat. That’s why we’re going
to be on the same line at different heights. So you’re– I mean you’re
connected to the boat, but you’re kind of
by yourself, too. So I don’t know. What is like the scariest
thing you can imagine? What’s the worst case
scenario that you can imagine? Honestly, either the
rope coming untied, and then like sinking down, or
like a pilot whale coming up and grabbing me or something. That I’m trying to think
about that right now. Giant squid coming
up from the depths and then grabbing onto your
leg and then twisting you up in the line and then
breaking off the boat and then taking you down. Oh, thank you. The worst case scenario. Diving in deep water where you
don’t really have orientation, like sometimes on night
dives like you’re going deep, you find yourself
like get vertigo. It feels good to be
attached to something. Yeah. If it goes well, like
basically the plan is to teach Dive Dominica
how to conduct this dive, and that’ll be something
cool that they can– people can actually come
and do it here in Dominica. I’m watching the video from
YouTube before I jump in. Yeah. Fingers is crossed, I see
nothing that’s bigger than me. What if we find a squid
that’s the size of you? Well, it’s coming home with me. Yeah? We’re cooking tonight. And for the next month. Cooking tonight. So all these guys are putting
knives on their legs and stuff. I don’t think they
realize they’re getting ready to stab jellyfish. Squish, squish,
squish, squish, squish. But they look like they’re
gearing up for battle. It’s pretty funny. I’m stoked. This is super exciting. Uncharted territories. So we’re 2.4 miles
out from shore now, and we’re in about 1,000
meters of water, which should be about 3,000 feet. We are now floating about 1,500
meters, or close to 5,000 feet of water. This is also a very solo dive. OK? Don’t bother trying to point
anything out to anybody. Because the moment you do
do, I’ve got something cool, I want to show Brian. I look, I see Brian, we make
eyes, I look back it’s gone. You don’t get to spend a
lot of time with anything unfortunately. Because it’s drifting
and we’re drifting, and eventually the boat is going
to pull you away from whatever. I definitely have
some nerves, but just because of the unknown factor. But I think it’s going
to be pretty cool. I hope it’s going
to really cool. This is the way visually if it
didn’t make sense before, we clip this on to the diver. I think every BC is different. You want to find a good spot. The strap is
probably pretty good. I wouldn’t do it here. And then the other
end, which is– this is a six foot
tether that’s going to go onto the line
that’s sinking down, so that way you can slide
up and down the line. And the other end of this
one has a weight on the end. Woo-hoo! I’m a little nervous. I’m actually glad I’m going
on the first team, though. Why? I don’t know, I just want to go
first and then I can come back. Good luck, brother. OK. See you in 45 minutes. I’ll take care of the
boat if you disappear. There you go. Jordan, right under
the hull right here there’s a flying fish. Right here. Sweet, man, that’s cool. I got inked on by a squid. I think I’m pretty sure I saw a
baby lobster, like a baby bill fish and a bunch of other things
that I had no idea what were. It’s just a trippy experience. Like, I don’t know. Feels like you’re
in outer space and– Like flying through
some star fields. Yeah. It’s scary. It’s fucking scary. Like realistically,
that’s pretty insane. But it was really cool. It’s awesome. I’d definitely do it again. It’s really trippy at first,
but then after you sort of get in the zone, it’s really cool. You’re just drifting in like
a field of debris and things and everything is alive. But it’s all real small. It’s real small. But I’d definitely do it again. Oh, yeah I got attacked
by so many squids. Three times I got
hit by a squid. The first one hit the light
and just fucking jizzed– no. Squirted. Inked. The first squid
inked in all over, and it scared the
shit out of me. And then I was hanging
out trying out– I was filming the ink and
another one came and blasted in my arm. And it exploded, and
I think I got one for like three
seconds on camera. Probably blown out. But it was sitting there and
like stunned in the light and then just like zoomed off. It’s so crazy, man. There’s like so much life. You wouldn’t– like once you
first get in and you’re kind of freaking out, it’s like
they’re just stars coming past you. Like the old Windows 95. It’s like the windows
95 screensaver. Then all of a sudden you look
closer and everything is alive. It’s a soup of life. Well, life soup. Would you do it again? Yeah, I’d definitely
do it again. To say this experience
was overwhelming would be an understatement. Which made it pretty challenging
to get some good shots. So we also wanted to share this
footage that Nate and Jordan caught in Kona a
couple of years back, so you can get a better
idea of how truly wild these dives can be. Their photographer
friend, Jeff Millicent, is also a pretty big legend
in the black water photo game, and managed to capture this
image of a juvenile octopus riding a sea horse. Fingers crossed we get
the chance to experience this dive again in the future. Bonjour. Woke up making some waffles. This is a– sorry. Woke up, made some French toast. This is a [? Caza ?]
French toast, because she can’t eat
the challah bread, so this might be the first
ever French toast on rye. That sounds pretty good. It probably is pretty good. Just getting our carbs in
before we go scuba duba. We were up really late for our
black water dive last night. And everyone’s
struggling this morning. It’s a rare sighting of
[? Brady ?] before 8:00 AM. Today we shall go explore
underwater once again. Oh. I’m coming. I’m going. It’s happening? This is happening. How’s your French toast? Scale of 1 to 10? Five? Five. I’ll tell Nate. I’ll tell Nate you said that. Nate. What? It’s a 10. A 10 out of 10. How you feeling
today, [? Brion. ?] Strong and good. Yes. Ready to go film some things. Yes. Second breakfast. This still first. I didn’t finish it. Just add on a little ham add on? Yeah. Let’s go check it out. Dominica’s nickname
of the nature island was clearly not just limited to
the terrestrial side of things. The 700 square kilometers
of reef around the island was some of the healthiest we’d
seen in this part of the world. One reason for that could be
that Dominica has established three massive marine reserves
to help protect habitats like this one. Although there’s no fishing
allowed inside the reserves, they actually act as a
spawning ground and nursery to ensure that fishing outside
of them can continue forever. As if we hadn’t been
spoiled enough already, we then got to see something
which was a first for me. A seahorse. It was astounding to
see one firsthand, and it made me wonder more about
these curious little creatures. I finally understood how
they propel themselves by using a small fin on
their back that flutters, and then steer with even
smaller pectoral fins on the back of their head. It was easy to see how well
they could avoid predators by blending in with their
surroundings so well and anchoring themselves
to wherever they like but their prehensile tails. It turns out they have
no teeth and no stomach. So they must eat almost
constantly to stay alive. They’re monogamous
and mate for life by engaging in an
eight hour courtship dance, which includes
spinning around each other and changing colors. We actually saw another
seahorse nearby, which we weren’t able
to capture on film, but it does mean that
these two will continue their own little legacy under
the protection of the nature island. Next up on Delos, we fly
our new mizzen ballooner. And say a very sad goodbye
to Nate and Jordan. Where are we? We’re in Guadalupe Guadalupe. [INAUDIBLE] All right. I want a quesadilla. You want a quesadilla? With the [? boat ?] [? on it. ?] Business in the front,
party in the back. Look at that. Like it? I like it a lot.

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