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By | August 14, 2019

The part of the body that Virgo rules is the
stomach area. This is from the bottom of the chest all the way down to the beginning of
the pubic area, we call it something else. In astrology, each sign is connected to, and
what we say rules, a certain body part. For Virgo this is the stomach area. Symbolically, the stomach is a place of assimilation.
In other words taking in food and then utilizing the food so that the person, the human being,
can be strong and healthy. Likewise, in a Virgo’s life, a Virgo wants to assimilate
knowledge and utilize its knowledge. So, astrology’s filled with symbolism. Especially,
body parts are important in love making, in erogenous zones if you will, a place where
the person of that sign will respond to the affection, will respond to paying more attention
in love making to that body part. So, for Virgo, you will find that your Virgo is very
responsive to feather like touches of the stomach area, of kisses around the navel,
of light stroking, light nibbles, really preparing your Virgo for love making by giving the Virgo
the affection around that area that will arouse him or her. The stomach is important because astrologically
it is the seat of where we take in nutrition and therefore where we take in affection and
love. So, for a Virgo on an esoteric level and an erogenous level, the stomach is very
important for you to pay attention to.

35 thoughts on “Sex & the Virgo Astrology Sign | Zodiac Love Guide

  1. gramps2matt Post author

    And here we've been led to believe the old adage "the way to a MAN'S heart is via the stomach" when in truth (at least according to this lady) it's the way to a VIRGO'S heart. As a Virgo myself in my case unless it's actual edible food going in playing around with my belly aint arousing to me.

  2. NicholasToras01 Post author

    You know I did always appreciatea woman who had a nice tummy, especially in foreplay

  3. Mega Sharon Post author

    Woooohooooow …….. cant wait to try out this – just need abs now lol 😉 – gosh, there is always something to work on – now its my stomach :0

  4. Mega Sharon Post author

    Couldn't she have said – my wrist – would have been much easier and less hard work lol

  5. Zahraa! Post author

    I get affection from whole my body, come on she is just a lair 😛

  6. kimberly Maria Post author

    Am a Virgo and I don't eat as much so the is bs what she just said

  7. TahRahJoh Post author

    Stupid Virgos! Taurus will ram your stomachs!

  8. Evie Garcia Post author

    Lol..say what I eat that's all..nothing sexual there!… Virgo too!

  9. Cienna Carhart Post author

    Yes. I told my boyfriend I loved kisses on my tummy. And now he will know why!!!

  10. Slayermetallica69 Post author

    She must really know her way around a D

  11. NeedHim6543 Post author

    I Love when my boyfriend touches and kisses, and tickles my stomach lightly.

  12. JadaAndToriLoves Post author

    I'm a Virgo. Maybe this explains why my stomach is so sensitive

  13. RyanIGD Post author

    Sept.5 now iknow why i go back when my friend pokes me in the stomach

  14. Pam Mansfield Post author

    This is not me!!….think I'm more like a cancer….my breasts are my erogenous zone,definately!

  15. Eileen RS Post author

    Yes my stomach is my total weakness! So true. I approve this message!

  16. D_O KyungsO_O Post author

    well…I'm inlove with a virgo, I'm trying to figure out how make her fall into my hands haha!

  17. ablurida Post author

    I approve the stomach thing. Nobody's ever paid major focus to it (I haven't asked to be fair), but I sometimes lightly stroke my tummy with my fingernails cause it is very pleasant haha


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