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Hiii in this video i am going to talk about.
the prominence of second house of a birth chart.
What is the karaka of second house??? What can we understand from the second house.
Body part associated with it. And, How different planets influence, when
they are in second house. Hi I am astro hominis.
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and stay notified. Okyy.. Let’s get into today’s point of discussion. The second house comes after the first house.
Just in case, if you missed my video on first house, i pasted it in the description below
for your ease. Pls go watch it and continue this video.
So, After obtaining a physical existence into this world, which is the first house, second
house shows the resources for our survival. Jupiter is the karaka of second house.
Second house is values, Values we get, how we value ourselves. our
family environment, our intake, the food we eat, Our speech, earnings, possessions.
The place where we stay and feel like home is indicated by the second house.
Second house is The values we learn frm our family.
The way we value ourselves, design our personality and make others value us.
The food we intake which helps in survival. Second house is also childhood upbringing,
what a person speak. And earnings. So, This can help us understand,
What a person values in his life. if a person uses a nasty language or is very
polite and gentle. Or if he is always lying. What’s the kind of food the person is mostly
likely inclined to. How the person’s childhood has been.. If that
was very happy and sweet or dissatisfying. The person’s earnings, if he is good enough
to earn for his family’s survival or not. Coming to the body parts, it shows our face,
mouth, tongue, teeth and throat, which help us to talk, and eat our food. So now let’s see what we can understand from
the position of planets in the second house: And Just in case if u missed my videos on
planets and retrograde planets, simply, go through the description section, I pasted
the links for your ease. Now,Let’s start with sun.
Sun: is ego and slf expression is showing a person ego and identity tied to his values,family
, earnings, possessions and food intake . Moon: emotional stability connected with values,family
, earnings, possessions and food intake Mercury: communication and managing skills
with speech, values, family, earnings. Venus: love for sensual pleasures and family.
Mars: aggressiveness in speech and earnings. Going through some Violent moments in childhood.
Jupiter: religion, ethics, obedience, in connection with values, family,
Earnings and possessions. Saturn: discipline, responsibility in ones
values and childhood upbringing. The effect of these planets depend on strength
of the planet. The first house and its lord, planets in first house, planets aspecting
the first house, first lord also need to be considered.
For videos on planets, retrograde planets and ZODIAC signs, you simply go through the
description section. I pasted all my video links for your ease.
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