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hi this is a monthly horoscope for Scorpio for the month of november 2016 and love my scorpions if you want a reading with me check out my store there also you can visit in the description box below watching somebody is looking at me when I’m talking to myself looking all crazy and I don’t want any way you could visit i’m also if you want more scopes with this energy going on so on the 9th we have Mars moving into the sign of Aquarius you’re very passionate about things that you want and you can be rather information at this time I would be careful with your next moves because everything is cause and effect but your cause can make you a little bit crazy looking okay does it baby don’t get what he wants oh my name to watch out for some of you you are very impulsive in your actions and you tend to do things without thinking for some of you having problems with authority or authority figures so watch out with the law for somebody this could be with close family members for others of you you could be separating yourself from certain people in your life especially those that you lead on a bit too much for help and support focusing on doing you because they either want to try to ride your coattails and let you help them with their career or they need help in changing and they’re not ready to change so you’re going to kind of cut them off at this time and then when they’re ready to change they’ll come back to you for some of you with home business you’re allowing your intuition to guide you because you know what’s best and family could be talking to you I’m talking you out of doing some things at this time on the twelfth venus moves into the sign of capricorn there’s a lack communication at this time and everything you do this month may seem like a process so certain things can certain things going on take a bit of time getting back to to you patience is needed during this time period also with this energy try not to go assuming because you read too much into what others are not doing or what’s not there i feel the focus this month can be more towards family and communication and more with them during this time than with anybody else I feel you’re very nurturing towards family and this is probably the time period where Mars and aquarius going to kick kick in and say hey I feel used I feel like I’m doing most of the work here I’m not noticing you’re not changing and I keep giving to you that’s kind of sick isn’t it so careful with the help you give because you could be feeling very used during this time for your period you need to learn to give and take you need to learn to have more of a given take with relationships or more or more to yourself which makes you exotic to people so they want to figure you out you may find that people make even bait you into conversation during this time period because it’s their way of getting to know you and sometimes people are weird like that like the guy to fight with you first in order to get to know you and it’s like those are the kind of people where I would be like mm okay I already know you bible because those are the kind of people you don’t want in your life okay because they got their own insecurities and issues and it’s kind of like is that not my cup of tea but anyways that’s what’s gonna be going on so you may have like a lot of a lot of people around you asking more questions than usual and I know how some of you are and this is not gonna be the fun time for you when people are trying to figure you out and stuff like that instead of leaving you alone let you do what you do ok so you’re not gonna like this energy on the 12 mercury was into the sign of sagittarius I feel hear thoughts are more towards money and career for some of you being creative with how to save money or how to spend money for others of you could be very giving for some of you this monthly benefit through partnerships or even through your career that’s a great time for those of you in social media or the arts entertainers is a good time to move forward to receive recognition or increase populate popularity or even fame during this time when it comes to love relationships especially current ones for some of you would you know in your second house you may be unhappy in certain relationships but you stay you stay because you don’t want to be alone for you a fear of if I break up with this person therefore i’m going to be lonely and I won’t find anybody where some of you not all of you for me you know you can jump right to the next I’ve seen it just number eight minutes and it was like they use break up with her like like yesterday yeah and i found this one today don’t oh okay do you all right you know so some of this is some of you so you more to yourself with this energy which makes you exotic on back to the first part okay here we go for others of you it’s difficult for you to leave because you’re just scared of being hurt or not finding anyone so you’re allowing fear to really are affect you in moving forward especially with these difficult relationships on the fourteenth the full moon in the signatory I feel with this energy you tolerate a lot of what other people are do you and this is because of Taurus in your 7th house you tend to put up with a lot of crap and then people are thrown off guard when that stinger comes around and you start whipping some sense into them and then it’s like moon it’s like really really you know so be careful with that you know try to create boundaries this month this can be a good trait you just taking a lot of of people’s tolerating a lot of people around us to h amla like as week i should say you will push very hard and over react with this energy I feel with this energy it could have a lot to do with the space and certain people in your life not giving it or maybe they are saying too much or friending you without even knowing it you know you know because scorpios don’t express or communicate their feelings so when people start especially like let’s say somebody starts like talking about you but they’re doing in a cutesy kinda way you’re going to take it left because if they’re opening up about what you do at home and stuff like that you’re going to hell to the no no I thought we were loyal i thought we were like thieves here no no you may freak out about that ok you may take it personally may take it like a personal attack on you in your character so just be careful on with that part of you that comes out ok feeling offended and not expressing it to people because you’ll jump ship you know I know you guys work will jump great ship and so this is going to be a time period where you’re gonna have to get thicker skin or you’re gonna have to explain yourself be like look if me and you’re gonna date and have a relationship we need to be like thick as thieves I mean we need to be like Aladdin and his seven Mary many fees like in that cage and that’s it whatever stays in that case it lives in that cage it don’t come out so if you need to talk about me don’t do it when I’m around or just don’t do it period if you want to keep me just don’t talk about me keep your keep my name out of your damn map as far as they know mean you are together and that’s it and they don’t know the nooks and crannies about it alright I’m not have my scorpios are okay don’t tell them about the mix and crannies where those of you who are watching for your scorpio boyfriend/girlfriend because let me tell you when you find out that looks and crannies they’re like you know you might as well just hit me and Ben over there I’m out of here and then me and it’s like seriously then we just break up yes we did i’m gonna you’re so just be I know you guys work so I’m just putting it out there for those of you who are watching for your scorpio boyfriend or girlfriend and I probably shouldn’t have said that now so now the scorpios in your life you’re gonna be watching this boy you a what do you watch many more horoscope yes we need a break up this that and the 20 Neptune goes direct in the sign of pisces enough to test i get this energy good news comes your way in regards to career you can be very creative with this energy and think more outside the box for others of your being guided and led by your tuition to new creative projects i feel this energy you can be dating during this time period or for some of you could be more quite withdrawn into your own fantasy world at this time this is great for artists and writers and you know fantasy writers and that sort of things you love this but for others of you you’re just going to check out because things are getting difficult or you’re just more into your video games at this time in a bit that’s with that for some of you having affairs very secret tip time with this energy on the 21st the Sun in sagittarius I feel you’re going to make some unexpected changes in your life for others of you this could be you not necessarily in a giving mood with others or not very empathetic to other people’s plight during this time for some of you could be a bit rebellious with those and authorities will be careful with police and what system with this energy this can bring about deep understanding of the way someone works but once you figure it out and their auntie and they’re in their own and they feel like you’re on to them because they don’t like to be figured out as well so this could be like a virgo or an aquarius then they’ll change then they’ll change on you again just to prove that they’re different ok for others of us a good time with money but you have a very generous heart during this time period with money for some of you so watch your spending also for some of you there can be unexpected losses at this time so again careful with your giving nature on the twenty-ninth the new moon in the sign of sagittarius the focus on money you do have a Stellium this energy in your second house so your money is definitely highlighted so this is lucky breaks I’m happening for some of you for some of you this is like sparks of miracles happening at last minute when you least expect it so when you’re going through it and you’re looking for a miracle then they just come right in ok for others of you this could be a busy time with business a great time with business if you’re broke sparks miracles can happen you have really stupid look stupid luck like stupid luck like you’re gonna get shot up by the mob and then all the sudden they like literally run past by you and don’t see your butt like stupid you know that dumb luck that Dumb luck its like wow you really got dumb luck you know ya dumb luck ok this brings about turn of events so expect the unexpected during this time ideal for some of you this could be quitting your job for others have been making major life changes for better or for worse the first time to come up with the four points I deal with this energy you need to get the hell outta your damn head you really have too much you’re thinking about you’re overthinking things during this time period you need to watch your emotional self because there are planets in your first year 12 first and second house so at this time you’re very much about your feelings you need to be more logical instead more in the present and not worry about your feelings okay because your feelings are what’s causing the depression is what’s causing the anxiety is what’s not making you move forward okay that page of swords I feel like you need to listen to your own advice during this time period as well and also you know as I’m as I’m feeling this carpet the page source I’m hearing judgmental so you can be very judgmental towards others during this time period and then for some of you are other people can be judgmental towards you in your situation okay the hangman card i’m in decisions in regards to the past in regards to past loves so past loves are going to be coming up or coming back into the picture during this time period but you know what you might be attracting that into your life because Venus in Capricorn does that because why because capricorns tend to get obsessive about things and what happens is that when you’re thinking about the same thing all day long and I already had a conversation with this one of my scorpions when you’re having a conversation about this all day long and that’s all you can think about like I’m in my past I used to think about there’s one guy okay there’s one guy was on a really bad alcoholic ok he just make babies and that’s a really bad but for some reason me and my husband we kept giving him chances and giving him chances and giving him chances and he would never change like my I have a garbage bin because we don’t have a garbage residential garbage systems have to get my cab in a big giant bench and one time I let me stay at my house and like it was filled up with 30 packs of beers because that’s how many he would go through like I was seriously check for bruises on his body is to make sure that he wasn’t having like problems with his drinking but anyways but what happened was that every time he didn’t come around I start thinking of a nice they’re saying his name over and over and over again then he would appear you know so at this time period you know you guys are going to be doing the same thing thinking and thinking the same person over and over again they’ll appear you know so at this time try to think about important people helpers helper people helping ants people that you want to help you grow I would start thinking of celebrities and their names and waiting for them to be r you know because people like them people in positions of power are going to appear ok that’s all that means people in power people in positions to help you are going to appear so start changing your way of thinking this month because you know Jupiter’s in your second house if you kind of think about it the second house is ruled by jupiter because who’s in there sagittarius so at this time thoughts become things and then you got libre in your 12 house ok super sons at a time attracting some really funky situations into your life so i would start keeping it positive with the thoughts on this month the world card does show achievement and recognition during this time I do feel like there is good news coming your way with this energy and opportunities to grow into change but these are more ideas than action but if you were to do it it would be a blessing for you okay III of coins a period of time of growth for some of you and a time of spiritual growth as well the moon card I feel with this energy here that you are going to start being more gossipy during this time a bit more judges so be careful with that energy I feel also truth is going to be revealed to you during this time period the seven of coins i feel with this energy here that you are there are things that you want to do at this time but you’re not going to do them so no change is going to be made at this time by your hand if change does come it’s not going to be by your hand is going to be by other people’s hands the five cops you need to learn to incorporate on I see that you’re going to make some emotional changes into your life and you’re going to add some new things into your life but this is to create more balance in your life so you may go workout you may for some of you are start seeing a therapist for others of you may start doing something different in your routine this is more towards your routine you’re going to change something about it to kind of create more balanced with that to break up the energy the ten of swords I do see things turn around for you at this time and the energy getting better for you moving forward the page of Wands I do see that this is the time where you’re hanging out with more younger people in your life on I feel with this energy it does bring about optimistic energy small changes not major changes small changes in your life the focus is more towards children at this time as well the three of wands I feel like this is a time of moving forward in certain areas of your life but at the same time again changing other parts of other areas of your life finding more balance in your life is what’s coming up the nine of swords get the hell out of your head this month it does not need to be there and the page of coins again lot of young people around you with this energy I feel that person you that you’re dealing with your own emotional stuff at this time and at this time for the month of Scorpio that you may be more doing an emotional process at this time in processing what happened in october and processing what happened in September you know so you’re still dealing with your feelings with certain issues that are going on so at this time get the hell outta your damn head try to stay more in the present alright you do have some powerful energies coming up with the planets moving into the sign of sagittarius which is beautiful i would be rocking this let me tell you my Jupiter return in my 12 house when I was in my twenties and I thought I was I seriously thought I was a gay guy because I hung out I did the gay pride thing in Boston I was everywhere in Rhode Island and it was like always with men I cock block so many men that year they were like Marina stop hanging out with us i’m like why is because everybody thinks we’re straight and we’re not like oh my gosh I was like but I love you dad we’re like we love you too but you can’t do that but you know that was my ear and I rock that I rock that Jupiter I rocked her like none other and we had a great time and I basically stayed out like i was in school but I swear my life was on the road i do not know why but it was on the growth and it was fun so you really need to have fun with this energy and owned it and take ownership of it i mean you have sagittarius and everything moving in the sign of sagittarius you need to relax more with this energy i love you my scorpions I just want you to get out your emotional tire because well-being and mental pieces everything so take care love you guys please make sure to like subscribe and share kisses we


  1. 123videocity Post author

    You're so right. I'm so emot after my birthday but I've made big changes. I should be looking forwards to the future.

  2. M. Montero Post author

    Thank you Marie…always look forward to your readings! Blessings!!!

  3. mscaq 2016 Post author

    Thanks for your words Marie! You are a blessing for youtube 🙂

  4. spicy1ize Post author

    I was Obsessed with your Reading ,then I took a Break from watching your videos,because I'm a Scorpio and that what we do LOL,Obsessive then we just don't care ,there is No Middle ground with a Scorpio….But I'm back and once again You Are Spot On,it's Scary!

  5. QwikFlip Post author

    Thank you so much Marie, you're on point like always, I have a great feeling that things are gonna turn up for me in a great financial disguise soon, I'm speaking it to reality.

  6. Joan Harder Post author

    Right on point, glad I listened again. Friends pushing boundaries, oh NO!

  7. Sharma Mayn Post author

    I really hate this energy.Hopefully December would be better.But great reading.but great reading.

  8. isabela k Post author

    Marie I'm going throu some changes and is not cause I want to is just cause my mind and heart says it too and I have push a certain amount of people that are always having a back and forth and talking about my life wit others and it bothers me like crazy so I choose to be alone without no one so I think I'm exactly wat ur saying on the November's scope so I don't know if I'm doing right but I feel is better cause if I stay any longer around them imma end up choking her lol but I rather ride alone . By the way love ur predictions ur always on point .


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