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By | August 14, 2019

Leo is the sign of strength and power. The
body part in astrology that Leo rules is the spine. When one talks about having
courage you say, “He has good backbone.” or, “She’s got good spine.” When I say rules, every sign in the zodiac
is connected to or aligned with in some way rules a part of the body. This
is very helpful in knowing one’s health picture, in how to take care of that
part of the body. Also, sexually it’s an important place because it
is sensitive, it is open to eroticism, it can arouse that person, in this
case, a Leo. The Leo loves to have his or her back not
just rubbed or massaged. That’s more therapeutic. But in sex having the back
touched, kissed, stroked prepares a Leo for lovemaking. One of Leo’s
favorite things to do is, let’s say. taking a shower together, taking a bath
together, and to take the sponge in warm water and just lathe the back
and the backbone. In bed it’s a wonderful place, if you’re in bed with a
Leo, to just lightly, lightly kiss and touch the back. Then pretty soon
the Leo will feel aroused. You can always tell because the skin gets flushed.
It is a place that Leo enjoys and responds to feeling coddled, feeling
the affection from you and feeling aroused.

42 thoughts on “Sex & the Leo Astrology Sign | Zodiac Love Guide

  1. dexistence19 Post author

    Stop posting these Astrology videos. FUCK.

  2. Naheed khan Post author

    im a leo bitch.. Id rather have my balls licked to prepare me for sex

  3. Nathaniel William Philip Post author

    Everything posted by Howcast is so random

  4. Ryan Post author

    im a leo. i like my back scratched reallllly hard!

  5. NYHCMONSTER Post author

    This lady seems very into these sexual videos.

  6. taylor miller Post author

    It's because we're kitties. Kitties love to be pet,

  7. TheDracoman77 Post author

    Thinking about my gf touching and kissing my back made me tingle. Its true!!

  8. ragnarokable45 Post author

    mannnn none of this shit is true!! fuck these zodiacs! Ill fuck w/e i want lol

  9. Cat Bellatrixx Post author

    ~Im a Leo Female i like being pet like a pet its soothing to get us comfy with u from the head all the way down our lower back, any massaging of the back does prepare us for lovemaking i didnt realize this til an Aquarius man gently scratched my back n i moaned lol~

  10. Courtny E. Post author

    I am a Leo and if somebody touched my back i would get goosebumps

  11. James Wynn Post author

    I'm a Leo and I'm a guy and I never new this :3 cool yay :3:3

  12. Isaiah Carrillo Post author

    wow I never new how much people new about leo's I bet she's a leo for knowing more

  13. Ider Ip Post author

    damn.. does the stars/astrologers know everything about me? Seems impossible to have an intimate life 😀

  14. Meraki Phoenix Post author

    ((omg so true ฅ(๑*д*๑)ฅ!! July 23))

  15. calmingwaters81 Post author

    I'm a very dramatic leo, sometimes I even surprise myself. I can take someone leaving a dish by the sink, after I have cleaned the kitchen, and turn it into a full out comedy/drama movie. well at the time I don't think its comedy, but a lot of people thinks its funny when im going through my tantrums. while others look at me like I'm overreacting…Ha, to think me overreacting…I think not lol.

  16. Wraith's Requirem Post author

    I'm a Leo and I've noticed that affection in Canada Ontario is at a zero, everyone is misrable and distant. I want to please someone with my cooking and baking to earn a friendship, but I won't stop them if they want to stroke my hair, I'll be putty in your embrace oxoxox


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