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By | August 14, 2019

The parts of the body that Aquarius rules
are the calves and ankles. Let me explain, in Astrology each sign is aligned with or
has some kind of affinity to a body part; rules, as we say, that body part. In some
way it symbolizes what the sign is about. Aquarius is a sign of great exploration and
loves mental and physical exploration. The calves and ankles propel us forward, so in
many ways it symbolizes the Aquarian experience. Sexually this part of the body is also very
sensitive and is open to erotic touches, nibbles, and kisses. You will find, if you are in bed
with an Aquarian, a very good way to start the sexual experience is to just lightly touch
the back of the calves down to the ankles. Here’s a place where the Aquarian not only
becomes aroused easily, but then, in terms of a sexual position itself, sometimes Aquarians
really enjoy making love standing up because this way you can entwine your legs around
the Aquarians and these parts of the Aquarian body are touched and brought to greater sexual

32 thoughts on “Sex & the Aquarius Astrology Sign | Zodiac Love Guide

  1. Ellie Yasmin Post author

    I was going to call total bullshit, until she talked about Aquarius' like for sex standing up…and okay, yes my Aquarius ex freaking loved that.

  2. asedfrgtyhuj Post author

    Omg 11th that's my lucky number, AND I'm an aquarius ^_^ It's things like this who happens just too less times ~_^

  3. MrAwawe Post author

    Bullshit, everything is Bullshit stop spamming your channel with Bullshit!


    What is your sign? (Fingers-crossed) Just curious if we're compatible 🙂

  5. R A Post author

    Wait you want me to nibble on my woman's calfs, bitch I ain't no cannibal

  6. Kevin The Wise Post author

    She keeps studering lol having a hard time talking about big dick Milf LMAO

  7. Welcome To The Family Post author

    So I tried going up to my crush and rub her calves and ancles.. this instructions are hard to follow, somehow I got my nipple caught in a ceiling fan.

  8. Theo Nikolaitchik Post author

    Would bitch about spelling but I agree!! Upvote for you!

  9. That one guy who is always at the best parties Post author

    likes/dislikes are even… keep it that way.

  10. Dan Golsan Post author

    Ha, no. I don't like people touching me in those places… And standing up whole making love, no, bed. This one disappointed me cx


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