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Hi Scorpio, welcome back here with Amira Celon mediumship Academy and this is your 20/20 reading for Scorpio Sun rising moon and Venus and I just want to wish you a beautiful year moving forward I wish it all comes out for you exactly as you wanted or even better. So let’s put that positivity out there Scorpio and Let’s shoot for the stars And see what comes up if you’d like to join my mediumship Academy and most welcome It’s open at anytime for new students to attend or to have you know to come and join So let’s have a look all the links are here below in the show more section. I’m going to do a spread Of 12 cards from January through to December for 2024 Scorpio Personal readings are only $49 for your own personal 12-month reading which also includes a spread of the love oracle cards as well so Here we go with the Tarot for you Scorpio Okay, so let’s have a look at Scorpio Sun Moon rising and Venus Okay Scorpio first First card January we’ve got the queen of cups, that could be used Scorpio, Kansas Scorpio Pisces female Coming and around you or very symbolic of just like this beautiful Cup of love that you’re offering to somebody and somebody’s offering to you. So feeling very emotionally available feeling like you have your cup full and you’d like to share it with somebody and feeling love coming into your life feeling very Set in how you feel about a certain situation and theme as well getting ready for so a new love or feeling content with a love situation February you’ve got the chariot moving forward so you could be purchasing a new car going on a journey or a trip in February taking off in a new direction you might have somebody under the sign of cancer coming in around you You could be going on a bike trip a motorbike trip a horse trip even doing something with horses or Some sort of voyage of some description some of you also could be moving as well So there could be a move in February for Scorpio. The chariot is often have move So taking off and just taking all your things with you’re moving somewhere change of address Then for March we have the king of Pentacles, this is symbolic of money Finances building finances feeling like you’ve got finances building and growing around you working on something accumulating money Also can be a male Taurus Virgo Capricorn coming into your life or somebody who’s already in your life Who’s maybe you know looking at their finances as well? They could be also helping you with your finances and The Sun here is rising So I feel like things are on the up and up with whatever that connection is Scorpio with the money Okay, the money or the person? Then in April you have the three of cups, which is a celebration you could be celebrating with girlfriends You could be going to some sort of party some sort of anniversary birthday party wedding coming into April you know April The northern hemisphere coming into spring the southern hemisphere going into the fall You could be sort of doing like a change of season an equinox thing or, you know, having some sort of celebration around The changes of the seasons is also something that’s coming up there On another note there could be a situation where you’re in a crowded relationship There’s you know a third party involved that could be you know Distracting you or distracting somebody that you’re with could be just a female friend of it You are the person that you’re with or a third party. It might not be a lover But that’s just giving you like a little Bourne Sometimes there could be a third party with the three of cups or three people in a relationship and not two so it’s always good to check things behind the scenes and Scorpios are very good at that so I don’t see how That is going to come about unless you know about it Or without you knowing about it. So then we have for May the five of Pentacles So there could be somebody that is draining her energy that needs help that is giving you some sort of sob story is Victim of some description or this could be also you feeling like a victim feeling like you’ve lost somebody or something feeling like you know, you might be having troubles with something or somebody else might be trying to ask you for money or You might be asking somebody else for money as well some assistance in Finances because we’ve got the sharing card here coming up in June. So that is the six of Pentacles So there’s definitely money flowing here Whether it’s coming from you to somebody else or to you from somebody else there could also be a situation here with justice So if you’re going through some sort of a divorce because of a third party For some of you Scorpios you will come out of this and you know in a good way in a settlement You Might have enough money to share and help people that are in need as well There’s quite a lot of money cards here. So you’ve got Six pinacol cards which is quite a lot. So there could be a focus on money shared resources and finances for 2020 and looking at ways of either recouping your money getting it back through a legal legal situations or You know getting more money into your life Then we have for July we’ve got the ten of swords This can be back pain related to something Regarding the back it can also be somebody stabbing you in the back energetically or literally you might feel that there’s something going on around you that you can’t quite put your finger on that you might be something that might not even know about Could be definitely a Situation here Scorpio that you’re going to unravel and see what’s going on so somebody’s trying to upset the applecart and if you do play the victim and You are manipulative because some Scorpios are manipulative and they can be quite revengeful somebody might lash out and do something to you not physically but emotionally in July, they might have just had enough so that could be a warning not to overstep, you know, your limits or their limits and Just keep things in check Because keeping things in check will keep you on an even keel and it will open you up more opportunities Then we have for August the seven of swords. So seven of swords moving forward with something Wishing hoping attempting and designing something Specific you might be trying for a new relationship. You could be trying for a new job. You could be trying for something new whether that is Achievable or not is another question, but you know another situation but you’re trying to get get it done You’re trying to make things happen. So you’ve got a seven of swords there for August looking at September the page of rods could be a person coming in around you male or female who is a Fire sign Aries, Leo Sagittarius It can also be symbolic of maybe immigration flight or going somewhere or taking off in a new direction I often see this card, as you know, being granted some sort of status to go somewhere receiving a visa to get somewhere you know to a foreign country that you might not have been before or You might be actually going on a working holiday a working vacation you could even be going on a foreign posting or Being sent somewhere for work Then we have for October to set the age of pinnacles so designing crafting something working on something Really tiling away at you know bringing in the money. So it’s all about the money in October you might be saving up for something specific and You will save up for something specific. You’ll have what you need Or you’ll start to see or have what you need by November so you’ll see that things are growing and your investments are getting better and Your you’re saving money Scorpio. So it’s all kind of turning itself around in a positive way You’ve got the king of Pentacles there as well, which is a beautiful card to end this the year with for December, which is all about You know having abundance opulent success manifesting, you know the material material gifts material treasures Also receiving a lot of sum of money can be a male coming into your life as well Who is it could be the same person as a knight of Pentacles who is a an earth sign which would be compatible with you, so that would be a Taurus Virgo or Capricorn male, and he could be there for you in some way whether you’re looking for him or not He could be there for you. He could be a boss. He could be a friend. He could be a lover He could be a husband Somebody and somebody, you know in and around you if you don’t know who this man is, it could be you you know it could be symbolic of you who who this man is as In manifesting what you want and reaping what you sow and getting these beautiful grapes off the tree It’s almost like you’ve got more than what you need So that’s finishing off on a really good note Scorpio. So this year could be a year where you really Got your mind on the money. Okay, and you’re really focusing on targets and getting more cash flow and you’re gonna do really well by the end of the year you’re going to be Really coming up trumps with that so lots of blessings All the links are here below and thank you for sharing liking and subscribing And until next time have a beautiful start to the year ciao for now


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