SENZEAL Aquarium Light X5 – VIRGO Review

By | December 16, 2019

Hello everyone. last month i get a package form
and they want me to review their product. so let me show you the fottage. this is the package. and let’s open it. let’s see what we got here. it is an aquarium light. it’s cool tough they use bubble warp in the package. let me open this for a second. and it’s aquarium light type X5 – Virgo
Super Slim And Super Bright. but then i just realized the voltage is 110V
and my house is using 220V and unfortunately i can’t try it.
maybe I can use it as a giveway. but not now because I’m still very bussy.
i’ll announce it at my instagram account. let’s back to the video. let’s see what’s inside. an ID card and some kind of User Guide or Catalog. and yeah they also use double bubble warp to protect the product. this package also contain Strip Thermometer that quite cool because i never see it before. and yeah that’s the last. now i’ll try to open this. I like the design, because it’s minimalists and the material looks like HDPE plastic that looks solid. it also had a switch that can easily to turn in on or off. the light can fit 3mm thick glass. as you can see here. and also it’s fit perfectly at 5mm thick glass as you can see here. and this is the specification. so that’s the end of my video.
if you want to buy the light, you can check the link at the descreption bellow. thanks for watch and see you next time.

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