SECRETS You Should Always Keep to Yourself

By | August 13, 2019

Secrets You Should Always Keep To Yourself There are a few things which should always
be kept secret. This is so because telling the world about
them would be foolish and harmful on the physical and spiritual levels.
Here are some of the most crucial things you should always keep secret. Your Love Life The only people who should know the intimate
details of what goes on in your bedroom are your partner and you.
If you are in a loving, committed relationship such as marriage, you would kill your marriage
if you share the details amongst your friends. Just imagine how would you feel if you came
to know that your spouse was telling his or her friends, the intimate details about the
two of you? Would it not be so embarrassing? Your Future Plans Never reveal your serious planning, especially
if it is an ambitious business plan. This strategy has many benefits.
First it safeguards you from anyone more aggressive or resourceful in picking up your million
dollar idea and implementing it better and faster than you.
Secondly, there are a lot of people who are good at nothing but only know how to find
faults and discourage a person. if you reveal it to them, there may be someone
who will kill your motivation to work on the idea. Your Income, Finance and Wealth The harsh fact is that we live in a materialistic
world where people constantly judge each other based on income and financial worth.
Even most fair individuals will be tempted to judge without even thinking about it.
If you are richer, they will envy you or be jealous of you. If you are earning good money,
it is nobody’s business what you earn and how you earn!
But if you are earning less money than them, you will not get respect.
You may prefer to have true friends who do not judge you on the basis of how much money
and wealth you have. Also you would not want to seek unwanted attention
from strangers / robbers / thieves or donation seekers. Passwords and Codes Obviously, this is a big no-no! Do not give
away your passwords, codes and pin numbers under any circumstances.
Whether it is the e mail password or the log in password of your bank account, it is important
to keep your passwords, codes and pin numbers with yourself.
Nobody would like his or her private messages from girlfriend / boyfriend to be read by
a third person. Similarly, wicked people can hack into your
account and take away your life time’s savings and investments.
Therefore, make doubly sure that your passwords, codes and pin numbers are kept very safe and
beyond the reach of anybody. Problems in Personal Life
Every family has problems, at one point of time or other. There is nothing to be ashamed
of. Under such situations, always remind yourself
that the less you reveal such secrets to outsiders, the safer and peaceful you will be.
Such things should be resolved within the privacy of your own home, between loved ones.
The more you complain and share with others, the harder they will be to resolve amicably. Secrets of others who trust you
If others have confided in you, then it is your sacred duty to keep their secrets buried
deep in your chest throughout your life. If a friend trusts you with confidential information
and you let it out then the trust is broken and the friendship is finished forever.
Socially your image will go down considerably, if you can’t keep the secret of others. Your philanthropy, donations and charity
It is not a good idea to reveal the details of your charities.
Charitable acts are divine and out of your inner feelings.
In certain societies, it is always recommended that “your left hand should not know what
your right hand is giving”. Do not neutralize your good karma by bragging
about your philanthropic activities because others can label you as a self praising arrogant. To read more, please refer to our detailed
article and the link is given in the box below.

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