Shiv tatva mudra meditation for salvation, success in sadhana (with ENGLISH subtitles)

By | December 3, 2019

Namaste!! At Vajreshwari near Mumbai, Divyayogaashram is planning to construct Maa Pitambara Devi Temple… also known as Maa Bagalamukhi. We look forward to your support in this. If you wish to come forward and make the donation… You can make the donation through Bank Transfer, PayTM & UPI. Your donation will be eligible for Tax Deduction.. Under Section 80G, Income Tax Act. You can get to know more about this from the link given below in the description box… Also, At Vajreshwari near Mumbai… Divyayogaashram presents 2 Days ‘Panchanguli Sadhana Shivir’- 21-22 Dec. 2019. There will be anushthaan of special mantra chants ranging from 1.25 L – 5 L. This Sadhana is especially important for those… Who are in spiritual related field…. Astrologer, Reiki Healer, Pranik Healer… Who perform Puja, Sadhana, devotee in spiritual field… Or those who by any method perform natural remedy.. For such kind of individuals, it becomes important… Because when you take any decision… Then making the right decision… becomes important and is accurate. If you wish to attend and learn this Sadhana, link is in the description… You can fill the form therein to register for the sadhana. Namaste!! Welcome to Divyayogaashram! Today we will talk about Shiv Tatva Mudra…. Try to understand What is Shiv Tatva? What are the benefits? We have already heard about 5 Elements. We also know that Shiv Tava is…… is considered to be a very powerful Mudra. If by making use of this Sadhana, when you perform Lord Shiv Sadhana… Then you get a lot of benefit from it. Usually there is many Sadhana of Lord Shiva… Such as Yoni Mudra, Ling Mudra… Trishul Mudra… Brahmand and many more… Which can be utilized in Lord Shiv Sadhana. But today we will talk about Shiv Tatva Mudra… And try to understand… How it can be beneficial in our life. Talking about Shiv Tatva… This may not prove much beneficial for the household people….. Those who want to live or are living Social life…. May not be as beneficial. Those individuals should make use of Shiv Tatva… Who had already lived Social life. Who wants to serve the almighty… Who wants to perform good deeds, think positively… Attain Salvation. Such individuals need to perform. Who has already fulfilled his desire to live Social life. Only those individuals can perform Shiv Tatva Sadhana. Other individuals may not receive as much benefit from it… As their mind is focused towards living a social life. But if a household/ social person… Performs Shiv Tatva, then there is no harm in it. It proves beneficial. Talking about the benefits… Then.. By performing Shiv Tatva Sadhana… We do not differentiate between God & Goddesses. If one guy worships Lord Shiv… Other worships Lord Vishnu, some may worship Lord Krishna… And other… Talking about the Point of view… Some may give priority to only their God/ Goddesses. The benefits which you get… From worshiping Lord Vishnu… Will be the same as worshiping Lord Shiv. You cannot segregate between them. The identity of Shiv tatva is… It creates a sense of understanding in you. After you have a sense of understanding in you… When you perform your Lord’s Sadhana… May it be of any God or Goddesses… You tend to receive benefit from it. You receive experiences from the Sadhana quickly. Thus in Sadhana or Puja… To get experience pretty quickly… Shiv Tatva Upasana is performed. Human body is made up of 5 elements… Thus we are visible to the naked eye. The almighty God is considered to be Universal. Who has no shape, size and not visible to naked eye. Who isn’t made up of any elements. Thus… It cannot be withhold in 5 fingers… Under any Mudra. You may know… The 5 elements in our fingers… Pinky finger denotes Element Water… Ring Finger denotes Earth, Middle Finger-Sky, Index Finger-Air… Thumb denotes Fire. These are the 5 Element Mudra. But the Shiv Tatva (Element) isn’t a Mudra… It doesn’t belong to these 5 elements. Thus for Shiv Tatva, we use a special kind of Mudra… Do remember, those who worship Lord Shiv by applying Shiv tatva mudra… or worship any other god/goddess… receives experience very quickly from the sadhana… if you wish the same… if you have performed numerous sadhana, puja… and have not received much experience from it… the perform this sadhana by applying shiv tatva mudra. lets understand how to apply this mudra. as i have told you, these are the 5 mudras in our fingers… so you join them as shown. in human body… there are 5 elements up to the neck… Muladhar chakra… Swadishthan chakra, Manipur chakra… Haat chaktra, Vishudh chakra… These are the 5 chakras up to our neck… But our Agya chakra and Crown chakra… Sahastrar chakra has no elements… These are without elements and considered to be… the place for almighty God. where there is no element, is the place of God. Where there is no shape… God resides there. So these 2 elements… Due to non presence of elements… you have to pinch it… as shown… first at the front… then at the back of your head, where you tie a bun/pony. This place… either pinch with your nails… or pull the hairs. repeating once again, pinch the Agya chakra… lightly… so that a mild pain occurs… pull the hair at Crown chakra… after doing this perform the mudra… as shown here. This mudra. After doing this Chant Lord Shiv panchakshari mantra… || OM NAMAH SHIVAYE || or you can chant any other mantra too… of Lord Shiva or… if you are performing sadhana of any other deity… then these 2 chakras… should be pinched and perform the mudra from one hand and… chant the mala with other hand. as demonstrated. This is known as Shiv Tatva Mudra. through this method… you can worship any other deities too. Since mantra of every deity begins with… the word “OM”. without the word “OM”… mantra cannot be successful… it cannot be awakened neither prepared. So like this if you perform… sadhana of any other deities… and not receiving much experience from it… then perform Shiv Tatva Mudra and perform Sadhana with focus. So again I repeat myself… Whenever you wish to perform any Sadhana… Lord Shiv Mantra Sadhana… First of all pinch you Agya Chakra.. Then the crown chakra… Or pull the hair from there… So a mild pain occurs… After applying pressure on these 2 areas, make the mudra in both of your hands… Close your eyes… Focusing on your agya chakra…This is called ‘Shiv Tatva Dhyan’. By applyng this mudra in both hands. Do focus for 5 mins… doing it daily will reap you benefits… And apply this same method… When you wish to perform any other sadhna… And gain experience from it quickly. Thus by applying this mudra… You may perform. You cannot perform the mudra by both hands as… You have to chant the mala too along with mudra… Through this method, you will notice that in a short span of time… You are starting to receive benefits. This helps to calm your mind and control it. Teach you patience. Helps you stay away from Anger… Extreme desires and attachment Your mind tends to become calm. Thus as I’ve already mentioned, Senior individuals… usually chant this mantra but any household individual… can perform this mudra and sadhana. And can reap benefits in his life. It causes no harm in your social life. Marital life, etc… You fulfill your household responsibilities too…. Along with Spiritual obligations… Maintain a balance between both. Wishes get fulfilled too along with calmness of mind. And gain Spiritual experience quickly. I wish you will implement this Mudra in your regular life. Thank You!!

13 thoughts on “Shiv tatva mudra meditation for salvation, success in sadhana (with ENGLISH subtitles)

  1. Bijnori Post author

    Guru ji mujhe kuch yad nahi rhta prdha hua sab bhul jata hu guru ji upay btay

  2. Anju Chandel Post author

    Guru ji jay sri kirshan .aap jaisa koi nhi. M aapki sari videos dekhti hu.itna gyan dene k liye dhanywad

  3. Raghav Raghuvanshi Rajput Post author

    क्या जितनी भी मुद्राएं गुरु जी द्वारा बताई गई हैं सभी का एक एक करके अभ्यास किया जा सकता है एक के बाद एक मैं ऐसा करता हूं
    जय श्री राम 🚩🚩🚩
    जय मां भवानी 🚩🚩🚩
    जय सनातन धर्म 🚩🚩🚩

  4. Uma Dwivedi Post author

    Ram ram shiv sharnam acharya ji sadar charan sparsh
    Acharya ji grahasht ashram me rakhkar bhi to shiv tatva ko jagrat Karna chahiye mera yahi uddeshya hai mai mrityunjay yog ashram se Judi hun mujhe bahut gyan prapt hua hai aur acharya ji ne ham par shaktipat bhi kiya aur uske sakaratmak prabhav Ab jyada mahsus ho raha hai
    Aap sabhi santon se adbhut gyan bhi prapt ho raha hai dhanywad

  5. Ranjeet Kumar Post author

    गुरु जी चरण स्पर्श क्या आपके पास ऐसी उपाय है जिससे आदमी को आत्म ज्ञान हो


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